Leticia Rapucci
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Who Is Leticia Rapucci?

Brazilian NABBA figure competitor Leticia Rapucci is a sponsored sportsperson from So Paulo.

She has gained popularity on social media as a consequence of providing inspirational videos to assist her followers in achieving their objectives.

Short Career of Leticia Rapucci

Leticia Rapucci balances her fitness goals with a different career, unlike many sponsored athletes who decide to make fitness their career. Leticia is a flight attendant for a well-known Brazilian carrier.

She plans her workouts around her job to preserve the body that has taken her years to develop. She wants to keep her body in top condition.

Leticia grew fixated on the notion of competing after seeing a National Amateur Bodybuilders’ Association tournament on television in 2012.

She competed in the “Recém-chegados Championship” after putting in a year of diligent training. Leticia won a third-place trophy despite having little chance of finishing in the top 3.

Leticia does not just care about her appearance; she views her fitness journey as a chance to assist others to become better individuals.

Body Measurements of Leticia Rapucci

Full Name: Leticia Rapucci
ERA: Brazilian

Leticia Rapucci



  • 2012 Paulista Beginners Championship – 3rd place
  • 2012 Paulista  – Vice – Champion
  • 2013 Paulista – Vice – Champion
  • 2013 American South – Vice – Champion


Combination Lifts

Leticia Rapucci takes great pleasure in becoming as big as she can. She performs compound lifts and concentrates on hitting the main muscle groups hard.

She performs exercises including military presses, bench presses, squats, deadlifts, and bicep curls. Leticia enjoys using a variety of lower body devices, such as the leg press machine.

Exercise and Cardiovascular System

Leticia performs crunches, sit-ups, planks, and leg raises to define her midsection. She amps up all of her cardio workouts, including her high-intensity interval training sessions, before a competition to maximize her fat loss.

When it comes to losing weight and showing off her abs, she views cardio as being essential.

She particularly appreciates the pre-competition cutting phases because they give her a chance to see the true tone of the muscles she’s been developing for years.

Leticia Rapucci


A Healthful Diet

Leticia Rapucci consumes a balanced diet that includes traditional Brazilian cuisine with various dishes with global influences.

She concentrates on meeting her daily macronutrient requirements and prepares meals a day in advance so she can devote all of her attention to working exercise rather than cooking.

Leticia’s normal post-gym lunch can include rice cakes, Brazilian fruits like papaya and passion fruit, and a post-workout protein smoothie.

Her breakfast omelet, which is prepared the night before and stored in the refrigerator so she may have it the next morning, is one of her favorite dishes. Here is her recipe:

Breakfast Omelette

  • 100 ml of egg whites
  • 1 chopped banana
  • Cinnamon 
  • Turn in the pan to cook both sides.


Leticia Rapucci considers supplements to be an essential component of her diet. She claims that she needs these products to supplement her diet with vitamins and minerals where necessary and to assist her to meet her daily protein requirements.