Every restaurant and fast food chain has its popular food items with secret recipes. They do not want to share the recipes with anyone in the world.

Only a few people in that company have access to this secret component ingredient and its proportions. Similarly, KFC serves the fan-favorite fried chicken and has a mystery surrounding its making.

It is difficult to replicate the same at home. No one knows the trade secret. But now, one UK KFC staffer called Jo spilled the beans about the recipe secret of this fast-food giant on the documentary series called Secrets of the Fast Food Giants.

Recipe of the secret coating of fried chicken of KFC

A staffer from KFC in the UK was on the documentary film series called Secrets of the Fast Food Giants.

Called by the name Jo, she revealed the formula of the delicious coating on the fast food chain’s fried chicken. It is a mixture of herbs, spices, and breadcrumbs. Jo told host Alexis Conran:

“Across KFC only two or three people actually know the exact recipe,”

The fast food chain KFC (Source: Wikipedia)

The details are safely kept in a vault in Kentucky. She elaborated:

“We have two different spice blenders, so one factory does half of the blend, and then another does the second half and then packs it. So actually, not one factory knows the complete recipe.”

Each bird is cut into exactly 9 pieces so that the coating is perfectly the same every time:

“That allows us to have the perfect ratio of our breading to chicken,”

Another popular dish of the chain is Popcorn Chicken. These are bite-sized pieces of fried chicken. Jo disclosed that these are made out of chicken breast with a light seasoning coat on them. Jo added:

“This chicken is from UK farms and has red tractor accreditation,”

“This is the same chicken that you would find in all UK supermarkets, so there is nothing different about the chicken we serve to what you would eat at home.”

Fried chicken (Source: Pinterest)

Alexis tries to make chicken burgers

The host Alexis tried his hands at making the chicken burger. The chicken pieces are first put into a large bowl filled with flour.

The staff has to scoop and fold and scoop and lift these pieces exactly 10 times for that similar coating on each piece. These pieces are deep-fried for over 15 minutes. Jo also talked about KFC’s gravy. She said:

“This is an original recipe that has come from the fryers – we drain it overnight and then it goes into making our gravy,”

“It’s literally as you’d make proper gravy at home with those meat juices.”

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Chicken burger (Source: Pinterest)

In 2020, a British man claimed that he has recreated KFC’s fried chicken. It took him 18 months to have a perfect recreation. He tweeted:

You have to have a deep fryer and you need the right mix of the herbs and spices. Oil needs to be 160-165C, no more and no less,”

“[The] chicken needs to be room temperature and you use egg white and milk as the wash (no yolk). Made it about 30 times.”