Luz Elena Echeverria Molina
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Who is Luz Elena EcLuz Elena Echeverria Molinaheverria Molina?

Athlete Luz Echeverria Molina, popularly known as “Lucecita Echeverria,” is from Colombia and competes in the hit fitness reality TV series “Desafio Supr Humanos” (Super Human Challenge).

Short Career of Luz Elena Echeverria Molina

As a committed athlete, Luz Elena Echeverria Molina has gained recognition not only in Colombia but also in other countries.

Lucecita’s fitness journey has only just begun, but she has already put in years of hard work and has a clear route in front of her.

Luz Elena Echeverria Molina

Body Measurements of Luz Elena Echeverria Molina

Full Name: Luz Elena Echeverria Molina
ALIAS: Lucecita Echeverria
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: TV Fitness Celebrity

Luz Elena Echeverria Molina


Successes in Business and Fitness

  • Reality TV Star – ‘Desafío Súper Humanos’ (Super Human Challenge).


Weekly Divide

Like the majority of female athletes from South America, Lucecita prefers to concentrate on Elena Echeverria Molina’s workouts on building strength and size in her glutes and quadriceps.

She’ll work out one body part per day using a weekly split plan. She can either keep her muscle mass the same or add new muscle each week in this way.

The Favorite Exercises of Lucecita

The squat, sumo deadlift, lunge, hamstring kickback, and seated leg press are some of her favorite exercises. She enjoys working her arms with dumbbell bicep curls, tricep extensions, and hammer curls for her upper body.

Luz Elena uses the barbell bent over the row and the lateral straight bar pulls down to give her back a wider appearance.

She mostly uses the regular bench press, dumbbell flies, cable crossovers, incline press, and decline press for her chest.

Lucecita has a strong core, thus she frequently performs plyometric core workouts to increase her agility and explosiveness. such as leg lifts, forward-facing planks, the traditional sit-up, and side planks.


Several Meals Each Day

Lucecita understands the value of a sound exercise regimen and how to diet to achieve it.

To keep herself full and content throughout the day, Lucecita decides to eat a nutritious meal every two to three hours.

Lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, and natural fats like nuts and avocados are her preferred macronutrient sources since they support Lucecita through her demanding exercises.

Luz Elena Echeverria Molina

Influences and Idols

Throughout her years of training, Luz Elena Echeverria Molina has not only drawn inspiration from other fitness models and bodybuilders, but she has also grown to inspire her followers all around the world.

Lucecita has a burgeoning fan base and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

She continues to not only speak about her enthusiasm for health and fitness, but she also practices it every day.

What is there that Luz Elena Echeverria Molina can teach us?

What we can learn from Luz Elena Echeverria is that it is possible to transform your body’s shape with years of hard effort and determination, and in Lucecita’s case, to entirely change your life.

She transformed from a typical young woman to one of Colombia’s most well-known fitness superstars.

If you desire to devote your life to fitness, by pursuing your passion and remaining committed to your objectives, you too could succeed in realizing your dreams, just like Lucecita Echeverria.