Kurapika Kurta
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Hunter X Hunter features the character Kurapika Kurta. He is without a doubt one of the series’ key protagonists and far too powerful. Kurapika’s powerful ability can only be used against Phantom Troupe, otherwise, he will perish.

Although it must be a major setback, he had to pay that price to become the most powerful nen user and exact revenge on the Phantom Troupe.

The sole surviving member of the Kurta Clan, famous for its extraordinary eyes. So, if you want to learn the Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine training regimen and become as powerful as Kurapika, keep reading.

Kurapika Kurta’s Exercise ProgramKurapika Kurta

Figures For Kurapika Kurta’s Body

Height 5 ft 7 inch
Weight 57 kg
Age 19 years
Chest 39 inch
Waist 29 inch
Biceps 13.5 inch

Kurapika Kurta’s Exercise Program

We are all familiar with Kurapika Kurta as a composed individual with a strong sense of purpose who has evolved into the most powerful net user.

He is also capable of controlling all nen powers and employing them against the ghostly bandits that killed and butchered his entire Kurta Clan in exchange for some cash. So how does he become so powerful?

Kurapika was still seen as important even without Nen, which is how he was able to become a skilled hunter.

His strength is also influenced by other things, like his weapon proficiency, martial arts training, and even his superhuman sight. Together, those elements contribute to Kurapika’s rise to power.

If we distinguish between Kurapika, a nen user, and Kurapika, a professional hunter. He is the only persona that, with years of practice, you can embody.

If you work hard enough, you could become Kurapika Kurta; yet, his physical prowess as a starting character in the series is only mediocre.

Martial arts, physical prowess, and a calm mind are all attributes of Kurapika. If you work hard, you can attain all of these.

You must adhere to a schedule of daily training of some kind if you want to approach Kurapika’s strength. Different training techniques for your inner and outer bodies will be used during the workout, which will also provide you with balanced body composition.

We’ll work out for at least three hours each day. It won’t be too bad, though, and you won’t need to start lifting weights or join a gym. Consequently, let’s begin:

Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine exercise consists of:


For starters, we need to increase our strength and fitness, which may be done by performing a lot of cardio. I, therefore, advise running 5 to 10 kilometers at a moderate pace for cardio exercise.

Maintain your pace; the important thing is to see how far you can go rather than how quickly you can finish.

To build a lot of stamina, you can also engage in various aerobic exercises like biking or even jumping rope. Make sure to engage in any cardio exercises you enjoy since they can increase your stamina.


Medication is arguably vital for maintaining mental health and maintaining control over your body and mind.

It’s one of the things that every character in this series does, as I’ve already stated in prior posts. Because the idea of Nen and Ren is more than just a hypothesis created by a fiction author.

Many Shaolin monks have succeeded in making it a reality, and you may, too, with daily meditation for 30 to 60 minutes. Don’t worry if you can’t meditate for that long, though; it’s difficult, and not everyone can do it right away.

Therefore, take your time developing the attention and practice of meditation, then gradually expand it as you become more comfortable.

It will assist you in maintaining mental and physical harmony and calm, and who knows, if you practice meditation more, you might even start to feel your life force.

Combative Arts

We don’t need to start learning martial arts. I would advise practicing martial arts for two hours each day for three to five days.

You are free to join any dojo and practice any style you choose, but for the best results, I suggest learning Chinese or Japanese martial arts. Therefore, if you want to become as strong as Kurapika, go and join a dojo.

The Kurapika Kurta exercise program is complete.