Kemba Walker
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The Boston Celtics’ point guard is Kemba Walker. He first gained attention in 2015 after posting a season-high of 39 points, then again in 2016 after setting an all-time best of 52 points.

At the moment, Kemba is training hard and working hard for the Boston Celtics. So let’s look at his exercise program and food regimen.

In this article, we focused on Kemba Walker physical characteristics, including his age, height, weight, and other measurements. We also discussed his exercise regimen, nutrition plan, and fitness training.

Kemba Walker Body measurements

Kemba Height 1.83 m
Kemba Weight 83 kg
Kemba Age 29 years
Wingspan 1.92 m
Other N/A

Kemba Walker Exercise Program, Stretching

Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Exercise, Body Measurements

Kemba walkers focus more on their workouts on the court than they do in the gym or anywhere else. He begins by performing numerous stretching and warm-up drills.

The Kemba Workout consists of:


He begins by dribbling, moves the ball from front to back of the court while doing so, and then sides to sides.

He obtains a resistance band, goes outside the court to find his trainer and holds one end of the band while Kemba Walker holds the other. He then dribbles to the side and returns inside while using the resistance of the band.

Managing A Ball

He does numerous ball-handling dribbles, passes, and exercises to perfect his technique, making sure the ball never slips or drops from his hands. Below is more information on Kemba’s workout.

Gun Forming

Form shooting is undoubtedly a strength and a requirement for a point guard. Guards are useless when trying to score from three-point range if they don’t have correct form points.

He, therefore, makes numerous form shots from both sides of the court.

To shoot, go one on one with the defender.

He practices using various ways to evade a defender and slide by him to perform a shot.

Backstep Shot

The step-back shot is when a player abruptly moves backward one step to keep space between him and the opposing player so he can make a shot.

The Floater Shot

The form and skills are most important while making a flower shot, which is a shot with less shine and rotation that goes with an arc in the basket.

Kickback In One step

Just as when he steps back, he leaps back up this time with one leg and keeps moving forward with the other leg as he goes for a shot. Below is more information regarding Kemba’s exercise routine.

Backstep Elbow Jab Shot

Similar to kicking back, however this time you jab your defender with your elbow to keep them at bay before attempting a shot.

Strength Training

His daily workouts also include weightlifting. He to the gym and performs the exercise using heavy objects.

The number of reps is not excessive, but with each rep, he adds intensity. When he exercises his lower body, his main focus is on his glutes, calves, core, and legs.

It’s all about the Kemba exercise regimen.

The Kemba Walker Diet

He had to work on the Kemba Walker diet plan in the past.

The Kemba Diet contains:

  • He claimed in an interview that I was eating a lot of Wendy’s cheeseburgers, which hurt my play. He recalled eating a cheeseburger before a game and how he felt awful and was completely unable to participate.
  • Then he hired a personal chef, who was successful for him, and he began eating better.
  • Kemba typically has a large breakfast, works out at the stadium to prepare for the game, returns to bed, and then has another heavy meal. At night, he has a medium- or light-sized dinner.
  • Only Kemba chef plans the dinner.
  • The hardest thing for him to do was to forgo the restaurant cuisine when traveling with his team.
  • Regarding Kemba’s diet He now only eats two meals before game night, which is not the norm for players, but it works for him.
  • Every player drinks water, therefore it goes without saying that Kemba does the same.

The Kemba Walker diet plan is the main topic here.