Taylor Ayanna Crawford
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Yolanda Adams, an American gospel singer, record producer, and actress is the mother of Taylor Ayanna Crawford. Yolanda has made such a significant contribution to the music industry that she is often referred to as the “First Lady of Modern Gospel.”

Since 1982, Yolanda Adams has been involved in the music industry. She is well known for her songs Still I Rise and Only Believe. She has won numerous honors, including four Grammys, and hosts her gospel program. Taylor Ayanna Crawford is a young woman who has already achieved success for herself. She hasn’t expressed a desire to work in her mother’s industry, but she is gradually gaining media attention.

A List Of Interesting Facts Regarding Taylor Ayanna Crawford

1. The celebrity daughter’s identity

Taylor Ayana Crawford was born in the United States of America on January 26, 2001. She was born to Tim Crawford Jr. and Yolanda Adams, two African Americans.

The father of Ayanna is a native of Texas and a former NFL player. He is cherished for being selected alongside Jim Everest and Lesli O’Neal in the draft. Houston, Texas, also saw the birth of Yolanda.

The celebrity’s daughter, on the other hand, grew up with her mother, a successful gospel singer.

2. The mother of Taylor Ayanna wed twice

The ‘Queen of Contemporary Gospel Music’ wed a few years after her career began to take off. In 1987, Yolanda wed a man named Troy Mason; the union lasted until 1990.

Domestic violence was the primary cause of the short lifespan and three-year marriage. The gospel singer admitted that her husband had previously abused and physically assaulted her. She divorced Mr. Mason to save herself, and she moved on with her life.

Taylor’s mother initially lived alone before she eventually met her father. Tim, a former NFL player whom Yoland met, proposed to her, and the two later wed. Their five-year engagement began in 1997 with a wedding. Ayanna, their first and only child, was born during this union.

Sadly, they divorced just as their daughter turned 3 years old. According to reports, this divorce was amicable because Yolanda insisted they simply couldn’t stay together.

3. She Benefits from Being a Single Parent

The former NFL player’s daughter, born in 2001, enjoys living alone. She is reportedly the only child of the former athlete and the Grammy Award-winning singer.

She was supposed to have a sibling, but that never materialized. According to reports, Yolanda was expecting a second child but miscarried due to stress from her ex-husband Tim. Taylor, who is now 21 years old, is the only child left.

4. Body Structure

It is not surprising that she is 6 feet tall because her mother is 6 feet tall and her father is an athlete. The daughter of Crawford-Adams is a tall, attractive model. According to her Instagram posts, she models for both brands and runways.

5. Howard University Was Where Ayanna Studied

The stunning model started her journey at the University in 2019. She was enrolled in her first year of college at the time. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. despite not revealing what she is studying.

She reportedly left her mother’s home when she started her university studies, according to another report.

6. Yoland Adams Shows A Lot Of Love For Her Daughter

Yolanda Adams’ Instagram posts make it clear how devoted she is to her daughter. She never misses an opportunity to tell Taylor how great she is and to share her admiration for her.

The six-time recipient of a Soul Train Award takes her time to pen uplifting notes to and for her daughter. On occasion, she leaves comments on the model’s social media posts.

Taylor was on the verge of tears as Yolanda spoke so beautifully about her during her acceptance speech for the 2019 Soul Train Award. She reiterated her love for Ayanna as she concluded her speech.

7. Taylor Ayanna Crawford Draws Attention With Her Mother At Award Ceremonies

The constant compliments from her mother demonstrate how supportive Ayanna is of her. Yolanda never stops saying that her daughter is the reason she is joyful and smiling to anyone who will listen.

It’s not hard to understand, given that the lovely daughter is almost always by her mother’s side during Award ceremonies. Yolanda has attended two award shows with her daughter, most recently the Stellar Awards and the Soul Train Awards.

Ayanna was ready both times, and she brilliantly represented herself by stealing the show. Mother and daughter always have a good sense of style. Ayanna always dazzled the carpet and show in floral print or just a simple black dress with a plunging neckline and thigh-high slit.