Long covid

The covid pandemic took the world by storm at the end of 2019 and still is continuing its rage. It affected every person on this planet directly or indirectly.

Some people who had covid infection went on to suffer its long-term consequences. Medicines might relieve these symptoms of long covid. But proper diet and nutrients also have a major role in alleviating health problems.

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Long Covid and its remedies

It has been more than 2.5 years since the coronavirus pandemic struck the world. It continues unabated. And it affected every being in the world including animals, birds, and other creatures.

The latter faced the indirect consequences of it. Vaccines against the virus helped but not remarkably.

It lessened the severity and the hospitalization rates and fatality due to coronavirus. But even vaccinated people suffered from breakthrough infections.

Long covid
Long covid (Source: Education Week)

Many people with covid infection continue to have long-term symptoms of the viral infection. In the UK, an estimated 1.8 million people have long covid symptoms.

That is a considerable amount and these patients continue to require medical support for it. Medicines, no doubt, help to keep these symptoms at bay.

But they have their limitations and adverse effects. To control the symptoms of long covid, a proper diet with essential nutrients is also vital. Rob Hobson, Head of Nutrition at Healthspan states:

“First and foremost, it is about eating a healthy balanced diet which is reflective of the Mediterranean style of eating.”


This type of diet will help to support all areas of your health including your immune system.”

Rob talked about specific foods that could be useful in long covid.

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Foods for fatigue

The most common symptom post-covid is fatigue, says the Office of National Statistics. For this, Rob explains:

If fatigue is an issue, then opt for wholegrain carbohydrates to help provide a sustained level of energy between meals.”

Long covid
High carbs for Long covid fatigue (Source: Pinterest)

After the infection, many sufferers complain of continuing loss or alteration in the sense of smell and taste. Rob elaborated:

Changes in taste and smell can impact on your desire to eat so try to include plenty of strong flavours to gain some essence of taste.”

“Try foods like spices, citrus fruits and string cheeses.”

Loss of appetite follows covid in many infected people. And it makes them lose weight. To rectify this, Rob said:

If you are losing weight due to a poor appetite, then consider changing the way you eat to a little and often approach.”

“Make all your meals as nourishing as possible to get the most out of them nutritionally.”

Gut health

Gut gets affected in covid infection. According to Rob:

Gut health is important for health and immunity so include foods that support a healthy microbiome which includes fibre-rich foods, such as wholegrains, vegetables, nuts, seeds and probiotic foods.”

Probiotic supplements also have a role. He adds:

Probiotic supplements may help with gut symptoms but these are not proven to help with long Covid per se,”

Long covid
Probiotics good for gut health post covid (Source: Pharmeasy)

Vitamin D supplementation is equally vital:

If you are spending most of your time indoors as a result of long Covid then consider taking vitamin D all year around.”