King Charles

After the death of Queen Elizabeth I, her eldest child son Prince Charles is the king now. He is 73 but healthy and fit. He consumes a diet high in protein and fiber. But he prefers a brunch with no lunch. He has a late breakfast and skips lunch in a day. That works for King Charles

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King Charles and his diet

King Charles is the king of England now. His current age is 73 years and he is still fit and active. This is thanks to his healthy diet that is balanced with lots of fiber and protein. King Charles has a lot of royal engagements to attend to along with other royal duties that is a must for him to perform. This demands a lot of energy. Hence his diet needs to be wholesome.

King Charles
King Charles (Source: Lancs live)

Charles has a lot of healthy carbs with protein in his diet daily. Signe Svanfeldt, an expert on nutrition revealed that in the past, the king had spoken a lot about what he eats, how he eats, and what he does to stay fit and energetic.

The diet plan

The king prefers a late breakfast. This usually consists of Darjeeling tea with milk and honey for sweetness. He also consumes fresh fruit and fresh fruit juice at that time. Additionally, he has homemade bread with lots of linseeds.

Signe revealed:

King Charles is having the right quantity of food in a way that suits his lifestyle.”

“Eating a late breakfast is perfectly fine. The most important factor is the quantity and type of food eaten rather than the eating patterns.”

King Charles
King Charles (Source: Daily express)

She continued and explained:

“Darjeeling tea with honey is thought to have many health benefits given its antioxidant, vitamin and polyphenol content, including lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation and boosting heart health – although more evidence is needed.”

Linseed contains a lot of healthy fatty acids and protein. But Signe warns people fond of linseed:

But linseed can be harmful in high doses so choose whole seeds over milled and do not have more than one to two tablespoons per day,”

Talking about the other breakfast items of the king, Signe explained:

“Homemade bread typically contains more nutrient-rich flours such as rye and spelt plus fibre – and protein-rich seeds, including psyllium or linseed. Fresh fruit and fruit juices will help to boost the King’s vitamin, mineral and fibre intake.”

Lunch of the king?

No, Charles avoids lunch. He has a heavy and late breakfast that keeps him going until dinner time. Signed adds that timings of meals does not matter. It depends on how much and what you eat in a day. Signe says:

The only ‘right way’ is what suits your lifestyle needs, which is what King Charles does, and it works for him.”

“Some prefer to eat many smaller meals, while others prefer to have fewer larger ones.”

King Charles
King Charles with second wife (Source: hello magazine)

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At dinner time, for two days in a week, Charles has no meat or fish. He also avoids dairy foods once s week. This is a healthy practice. Newer studies have shown the benefits of reducing meats and taking more plant based foods. Signe appreciates:

“Reducing your intake of animal-based products instead of cutting them out completely is a sustainable strategy since you don’t have to restrict yourself from things you love – and can enjoy them in moderation.”

King’s climatarian diet is healthy for him as well as the environment.