MacKenzie Puricelli
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Who is MacKenzie Puricelli?

American fitness model MacKenzie Puricelli represents the sport. She inspires a lot of people online with her desirable physique, but MacKenzie wasn’t always this way.

Early Life of MacKenzie Puricelli

MacKenzie Puricelli began working out in 2015 to improve her physique and boost her confidence. But during the coming years, she became fixated on both eating and fitness.

Though she appeared healthy and cheerful on the outside, her obsession with fitness caused her to suffer from a disorder of body image.

Only after seeking assistance and using her willpower did MacKenzie begin to gradually improve her circumstances and transform into the person she is today. Here’s how she went about it:

“Gaining weight isn’t making you miserable; your attitude toward yourself is what’s making you unhappy,” the speaker said.

Body Measurements of MacKenzie Puricelli

Full Name: MacKenzie Puricelli
WEIGHT: 135 and 145 pounds (61.2 and 65.8 kilograms)
ERA: 2010 
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Social Media Figure, Body Transformation Coach
ALIAS: mbpfitnesss


  • Fitness Model
  • Transformation Coach
  • Social Media Figure

MacKenzie Puricelli

Exercise Addiction

According to MacKenzie Puricelli, she struggled with self-consciousness as a teenager. She began “identifying” food as “good and evil” after turning 12 and began to be concerned about gaining too much weight.

She eventually began stressing about diet and exercise in 2015, which is when she began her fitness journey.

I recall being instructed not to eat PB&J when I was 12 years old. This phrase made me very conscious of my body, and I started categorizing things as “good” or “bad” because of it.

I began to judge myself against the other girls because most of them were still quite thin. Why don’t my legs look as thin as those of my friends? I have a butt, why? And why do I have stomach fat?

Even though the exercise was meant to be a starting point for a healthy lifestyle, MacKenzie quickly became engrossed in her new way of life. She lost weight and got her body more toned than ever, but on the inside, she was at the worst place of her life.

MacKenzie Puricelli

Putting on weight to combat her fear

In her early years of exercise, MacKenzie had no concept of gaining fat on her body. She exercised rigorously and performed daily cardio to ensure that she would always appear and feel toned.

But eventually, MacKenzie saw that intense exercise and diets weren’t the solutions. MacKenzie claimed that intentionally gaining weight was the only way to overcome her anxiety about getting weight. MacKenzie eventually put on 10 pounds in a short of months.

Even though some others viewed this as unhealthy, MacKenzie claims that she needed to do to get over her disorder:

“I faced my eating disorder and prioritized my mental health. She had to put on weight to get over my fear of food. I also had to let go of the idea that exercising only helped people lose weight.

Achieving Fitness and Health

MacKenzie’s experience gaining weight opened her eyes. She gradually found balance in her life, and today weighs 136 pounds in a healthy and fit manner.

MacKenzie claims that she looks amazing, feels wonderful, and most importantly, has complete confidence in her body.

She shared all of her highs and lows with her fans on social media while chronicling her life’s journey. Many women with similar problems found inspiration in her narrative, which enabled them to achieve their life objectives. MacKenzie is now a successful fitness model and businesswoman with a sizable online fan base.


For the best results in the gym, MacKenzie blends weightlifting and cardio. Weightlifting builds muscle and keeps her muscles strong while cardio keeps her trim.

Like before, MacKenzie no longer obsesses over her fitness routine. She now exercises by paying attention to her body and goes to the gym anywhere between three and six times per week.

She is careful to take rest days so that her body has time to repair itself and grow stronger.

“One of the key reasons why most people struggle to reach their long-term goals is their desire for instant gratification.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where rapid gratification is expected. We dislike having to exercise patience, have faith in the future, or put in the extra effort.

MacKenzie Puricelli


MacKenzie’s change was significantly influenced by nutrition. She used to be food obsessive and would only consume meals that were pure and healthy.

She now gives herself more latitude when it comes to her nutrition, occasionally indulging in a cheat meal.

MacKenzie Puricelli is aware of the significance of nutrients like lean meat, brown grains, and healthy fats. But she also admits that it’s not the end of the world if she “slips up” with her diet. She simply resumes following her meal regimen.

What MacKenzie Puricelli teaches us?

Even something like exercise, when practiced to the extreme, may be detrimental, as MacKenzie Puricelli has demonstrated.

If MacKenzie has taught us anything, it’s that maintaining a healthy body and mind requires balance. Maintain a strict diet and rigorous training schedule, but don’t forget to indulge occasionally. You can fulfill your potential in the same way.