Four types of eating

People eat food for various reasons. Most eat to remain healthy and live. But there are others who have also more reasons of eating. Based on this there are four types of eating. Which are they?

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Humans and eating

Foods give us nutrients that keeps us going. They provide us with energy to live, breathe and carry out our day to day routine activities. We eat to live and survive. We eat to remain in good health longer. Quality and quantity of life both are important.

But often we also eat for other reasons. This can be to celebrate something important in our life. It might be an important day of our life. We might eat just for taste and appetite even though we are not hungry. Or we may eat for fun.

Four types of eating
People eat in these four ways (Source: Medium)

Then at times we may eat to dilute our negative emotions. This might be sadness, anger, jealousy, depression or any low time of our life. We eat at such times our comfort foods. These foods help us to forget the present sad hour and takes us to those happy moments linked with that specific food.

If we want to change and switch to healthy eating, we need to know what type of eating we indulge ourselves in. This observation will make it easy for us to know and bring about a change in our eating habits and lifestyle.

Four types of eating

Based on the reasons of having foods, there are four types of eating. These are fuel eating, fun eating, fog eating and storm eating. Brooke Castillo, founder of weight coach school and weight coach mentor has these concepts and take on eating.

Fuel eating is when food is consumed as a fuel in order to support your body and its various needs. This is clean eating and real eating. In this, you eat whole natural and real foods that are minimally processed. These foods make you feel good and provide you with energy and nourishment. Many do this type of eating 80% of the time.

Fun eating is when you consume foods for fun. You look at food as a funtime eating. And the foods you take might not necessarily give you back anything substantial. But the bottom line of this eating is that you have enjoyed it. These foods taste great but are nutritionally poor. These include cakes, cookies, candies,varied chips, sugary drinks etc.

Four types of eating
The four kinds of eating (Source: Momsqna)

You enjoy each bite of the food and eat to your heart’s content. To have this type of eating and yet remain healthy, limit them to once or twice a week. Also try to alter the recipes a bit to healthify them. For instance, you could use whole wheat flour in place of refined multipurpose flour to bake cakes. Also, you can use air fryer to make fried foods instead of deep frying them.

Fog eating and storm eating

Fog eating is subconscious eating. You are not aware of how much you ate a food or how it tasted. You just continue to munch on them. These could be chips, candies, peanut butter, bread etc. It serves no purpose and is not an enjoyable act either. It might in fact harm the body. One should never fog eat. Be aware of this and hold back the moment you realize that you are subconsciously doing it.

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Four types of eating
The four types of eating (Source: Coach nine)

Storm eating is something like binge eating. In this, the person eats out of control. The person cannot stop the urge to eat. It continues well beyond the needs. The person is aware that he or she overeats but cannot control. It might occur after a prolonged hunger or after being hurt with a deep emotion. Usually, after this session of storm eating is over, it is followed by feeling of guilt, shame or regret. It is usually done in secret. But it is best to discuss with a qualified dietitian and manage it. Otherwise, it could lead to problems such as overweight and obesity.