Sidney Hicks
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American producer and actor Sidney Hicks gained notoriety through his marriage to Mo’Nique.

Despite being a well-known entertainer in his own right, Sidney Hicks is more well-known in the media because of his marriage to the comedian. His films like The Horror Show, Blackbird, and Interwoven are well-known.

Many people are unaware of a number of the actor’s fascinating facts. All the fascinating information about the husband, actor, father, and actor will be revealed in this post.

Who Is Sidney Hicks?

On September 30, 1967, Sidney Eugene Hicks was born in Baltimore, Maryland. His life is interesting because he married Monique, the queen of comedy. Their age gap is three months because his wife was born on December 11, 1967. He is 55 years old right now.

His childhood-related details about his life are unknown. It’s possible that they attended the same high school together based on when they first met. In 1985, MO’nique was a student at Milford Mill High School in Baltimore County.

After graduating from college, she decided to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. Alice and Sreven Imes, Sidney’s in-laws, are her parents. In 2002, Mo’Nique received a Grammy nomination for her comedy album. She has won numerous accolades and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Ten Sidney Hicks Facts

1. Mo’Nique and Sidney Hicks’ marriage

Since they were both fourteen years old, he has known his wife. Later, she started dating him. On May 20, 2006, they tied the knot to officially end their relationship.

Without any rumors of scandal or divorce, their marriage has lasted for more than ten or so years.

2. What About His Offspring?

Three children have been born to Sidney, the first of whom, Michael Hick, is the result of his first marriage. In 2002, Michael was born. Two months ahead of schedule, they welcomed twin boys Jonathan and David in October 2005 along with Mo’Nique.

He is the stepfather to Shalon Calvin Jackson and Mark Eric Jackson Jr. through his marriage to Mo’Nique. Mark was adopted by her and her first husband.

While he was still growing, Shalon Jackson and his mother had a falling out years earlier. She neglected to be involved in her child’s life in favor of focusing on her career. She learned important lessons about parenting her other children as a result of the error.

3. Films by Sidney Hicks

One of the most recognizable faces on the screen is his. He would be a beau if it weren’t for the fact that his wife is well-known. He has played numerous movie roles, some of which include;

The Horror Show



The Reading

4. His Wife Loses Weight

One aspect of Sidney’s wife that stands out is the weight on her body. She decided to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight on purpose. In 2013, Mo Nique began her weight loss journey and began documenting her workouts.

Her social media posts indicate that she is happier with the journey so far, so the outcome paid off. Mo’Nique received support along the way from her husband and kids.

She reached the 218-pound goal she had set for herself after previously weighing 300 pounds.

5. Mo’Nique And Sidney Hicks Have A Honest Relationship

From the start, they maintained an honest relationship. The idea to continue such a relationship came from his wife. Mo’Nique didn’t want their romance to keep her from seeing other men.

To see other men she was seeing before meeting her husband, she thought it would be a good idea to have an open marriage. They had to rethink their marriage after being attacked by their supporters and fans.

Fans believed that the couple should have a monogamous relationship because to live like that violated God’s laws. They were in an open relationship, but it was never just about sex.

6. He Has a Passion For Fitness

One cannot help but notice his good looks and excellent physique when viewing his photos. Such traits invariably result in a type of discipline learned in the gym and through healthy eating.

He does regularly scheduled workouts in addition to other outdoor sports to stay in shape. Sidney is extremely fit, as evidenced by her well-defined muscles and strong stamina.

7. His wife had a previous marriage

There may never be an explanation for why they didn’t get together before she got married the first time. Mo’Nique, the wife of Sidney Hick, was previously married.

Mark Jackson, another actor, was the subject of her first union. Although they were wed in 1997, they divorced in 2001. She was once engaged to Kenny Mung, an accountant, but their relationship ended thereafter they decided to go their separate ways.

8. The Mo’Nique Show appearance of Sidney Hicks

She served as the host of the Mo’Nique and Friends 2020 presentation, which also featured other comedians who are also her friends. Just Nesh, Tone-X, and Prince T-Dub are a few of the well-known names.

Her husband made a name for himself by appearing on the program as well.

9. What Caused Mo’Nique to Sue Netflix?

In her battle with Netflix over alleged racial and gender discrimination, Mo’nique has won a significant victory. While allegedly paying two other comedians a whopping $100 million for their shows, the streaming behemoth only offered Mo’Nique $500,000.

When they pushed to have the motion dismissed, she did not like this. The motion may now proceed after receiving approval from the US district court.

10. The Net Worth of Sidney Hicks

He has worked as a producer and an actor. It is anticipated that these years of experience will translate into high net worth. His work in the entertainment industry is where he makes all of his money.

His estimated net worth is $250k, according to many sources. Many people will view this net worth as reasonable for someone his age. On the other hand, his wife has a net worth of $13 million, which she amassed through her work as an actress and comedian.