Kristin Gudlaugsdottir
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Who Is Kristin Gudlaugsdottir?

An IFBB professional bikini contestant from Iceland is named Kristin Gudlaugsdottir.

She has established a reputation for herself in the tiny Scandinavian nation and has gained popularity online for her inspirational posts.

Kristin Gudlaugsdottir struggled to find a sport she enjoyed playing as a child. She attempted a variety of sports, including jazz ballet, karate, and ballet, but she claims she never truly connected with any of them.

She stopped participating in these sports and started lifting weights with her boyfriend, concluding that this was the activity for her.

Her boyfriend gave her a lot of assistance in strengthening her glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings each week.

She started going to the gym more frequently and had a greater interest in nutrition. She would be able to develop a physique fit for competition thanks to this new hobby and begin posing at important competitions.

Body Measurements Of Kristin Gudlaugsdottir

Full Name: Kristin Gudlaugsdottir
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm)
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
ERA: 2010


CardioKristin Gudlaugsdottir

Kristin Gudlaugsdottir has experimented with a wide variety of cardio exercises. The Stairmaster is one of her favorite workout equipment.

She enjoys how tenaciously this machine works her glutes, calves, and quads while replicating a flight of steep steps.

Kristin also enjoys spending as much time as she can outside of the gym. She regularly jogs and runs in her area since she enjoys being outside.

Favorite WorkoutsKristin Gudlaugsdottir

The squat and the barbell hip thrust would be Kristin’s two favorite exercises.

Kristin learned the squat as her very first exercise, so Kristin has progressively become accustomed to the intense burn that results from a properly executed activity.

Kristin Gudlaugsdottir enjoys performing the barbell hip thrust in conjunction with the squat to give her glutes the best potential workout. She wants to consistently work on her glutes to achieve the finest beach figure she can.

Training Protocol

Four times a week of weightlifting and 20 minutes of cardio make up Kristin’s training regimen. She maintains her reps high, averaging 15-20 every session, and takes one day off.

  • Chest, glutes, and abs on Monday.
  • Cardio for 50 minutes on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday: Abs, Back, and Bicep.
  • Thursday: Abs, Triceps, and Shoulders.
  • Wednesday: Legs.
  • Saturday: 50 minutes of cardio.
  • Rest day on Sunday.


Dietary Method

Kristin maintains a very wholesome, balanced diet. Oats, egg whites, poultry, salmon, sweet potatoes, fruits, and vegetables are all part of her weekly menu plan.

She maintains her eating schedule every two hours to guarantee that her body receives a consistent supply of nutrients.

Recipe for Protein Cookies

Her protein cookie recipe is one of Kristin’s favorites. She enjoys creating healthy substitutes for the unhealthy snacks she used to eat by adding whey protein to dishes for cheat meals.

Here is her recipe:

  • Chocolate whey protein powder in a half-cup
  • a half-cup of peanut butter
  • 1 apple
  • Managing Cravings

In the off-season, I tend to eat healthier, but if I have a serious sweet tooth, I will indulge. To avoid cravings while training for competition (on-season), I try to keep myself active throughout the day and in the evenings.

But I do give myself one day a week, usually, a Saturday, to indulge in things like homemade gluten-free pizza, ice cream, and chocolate.


Kristin’s diet also includes a lot of supplements. She supplements with whey protein, glutamine, and CLA pills. She doesn’t see the need to take anything else beyond this.

Influences And Idols

Larissa Reis, one of Kristin’s favorite athletes and an IFBB pro, has motivated her to work out harder. She enjoys watching Kai Greene and is inspired by his level of commitment to bodybuilding.

What Could Kristin Gudlaugsdottir Teach Us?

Kristin Gudlaugsdottir decided to join her partner in the gym and start lifting because she disliked typically feminine activities like ballet. Her experience demonstrates how challenging long-held gender stereotypes in sports may be quite advantageous.

If you’re a female who wants to pursue a career in bodybuilding, be inspired by Kristin’s tale.