Iyanna Faith Lawrence
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  • Iyanna Faith Lawrence, Bad Boy Martin Lawrence’s middle daughter is an aspiring writer
  • She is the firstborn child from his marriage to Shamicka Gibbs who has carved a different niche for herself outside of entertainment
  • Asides from being passionate about writing, Iyanna Faith also has a thing for art and activism.

Iyanna Faith Lawrence is undoubtedly the least well-known of Martin Lawrence’s daughters, but she is by no means timid. The fact that she chose to pursue writing as a career may explain why she is the quietest of the three sisters.

Martin Lawrence, the star of Big Momma’s House, had Iyanna Faith Lawrence through his second marriage to Shamicka Gibbs. She, at age 21, has chosen a different career path from her mother, a TV personality, and her famous actor father.

Personal Profile of Iyanna Faith Lawrence
  • Full Name: Iyanna Faith Lawrence
  • Nick Name: Velcro Baby
  • Date of Birth: November 6, 2000
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Place of Birth: United States of America
  • Parents: Martin Lawrence (Father) and Shamicka Gibbs (Mother)
  • Siblings: Jasmine Page Lawrence (Older half-sister) and Amara Trinity Lawrence (Younger sister)
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African-American

21 Years Ago, Iyanna Faith Lawrence Was Born.

Iyanna Faith was born to Martin Lawrence and his wife Shamicka Gibbs on November 6, 2000. Three years into her parents’ relationship, she was born in the USA.

Jasmine Page Lawrence, her older sister, was a part of her childhood. Jasmine is the child of her father’s 1995 first marriage to Pat Smith. They welcomed their daughter Jasmine in 1996, two years before their marriage ended in divorce. Iyanna and Jasmine are now half-sisters.

Faith became Amara Trinity Lawrence’s older sister two years after her birth.

The second daughter of Martin Lawrence attended Beverly Hills High School and received her diploma in 2019. Her family has always been there for her because they are so closely connected.

Iyanna, The Daughter of Martin Lawrence, has the Following Interesting Facts.

1. Iyanna Faith Lawrence Enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College in 2019

The budding author decided to attend Sarah Lawrence College to further her writing career. The college, which is near Bronxville, New York, would be very helpful to Iyanna’s goals.

She has a strong passion for writing and decided to follow this career after high school. On September 3, 2019, when she and Martin dropped off Iyanna at her college dorm, her mother was overcome with so many different emotions.

Iyanna relocated back to Paris in 2021. Shamicka claims that the author has always had a deep love for the area, its people, and its language. Iyanna Faith might have acquired some knowledge of Paris while honing her writing skills.

2. How does her father view her?

Martin Lawrence discussed his thoughts about his daughters in a popular YouTube video. The Bad Boys actor was forced to choose which of his three daughters would most likely fall into each of the categories after being questioned about his personal life and his daughters.

Martins asserts that he thinks Iyanna will be the first sister to get a tattoo. He also asserts that she plays music the loudest, despite paradoxically being the quietest.

Lawrence went on to say that his middle daughter is the one who takes the longest to get ready.

3. Iyanna’s Sisters are Following the Entertainment Trail Instead of Her

Iyanna is well on her way to becoming an accomplished writer, as was already mentioned. This contrasts with Jasmine, her older sister, who is following their father’s example. An aspiring actress, Lawrence’s first child has appeared in a few films alongside her father. She appeared in the film The Bad Boys and has since appeared in other films.

The final girl is a guitarist and aspiring singer. Amara Trinity Lawrence is a talented singer who self-taught herself how to play the guitar. She also has two singles available on Soundcloud.

4. After a two-year marriage, Her Parents Have Moved On.

Martins Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs were long-term partners from 1997 until their marriage in 2010. However, they called it quits after two years of marriage and two daughters.

The actor then proposed to Nurse Roberta Moradfar, his girlfriend. They got engaged in April 2017, and they are still together today.

Shamicka also developed a committed relationship with Antwuan “Ace” Hill, a businessman and coach. In April 2022, they announced their engagement, and on August 12, they were wed.

5. Iyanna Faith Lawrence enjoys activism and the arts

Iyanna Faith Lawrence loves art as much as her family based on her Instagram posts. On her page, she displays fashion, paintings, and sculptures.

She also makes time to speak out against specific issues. She posted on May 30, 2020, condemning the killing of black people as ethnic African-American.

The daughter of Martin Lawrence added her voice to those of others who advocate for the value of black lives.

Iyanna Faith decided and dedicated her fate despite having a celebrity daughter. She didn’t pursue acting or music because of the fame and notoriety of her parents.

The writer is well on her way to succeeding in her chosen field, making her one of the few famous children who did not follow in their parent’s footsteps.