Kartik Aaryan
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Dear Friends: Here, we’ll talk about the fashionable Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan. In this article, we discussed Kartik Aaryan’s exercise regimen, diet, and fitness routine.

Here are the Kartik exercise program and eating plan. Kartik usually has a strong, athletic appearance. It is conceivable that he develops muscles to consume meat.

But would you believe that Kartik is a proud vegetarian and abstains from eating meat? I’m so proud of Chris for being able to build his now-manly physique while avoiding meat.

All of this was done naturally, and they only ate vegetarian fare. Karthik discussed his food and exercise regimen in this section. Here are the Kartik exercise program and food guidelines.

Kartik Aaryan Workout Routine And Diet Plan
Kartik Aaryan

Kartik Aaryan’s Exercise Program

Here is Kartik Aaryan’s exercise routine. He normally has his complete physique in mind. I favor suspension and weight training in particular. But he also participates in the functional fitness exercise when he lifts weights.

He used the Power Play Training Exercise to quickly rehabilitate his shoulder. She works out for 20 to 25 minutes. It typically depends on cycling, running, or jogging for cardio.

to be aware that Kartik has given abdominal exercise a lot of attention. He repeatedly made his stomach crunch. Let’s discuss Kartik Aaryan’s exercise regimen in more depth.

Kartik Aaryan Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Kartik Aaryan exercises one to one and a half hours per week, four to five times per day. Their employment schedules typically dictate their exercise routine.

He mainly concentrates on improving the body’s flexibility, stability, balance, and agility. Here are some details about the Kartik workout regimen.

Accept that it is difficult to see as Kartik does and that not everyone can work out as he does. The star reportedly performs 200 pushups each day! Kartik also incorporates skipping into his exercise regimen.

He also does leg crunches, cycling, weight crunches, and weights in addition to preferring mountain climbing as a form of exercise.

Kartik’s ability to play the chiseled body, which he does constantly, comes as no surprise. This is all about Kartik Aaryan’s exercise regimen.

Kartik Aryan’s Body Measurements:

Height 6 feet or 183 cm
Weight 78 kgs or 172 pounds
Chest 40 inches
Biceps 16 inches
Waist 32 inches

The Diet Of Kartik Aaryan

You should attentively read this post if you want to learn about Kartik Aaryan’s diet plan. Kartik is aware that maintaining a good diet is equivalent to working out in the gym.

It depends on your trainer for advice on your food and exercises. So let’s check out the actor’s diet. Here, we have all the details on the Kartik diet plan.

Diet And Exercise Routine For Kartik Aaryan

We begin the day with the first meal of the day, which is breakfast. He typically has a lot of water and a glass of juice for breakfast along with white eggs and brown toast.

We then enter the dining area. He typically eats a straightforward lunch of lentils, chapati, salad, vegetables, cereal, and fruits. She enjoys an egg white omelet and fruit for her evening snacks. He has a soup or protein shake with a salad for dinner. This is all about the Kartik diet regimen program.


  • White eggs, brown toast, and lots of water for breakfast
  • Daal, salad, chapatti, fruit, veg, and oats for lunch
  • Snacks include white omelets and fruits.
  • Brown rice, salads, and protein shakes for dinner