Christina Yamamoto
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American Christina Yamamoto is best known for being the mother of Jhene Aiko and Mila J, two well-known musicians. She was reportedly raised in the United States and is a teacher of the arts. She was born on February 18, 1958, in Inglewood, California. On the other side of the coin, Christian, who isn’t particularly well-known in and of herself, is famous for her more than 20-year marriage to Dr. Karamo Chilombo, an American physician and singer.

Facts To Consider Regarding Christina Yamamoto

1. She has a variety of ethnicities.

Christina Yamamoto is a woman of African American and Japanese ancestry who was born and raised in the United States. When he was only 3 years old, Tadashi “Teddy” Yamamoto’s family immigrated to the United States and settled in Southern California. Tadashi “Teddy” Yamamoto was born in Hawaii in the late 1930s. Essie Pecot and Teddy got married. Essie is African American, whereas Teddy was Japanese and grew up in the United States.

2. She spent 20 years with Dr. Karamo Chilombo as her husband.

In terms of her romantic history, Christina was previously married to Gregory Wycliff Barnes, better known by his stage name Dr. Karamo Chilombo. After getting married in 1980, the couple lived together for the next 20 years before divorcing in 2000.

When he was in his 20s and pursuing a career in music, her ex-husband changed his name. He chose the name Chilombo because it is an African word for “wild beast” and serves as his inspiration.

Due to their shared love for their children, the two have remained unmarried since their marriage ended. Despite this, they have remained close.

3. Father of Christina Yamamoto never visited Japan

As previously mentioned, Christina’s father was born in Hawaii before coming to the US with his parents during World War II. He stayed in the country, where he later got married and had his children, including Christina. He lived his entire life in the United States and never had the opportunity to travel to Japan.

4. Her 20-year marriage gave birth to five extraordinary kids

Christina Yamamoto, who is popularly known as Mommy Tina on social media, is the wife of Dr. Chill and the mother of five kids. Tina’s first child was born,

On March 30, 1981, Miyoko Chilombo had been married for just one year. The family’s second child is Jamila Akiko Aba Chilombo, better known by her stage name Mila J. On November 18, 1982, she was born. She is a singer, rapper, and dancer. On July 4, 1984, Christina gave birth to her third child, Jahi Chilombo. Despite being a media personality, he is not as well-known as some of his siblings. The family’s first son is named Jahi. Miyaji, Christina’s second son, was born in 1978, while Jhene Aiko, her fifth and final child, was born in 1988.

5. Granddaughter Christina Yamamoto is proud of her

After Jhene Aiko gave birth to her daughter Namiko Love Browner on November 19, 2008, she was recognized as a grandmother. O’Ryan, an R&B singer who is also known as Omarion’s younger brother, and Jhene had a daughter together.

6. Her ex-husband has additional kids from a different relationship.

Although Christina Yamamoto is the only parent to the aforementioned children, her ex-husband has other children from different relationships. Marcia, Dio, and Kareena Chilombo are the other three children that Dr. Chill has with a different woman. It’s interesting to note that his children are all close and have a very unique bond.

Dr. Chill had three kids, all of whom were born after his divorce from Mummy Tina.

7. Cancer claimed the life of Christina Yamamoto’s son in 2012.

After a courageous battle with cancer, Christina’s son Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo tragically passed away on July 19, 2012, leaving behind his mother and other family members. Before his death, he fought an inoperable tumor for two years. His passing struck the family hard, and Jhene later admitted that she struggled with depression for a while as a result of the tragedy.

Miyagi, who was born on July 7, 1986, was Jhene’s elder brother. He passed away at age 26.