Kristin Hudson
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This is How We Do Itcreators. !’s Creating A Master Peace In Your Marriage Montell For more than 28 years, Jordan and his wife Kristin Hudson have been together. The couple has remained together despite all the difficulties their marriage encountered in the music industry and shares their experience with other couples around the globe.

Like her husband, Hudson, 51, was a composer and producer in the past. Kristin Hudson assisted him in securing lucrative deals while serving as his manager, but eventually they had to decide whether to focus on their marriage or their professional careers.

Here are 10 Kristin Hudson-Related Fun Facts You Probably Did Not Know

1. Atlanta is where Kristin Hudson is from.

Jordan’s wife, Kristin Shai Hudson, was given that name when she was born on September 21, 1971. Her family raised her in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mother, Christy Scaggs, and her brother, Waylon, are the only two known members of her family.

Kristin is not a celebrity, in contrast to her husband Montell. He and his siblings Jennifer and Tracy were raised in a Baptist home by their parents Elijah and Deloris Jordan.

2. At a College Fraternity Ball, She First Met Her Husband

The power couple allegedly met at a college fraternity ball in the 1990s. Jordan approached Kristin at the party and requested that they dance. He made several unsuccessful attempts to dazzle her with his unique dancing style.

They both fell in love and began dating as soon as she decided to give him a chance. Later, they decided to wed in June 1994.

3. Kristin Hudson and her husband were instructed to act as though they weren’t wed

They got hitched at that time. The height of Montell’s musical career had come. Just six months after their wedding, Montell’s debut single was an instant hit. Executives from his record label advised the newlyweds to keep their marriage a secret as a result.

The couple was informed that year that no one would appreciate a married male singer and that Kristin would not be respected as a talent manager because of her marital status.

Kristin and her husband decided to implement the secret to succeed in their respective careers. When Montell was questioned about his love life in most interviews, he responded that he was wed to his music.

When the singer began touring the nation while his wife and manager remained preoccupied with contracts, their marriage began to experience problems. They soon began to experience difficulties.

4. Kristin Hudson was duped by Montell Jordan

While Jordan and Hudson pretended they weren’t married, they began to experience problems with household maintenance and infidelity. She was both an author and a manager, so she wasn’t particularly concerned about how her marriage was doing because her primary concern was her career. On the other hand, the singer ended up in another woman’s hands.

According to reports, Kristin did not react well to the news, but she stayed behind so they could make it work. The couple realized that they needed to stop living a lie and put their marriage first at that point.

However, it was claimed that Jordan was not the only one who had been unfaithful to his wife. Kristin also acknowledged having an affair with a member of the family.

5. Kristin Hudson Stopped Worrying About Her Career to Save Her Marriage

Jordan and Hudson made a choice that altered their lives. Her spouse decided to stop writing music. At first, it was difficult for them. At the time, Kristin was carrying their third child. She later sadly experienced a miscarriage.

The couple published their first book, This is How We Do It: Making Your Marriage a Masterpeace, in 2017 to assist others who might be in a similar situation. Additionally, Her husband had previously published a memoir titled Becoming Unfamous.

6. The Previous Manager Has Four Kids

The 28-year marriage of Kristin has produced four children. For her husband, it’s five kids, though. In a previous relationship, he had a son.

Samantha Jordan, Sydney Jordan, Skyler Jordan, and Christopher Cruz Jordan are some of her children.

7. Hudson’s husband established the Victory World Church Music Collective.

He had intended to release a comeback album in 2010 to signal his entry back into the music scene, but he had to abandon his plans so that he could focus on his Christian faith.

The song Shake Heaven is on a Christian album that was released by Montell Jordan, who is currently an executive pastor.

8. Currently, she works as a mentor and a public speaker.

Through her mentoring, youth leadership, mission work, and marriage ministry, Kristin is said to have been able to inspire and mentor a great number of people ever since her career in the music industry came to an end.

Additionally, Kristin and her husband minister, teach, and counsel couples on premarital and marital issues. With the primary goal of preventing divorce, the power couple now travels together while sharing their testimonies about marriage principles.

9. In 2012, Kristin Jordan’s husband allegedly had issues with the IRS.

The singer of This Is How We Do It reportedly owes the IRS $627,987 in back taxes from the years 1999 to 2001. In 2004, the IRS initially lodged a federal tax lien against him.

According to reports, the singer has kept ignoring the IRS, which suggests that the case may have gone to court. Montell, on the other hand, disclosed that he paid off his debts by selling his music collection several years ago.

10. How much is her Net Worth?

Kristin Jordan’s current priority is ensuring the well-being of her family. She intends to help us achieve our goal of transforming one million marriages with the help of her husband.

The evaluation of Kristin Hudson’s net worth is ongoing. In addition, her husband, who has previously struggled financially, is said to be worth at least $500,000.