Terrence Duckett
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  • Terrence Duckett’s position as a health consultant has remained oblivion following his marriage to the celebrity actress Jasmine Guy
  • The couple parted ways after a decade of being married as a result of unreconciliable differences
  • After his divorce, he suddenly faded out and currently maintains a private life

After getting married to Jasmine Guy, a well-known American actress who rose to fame in the 1980s for her outstanding performance in the entertaining series A Different World, Terrence Duckett gained media attention. Since then, she has not only received numerous honors but also maintained her husband’s reputation in the media up until their divorce in 2008.

While there are many unanswered questions regarding Terrence Duckett whereabouts, Jasmine Guy is more concerned about her acting career and the welfare of her daughter.

A Bio of Terrence Duckett

Jasmine Guy, who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 10, 1962, is the ex-wife of Terrence Duckett. Her parents were a former high school teacher named Jaye Rudolph and an African-American father named Reverend William Vincent Guy.

Although there is no information available regarding the ex-date husband’s of birth, it is believed that he and his ex-wife are age-mates and share an African American ancestry.

Terrence is thought to have completed his elementary and high school education in the area where he was born before moving on to the University of Lova, a public research university that is the oldest and second-largest in the country.

Jasmine Guy was Terrence Duckett’s Wife.

After dating for almost a year, Terrence and Jasmine decided to get married. The two met while conducting their personal business and became attracted to one another quickly. On August 22, 1998, they were united in marriage in a private ceremony that was witnessed by loved ones.

American actress, singer, dancer, and director Jasmine. In 1982, she made her television debut in the seven-episode series Fame. The actress rose to fame for her roles as Whitley Gilbert in the sitcom A Different World and as Dina in School Gaze.

In addition, Jasmine has made appearances in a number of films, including Kayla, Living Single, and her most recent roles in Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries. She has also won numerous accolades for her acting abilities.

What Led to Their Divorce?

Many people believed Terrence and Jasmine’s marriage had endured for a decade before it abruptly ended. His ex-wife Jasmine requested a divorce due to irreconcilable differences, and the Los Angeles court ended the marriage on August 22, 2008.

After the divorce, Terrence appears to have nearly lost everything. Despite being the more wealthy party, Jasmine reportedly asked her ex-partner for assistance. Under the guise of co-parenting, she acquired custody of their lone child and became the sole owner of one of his most valuable holdings, a production company. She allegedly prevented him from accessing her wealth throughout this.

These Elusive Facts about Terrence Duckett are Provided.

1. Terrence Duckett is a Health Organization Employee

The success of Terrence Duckett’s wife’s career as a result of her prominence in the media scene overshadowed his personal life. Nevertheless, he works as a consultant for Onpaceplus, a healthcare organization in Los Angeles, California.

Terrence previously spent almost ten years at Soda and Lime as the director of strategic alliances.

2. Actress Terrence Duckett’s Daughter

Imani Duckett, Terrence’s daughter, and he may or may not still have a good relationship. When his marriage to her mother broke down, she was just 9 years old. He allegedly stopped making child support payments in 2010. Imani was born in America on March 28, 1999. Her parents, who only had her, showered her with love and affection until they split up.

Like her mother, Terrence’s daughter also works as an actress. She received her degree from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and in 2016 she made her acting debut as Latoya in the triumphant play Serial Black Face. The 23-year-old has made guest appearances on television programs like Open and Unsung Hollywood.

3. What Is His Net Worth?

Terrence Duckett enjoys a comfortable lifestyle thanks to his work as a health consultant. He is reportedly worth $1.5 million, though his exact net worth is unknown.

According to rumors, Terrence’s ex-wife is $4 million rich. She makes her money from her career as an actress, singer, and dancer.

4. His ex-group, wife’s the Reel Divas,

Terrance Duckett’s ex-wife Jasmine is one of the spearheaders of the Reel Divas group. The group consists of 20 women of color from different works of life and majorly in the entertainment industry. According to them, the group was created to promote black writers, producers, and directors with the aim of pushing the Atlanta craft in production.

5. Is He in a Relationship?

It’s been 14 years since Terrence Duckett parted ways with his partner Jasmine and it’s enough time to have started a family. Howbeit, based on his personal choice he has decided to remain single. The 60 years old has not been linked with any woman or rather none that has been made public.

6. Where Is He Today?

After Terrence Duckett’s divorce from Jasmine, his name seems to have suddenly evaporated from the limelight. What is known is that he maintains a life of privacy.

On the other hand, his ex-wife is still active as an entertainer. She also spends time supporting her daughter Imani who is a newbie in the entertainment world. Jasmine currently lives in Atlanta Georgia.