Naomi Burton-Crews
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The well-known stepdaughter of Terry Crews, a former professional football player who is now a well-known comedian, actor, and artist, is Naomi Burton Crews. He is well known for his parts in several A-list Hollywood films, including Expendables, Friday After Next, White Chicks, and Everybody Hates Chris, among others.

The father of Naomi Burton-Crews served as host of the NBC Network’s America’s Got Talent program.

Who Is Naomi Burton-Crews?

The 7th of March 1989 saw the birth of Naomi Burton-Crews in the USA. Although Rebecca King and Charles Burton were her parents when she was born, Terry Crews, her stepfather, raised her.

Naomi was raised by her parents and her younger siblings, and she even took part in their celebrity lifestyle.

Ten Things You Should Know About Naomi Burton-Crews

1. Her parents split up

Naomi’s parents, Rebecca and Charles Burton divorced when she was a very young child. Rebecca and Charles did not come from wealthy or well-known families. But Naomi is described as a celebrity kid.

2. Naomi Burton-Crews, Terrance Alan Crews’ daughter, how are you doing?

After being adopted by Terrance Alan Crews, better known as Terry Crews, Naomi gained notoriety. After her divorce from Charles Burton, Rebecca King, Naomi’s mother, was married to Terry. The reason Naomi is referred to as Terry’s daughter and a celebrity child is that Terry later adopted Naomi from Rebecca and Charles.

Terry, Naomi’s father, is now regarded as a major source of inspiration for her and her life.

3. She Participated in a Reality TV Program

Terry created the reality TV program “The Family Crew,” which focused on his family as well as his own life and hustle. The production company, Strange Fruit Media, was responsible for the BET-aired program’s creation.

The program only lasted two seasons (from 2010 to 2011), after which it was canceled due to a “lack of entertainment.”

While the show was airing, Naomi and her siblings were featured, which marked the beginning of her rise to media stardom.

4. Of her four siblings, she is the oldest.

The oldest of Crew’s five children and the firstborn, Naomi Burton-Crews. The names of her four half-siblings are Isiah, Tera, Wynfrey, and Azriel.

Although Naomi doesn’t use social media regularly, she has a close relationship with her parents and siblings. As a result, she frequently appears on their accounts.

Azriel, Naomi’s younger sister, is renowned for following in their father’s footsteps, and for her birthday, she also gets to brag about her big sister on Instagram.

5. Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews, Her Parents

Terry Crews played American football professionally. He even received a scholarship to play for Western Michigan University because of how good he was at American football.

Despite having accomplished a lot while playing football, he was unable to join the league of professional football players. Terry later changed his heart’s desire from football to entertainment and is now a major player in that sector.

On December 24, 1965, Rebecca King-Crew, a well-known singer, was born to Jack Winston Lund and Anne Mae Parks. She is of Yank descent and has a brother and a sister who are both younger. After her first marriage to Charles Burton ended in divorce, Rebecca later wed Terry Crews.

6. Rebecca King-Crews Received a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

After learning that she had Stage 1 breast cancer, Rebecca King-Crews underwent a double mastectomy on March 3, 2020.

About 12 years ago, she discovered a small precancerous lump in her right breast, which gave her the first inkling of the suspicion. To remove the lump, she underwent her first surgery in 2019.

She now adopts a healthy lifestyle, pays close attention to her body, and works out frequently.

7. Naomi’s Popularity Is Low

In contrast to her parents and siblings, Naomi isn’t as well-liked. She has avoided social media for a while and doesn’t reveal a lot about herself to the general public.

The majority of what is known about Naomi comes from her parents, siblings, and social media posts.

Since she still lives with her family, Naomi enjoys spending time with them.

Although we know she did not follow the career paths of either parent, her current job and career aren’t exactly stated.

8. The Mother Of Naomi Burton-Crews’ Daughter

In a Family Crew episode, Naomi told her family she was expecting a child. She had a lovely baby girl named Miley, though she remained mum about the father.

Her mother, aunts, uncle, and grandparents all adore Miley. However, Naomi hasn’t yet identified the child’s father.

9. Does Naomi Burton-Crews have a spouse?

No, Naomi Burton-Crews isn’t Wed. She hasn’t been associated with any men, and she hasn’t expressed any kind of intimacy or commitment to anyone.

Although she is still single, she is the mother of an unidentified daughter.

10. The Net Worth of Terry Crews’ daughter

Due to the uncertainty surrounding her profession and career, Naomi Burton-Crews’ net worth is currently unknown. We do know, however, that she benefits from the wealth her famous father Terry Crews has amassed.

Terry Crews, a former professional football player who is now an actor, comedian, and entertainer, is thought to be worth $25 million.