Kayla Dee
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Who is Kayla Dee?

Kayla Dee has achieved it all—becoming an exercise physiologist, a personal trainer, and a figure competitor—while overcoming unhealthy addictions, loneliness, life-altering injuries, and conflicts with her family.

She accomplished it through sheer will to achieve and a strong sense of self-worth.

With more than 50,000 social media followers, several happy clients, and a rising online presence, Kayla Dee is on the path to greatness and there is no indication that she will stop. This is her tale.

Body Measurements of Kayla Dee

Full Name: Kayla Dee Johnson
ALIAS: Kayla Dee
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder, Figure Competitor
WEIGHT : 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm)

Kayla Dee

“I’ve learned that my emotional pitfalls are not valid excuses when it comes to reaching my goals. 

No matter what obstacle comes my way, no matter how my heart has been broken or no matter how much I want to give up…tomorrow is coming…and I don’t get to do today over…so I better make the most of it!”


Education and Honors

  • Degree: B.S. Exercise Physiologist
  • Certifications: NASM- Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Society of Exercise Physiology- Board-Certified Exercise Physiologist


  • September 2012

NPC North Star

Figure D Class Winner

2nd Place Overall

  • May 2013

NPC Iron Viking of the North Championships

Figure Class D Winner

Overall Winner

  • June 2013

NPC Junior Nationals

  • June 2013

NPC Minnesota State Championships

Figure Class D Winner

Overall Winner

  • November 2013

NPC Iowa Battle of the Midwest

Figure Short Class Winner

Overall Winner

  • November 2013

NPC Nationals

5th Place Figure Class D

  • October 2014

NPC Badger State

Figure B Class Winner

Overall Winner

  • November 2014

NPC Nationals

  • June 2015

NPC Junior Nationals

3rd Place Figure Class D

“At the end of day, I know that I am my own creator.  Every choice I make or choose not to make reflects in what I do.”


Getting to Her Feet

Kayla Dee had the good fortune to grow up in a sporting household, which helped to instill a love of fitness and health in her from a young age.

If she ever appeared too girlie, her two older brothers would tease her whenever they had the chance.

Given that Kayla admits to being somewhat of a tomboy as a child, it is not surprising that she went on to play a variety of sports in her adolescence.

It took Kayla some getting used to leaving her little hometown after graduating from high school and relocating to a much larger public school.

She acknowledges that the change was challenging. Kayla needed some time to figure out what she enjoyed doing and where she should go.

She quickly succeeded in locating a smaller private college where she could study exercise physiology. Despite having a degree in sports science, she lived a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Kayla didn’t do any exercise, drank a lot of alcohol, and started smoking. Between the ages of 18 and 26, Kayla barely consumed one nutrient-rich meal per day. She was in a downward spiral.

She was aware that she needed to understand her value, but her self-perception and persistent fear of gaining weight in a phobic condition were two factors that prevented her from doing so. Her life was ruled by her fears.

Entire 360°

Kayla has never been overweight, despite her brief period of unhealthy living, but she raises an interesting point about self-image and the roles we play in society:

“I believe our society plants the seed and cultivates the desire in young people to try to obtain an unrealistic self-image and sets up those with a weak support system or low self-confidence into a whirlwind of disappointment and frustration.”

“In March 2012, I realized I had to change when I woke up on my kitchen floor.”

In 2012, when Kayla woke up on the kitchen floor, something in her broke. At this point, she realized that a change had to be made and that it was now or never.

I owed it to myself, my loved ones, my friends, and especially the clients that I was destined to lead the fitness sector. I drastically changed the course of my life.

Kayla committed to never acting so egotistically in my life and to using my perseverance skills and good old-fashioned hard work to motivate, inspire, and guide others in becoming the best versions of themselves.

Kayla changed her outlook on life and is now a successful fashion model, coach, and figure competitor. Since 2012, she has risen to the top.

But things haven’t always gone as planned. In 2014, Kayla fell improperly during a training session and broke her fibula, tibia, and ankle. She underwent major surgery to reassemble her bones.

She was intent on making a full recovery so she could return to the stage as soon as possible despite having wire mesh and screws in her leg.

The path to rehabilitation has been long and has proven to be difficult every day. It has taught me how to be patient, dedicated, and relentless in my pursuit of achievement in life.

“I do this sport to continually prove to myself that I’m worth it. That I can do anything I put my mind to that I have control over what I become.”

Toward Greatness

After a complete and healthy recovery, Kayla returned to competition and put in more training than before.

She now assists other competitors with their last training preparations to ensure that they maintain their mental focus throughout the entire procedure.

Kayla is more aware than most of how challenging it may be to ignore what your mind is trying to tell you.

She is skilled at identifying the emotional and psychological shifts that must be carefully examined when preparing for an event such as a competition or any other challenge in life.

“I am aware that I embody this motto in everything I do, and I am also aware that it would apply to everything I do or stand for.

I would adore the chance to get in touch with others and offer my support as they embark on whatever fitness journey they choose. Write articles, give motivating speeches, conduct seminars, staff booths at expos, or simply sit down and chat!

“I never imagined I’d like doing cardio. I used to say that the only time I would flee would be if someone was chasing after me with a knife.

Kayla Dee


For Conditioning, Cardio

Being genetically predisposed to being somewhat thin, Kayla has always depended on her weight-training regimen and genetics to prepare her body for competition.

However, she was never successful because of her conditioning. Kayla had participated in numerous competitions, and each time, her critique focused on her lack of conditioning.

She realized she needed to add more cardio. Kayla acknowledges that she never anticipated liking cardio because she greatly enjoys doing weights.

She will do 30 minutes of cardio following her lifting workout, followed by another 30 minutes of cardio in the morning while she is fasting.

She acknowledges that HIIT exercise is more effective for her than any other sort of cardio on the step machine.

Regarding weightlifting, Kayla loves to provide three workouts that she should always incorporate into her regimen. the following

  • Rack Pulls – This allows you to lift heavier weights and focus on gaining strength and focusing on gaining extra power and size without worrying about injury.
  • T-Bar Rows- Another safe exercise to strengthen the back and the arms. This aims at increasing the depth of the back with the benefit of hitting the arms at the same time.
  • Wide Grip Pull Ups – This exercise is great for overall upper body strength and creating wide lats and improved grip strength.

As we can see, Kayla loves to train heavily over cardio any day. Her exercise routine consists of heavy compound movements that focus on getting more bang for your buck. This can be seen from her awesome physique.

Kayla’s Workout

  • Monday: Heavy Hams/Calves – Back Pump
  • Tuesday: Heavy Arms – Delt Pump – Abs
  • Wednesday: Heavy Chest – Cardio – Abs
  • Thursday: Heavy Back – Bicep Pump – Abs
  • Friday: Heavy Quads/Calves
  • Saturday: Heavy Delts/Tris – Chest Pump – Abs
  • Sunday: Cardio/Abs or OFF

“Fish isn’t my favorite thing but I made it work by going to a local restaurant and had them cook it for me to my specifications.  I think that was more psychological as I felt like I was getting a ‘cheat meal’ when really I wasn’t.”


Even when she is not competing, Kayla will continue her healthy eating habits.

She adopts a technique known as reverse dieting after a competition to gradually increase her caloric intake to gain weight without accumulating unwelcome body fat. She will resume eating red meat during this period.

Because consuming red meat striates her muscles, something she wants to avoid for contests, she abstains from doing so as she prepares for them.

For figure contests, her body must be in top condition. Bodybuilders frequently concentrate on achieving striated muscles to wow the judges.

Everything is Psychological

When it comes to diet, according to Kayla, “you always desire what you cannot have,” therefore it’s all psychological. She will drink a lot of water when she experiences food cravings because “it helps me keep my mind off of it.”

She will typically acknowledge that boredom is the primary cause of her desires. Every two weeks, she will reward herself with a protein bar or some almond butter to calm her “psychological and emotional” mind.

“I know I have people that look to me for guidance, support and motivation.  My motivation comes from those that I know might need that extra push.”

Influences and Idols

Over 50,000 individuals worldwide and on social media look up to and are inspired by Kalya.

She is aware that people turn to her for direction and support, and that their perception of themselves can be influenced by the acts and attitudes she displays.

Kayla is aware of how important it is to put in a lot of effort and educate others about what it takes to succeed. She is constantly available to her followers, customers, and anyone else who needs a boost to finish the work.

Kayla has chosen a life that is highly time-consuming and demanding, and there have been times in her life when she has felt misunderstood and unsupported by her family.

Kayla is aware of the commitment required to perform at her best on stage, including the stringent diets and months-long regimen. She is wholly dedicated.

Kayla doesn’t want to go on the stage and feel as if she missed something, could have done something differently or could have improved something.

Kayla Dee is aware of what it’s like to feel isolated and lonely while going through her training. As a result, Kayla is a fantastic illustration of a person who can dig deep and inspire others to do the same.

She has been able to establish some strong friendships and connections in the bodybuilding and figure competition communities.

“There are times when I feel alone in this activity, but I’ve also been able to build strong connections with other athletes and people who are fully devoted to leading healthy lives.

There are times when I wonder why I go through the trouble of doing what I do, but I also know that I could never give it up. I will always hold that dear to my heart since it truly saved me from myself.

What Can Kayla Dee Teach Us?

If anyone can serve as an example for Kayla while she battled unhealthy addictions, wounds, and loneliness, it’s Kalya.

We know that her passion, ambition, and “lead by example” approach have inspired thousands of others and will continue to do so for a very long time because she has years of experience and a physique to back up her hard work.

Kayla Dee has a world-class figure because of her psychological approach to life and training.

You too may have a great physique with the appropriate preparation, whether it’s for bulking or cutting, taking a difficult mental attitude, coupled with patience.