Loss of appetite

Temporary loss of appetite almost everyone in this world has experienced. It might be due to any cause. But it should not keep us away from nourishing our bodies even at that time.

So which foods we should try to consume during those hard days to nourish our bodies without feeling uncomfortable?

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Loss of appetite

This condition of loss of appetite is an experience of everyone in the world irrespective of age. In small children, it may be to seek attention or due to engrossment in play.

Sometimes, the young have it when they had a recent heartbreak or other forms of grief. It might be due to a physical illness that can vary in severity from a mild cold to other more serious or chronic diseases.

Loss of appetite
Loss of appetite (Source: Mom junction)

Whatever the reason, we should try to see to it that the physical or mental conditions do not cause a dramatic reduction in our food intake.

This lowered food intake could cause the body to go into a negative metabolism or catabolism and cause weight loss and body shrinking.

This would be bad and take a long time to recover. Hence even when we have a loss of appetite due to any cause, we should try to push in some foods.

Which are these easy foods that we can have without any discomfort and which will at the same time provide us with some nutrition?

Foods to prefer in a no-appetite state

Sign Svanfeldt, a registered dietitian states:

Our bodies need energy and nutrients to function, so it is important to eat food even if you have a reduced appetite,”

If you feel weak and unable to prepare food for yourself, go for liquid foods such as soups, smoothies, and juices. These will give instant energy and also provide the body with some nutrients. Sign says:

Try to make a smoothie and add some nut butter or nuts for extra energy,”

Loss of appetite
Fruit juices (Source: TOI)

Try to fetch some salty food items and snacks such as crackers, chips, cheese, and olives. Sign reasons it:

“Salty foods increase the appetite,”

Prefer nutrient-dense foods such as nuts, whole grain food items, seeds, nut butter, and yogurt. These are also light on the stomach and easy to digest.

Refreshing fruits

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Fruits are also good when there is a loss of appetite. It refreshes the body and also rehydrates it. When we are mentally disturbed our intake of water also comes down. Additionally, with fever, our body water loss is more. Hence fruits provide us with instant energy, viral minerals and vitamins, and water. Sign says:

“If you feel like eating something refreshing, try cold fruits, such as berries, or cut fruits, including melons, apples, grapes or strawberries, into smaller cubes,”

Loss of appetite
Cut fruit pieces (Source: Pinterest)

These are easy to digest and not heavy on the stomach. And the most important thing to remember is that do not let any mental disturbance upset you to the extent that it affects your food intake.

Even if in sorrow, eat something. Choose foods that are caloric-dense and drink enough water. On the other hand, do not let depression affect you so much that you start overeating. Maintain a balance of intake even in these conditions.