Liquid collagen

Collagen is the building block of our body. It keeps every tissue in the body intact. It gives firmness and elasticity to our skin. Various studies have revealed its benefits for the body.

Hence collagen supplements are now easily available in the markets and also online. They are sold either as liquid collagen or in powdered form. Which of these two forms of collagen is better? What is the difference between the two?

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Collagen and collagen supplements

The most abundant protein in the human body is collagen. It is the basic unit of most tissues of the body such as bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, and the like. It holds the body parts together and intact.

Collagen gives our body its characteristic structure. It is the foundation of the body. In Ancient Greek, collagen stands for glue.

But as one gets older, collagen synthesis falls. The production cannot parallel the breakdown and hence the overall collagen in the body diminishes.

The skin gets loose and develops wrinkles. The other tissues start sagging. This is the hallmark of old age and the aging process.

Collagen powder
Collagen powder (Source: Everyday Health)

Various skin care products and creams have collagen in them. This collagen is in a hydrolyzed form and the source is animals and fish.

It is advised to provide elasticity to the skin and make it firm, thereby reducing wrinkles. And now collagen is also available as an oral supplement for the body with claimed health benefits.

Some of these are studied with good results. And some studies have yielded variable outcomes while other research studies have shown no benefits.

But this oral supplementation is in demand and very popular amongst the young and old.

Liquid collagen vs powdered collagen

The collagen for oral use is available both in liquid form as well as in powder form. Which of these two is better?

If we look at the powder collagen, it requires to be mixed with a liquid or water before consumption.

Whereas liquid collagen is pre-formed. It requires no further liquid to dissolve. Hence it is more convenient to carry and consume while traveling.

Liquid collagen
Liquid collagen (Source: Style craze)

The liquid form of collagen is already hydrolyzed well and completely. It is broken into peptides and hence it is easier to get absorbed in the gut. But the powdered collagen can be either partially hydrolyzed or fully hydrolyzed.

The fully hydrolyzed ones are the peptides and they can dissolve well both in warm as well as cold liquids.

Whereas partially hydrolyzed ones such as beef gelatin can dissolve weakly only in hot liquids. This serves as a disadvantage.

Powder collagen is more potent

Though the liquid form is better to carry, the powder form is more potent. It has more collagen per serving. Isa Kujawski, nutritionist reveals:

“Liquid forms of collagen typically have less collagen per serving than the powdered alternative.”

Therefore, powder collagen is more concentrated thaa n liquid. And though more concentrated and effective in low doses, surprisingly powder collagen is also relatively cheaper.

It might be because there are more options currently for powdered collagen but very few choices in its liquid variety.

Liquid collagen
Liquid collagen (Source: Delish)

Additionally, the powder form is more sustainable. You throw away the liquid collagen bottle after a single use.

This adds to the plastic waste and carbon footprint of the planet. Whereas the powdered collagen comes in a bigger jar that can be used multiple times.

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Most liquid forms of collagen come from marine sources. Choose the collagen-based on your needs and choice.