Kathryn Chandler
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Actress and playwright Kathryn Chandler was born Kathryn Macquarrie. Katheryn is more well-known in the public as Kyle Chandler’s wife while having a respectably successful career of her own.

Kathryn Chandler and her husband Kyle have been together for almost 25 years and have already established a standard for other married couples. Additionally, they have two kids who are the result of their marriage.

Here is a complete biography of Kathryn Chandler that includes interesting details about her professional background, her marriage to Kyle, and her children.

Kyle Chandler’s Wife

Kathryn Chandler, who is 58 years old, and her husband Kyle Chandler had a wonderful marriage. Since being married in 1995, they have been a couple. However, how did their romance start?

The two met for the first time in 1993 when Kathryn noticed Kyle riding his bike while carrying his dog.

Even though Kyle had been in a few notable parts, Kathryn didn’t recognize him when she first saw him, and she said the following about their first encounter:

Kathryn Chandler
Kathryn Chandler (Pinterest)

Los Angeles has a location called Dog Park. I would go there with my little Jack Russell terrier, and occasionally I would see Kyle and his dog. As a result, we would kind of nod and triple-take at one another without actually doing anything. Then one day he was there with his dog on one side of the park, and I was there on the other. The area was empty. So I instructed (my dog) Otis, who never follows my instructions, to go over and jump on that man. He did, too! Kyle replied, “Whoa, friendly dog you got here,” as he approached and immediately pounced on Kyle.

The first discussion served as an opener for the two, but they didn’t immediately begin dating. And while it may seem a little strange, Kyle waited more than six months before he asked Kathryn out on a date to the movies.

Their friendship eventually developed into a romantic relationship, which later became a marriage.

How Many Kids Do Kathryn and Kyle Have Together?

Sydney and Sawyer, the couple’s two children from their marriage, are both daughters. Like any child, they get along well with both of their parents and frequently travel together on vacation.

Additionally, Sawyer, Kyle’s early-twenties-old daughter, and Kyle themselves are heavily committed to the effort to put an end to shark finning. The four-person family currently resides in Chicago.

Kathryn Chandler
Kathryn Chandler (Pinterest)

Kathryn Chandler, Kyle Chandler’s Wife, Career

Although Kathryn has a career of her own, she is best known as the wife of The Midnight Sky star Kyle Chandler. She is a successful playwright, actor, and former model.

In independent movies, she has played a few uncredited roles. She played the role of a “Tough Chick” in the movie The Willies when she was still single. In 1990, the movie was released.

She also contributed as a screenwriter to the TV drama series Red Shoe Diaries. In addition to this, she has contributed as an animator to several animated films. Among them are The Lion King, Cats, Lady and the Tramp, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, and The One and Only Ivan.

She is also the president and a founding member of the Patriots’ Hall of Dripping Springs. Regardless of their age or branch, it serves as a retreat and information hub for US veterans. The co-founder is also her husband, Kyle.

She Marries a Prominent Actor

As we’ve already mentioned, Kathryn’s husband is a popular actress. Kyle has come a long way since making his acting debut in a small part in the 1988 television movie Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story.

After making his TV debut, he received many roles, including those in Unconquered, Home Fires Burning, China Beach, and Freddy’s Nightmares. Early Edition, What About Joan?, Grey’s Anatomy, Robot Chicken, Bloodline, and many other popular parts are just a few of his other notable performances.

The same was true for Kyle, who made his feature debut in 1990 with The Color of Evening. He played a character named John in the film. Angel’s Dance, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Zero Dark Thirty, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Game Night are a few of his other notable films.

He most recently appeared as Mitchell Rembshire in the sci-fi drama The Midnight Sky in 2020. Similarly, he will play Mark Russell in Godzilla vs. Kong in 2021.

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Net Worth of Kathryn Chandler

Kathryn, a former model, has a posh lifestyle with her husband and kids. But regrettably, she has not disclosed her income. Her husband, who, according to Celebrity Net Worth, has $9 million in total, is, nevertheless, rather transparent about his money.

Kathryn, Does She Use Social Media?

She regrettably does not use any social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. She doesn’t seem to be a big user of social media.

Instead, she frequently appears in public with her husband. She was even spotted with her hubby as he was promoting his TV show Bloodline in 2015.

Short bio of Kathryn Chandler

In June 1963, in the United States, Kathryn Macquarrie gave birth to the stunning Kathryn Chandler. She is an American who is of white ancestry and was born to American parents.