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Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy, and Brianna LaPaglia were joined by Mads Lewis on the most recent episode of the BFF podcast on September 15, 2022.

The quarter covered a wide range of subjects, including Dixie D’Amelio shaving her head and never being interested in Richards, her new lover.

They also discussed Charlie Jordan’s response to Bryce Hall’s remarks on Tayler Holder and her charges of sexual assault. Photos of Jordan attending her ex-boyfriend Holder’s birthday celebration on August 29, 2022, have come to light.

There were other images of the DJ hanging out with Holder, which sparked rumors that they were reconciled. The pair hasn’t confirmed it, though.

To go back a bit, before Lewis spoke on the program, Hall had said that Jordan had sent him extensive texts pleading for him to retract his claims that Holder and her new reconciliation were phony.

Mads Lewis
Mads Lewis(Pinterest)

Mads Lewis claims that Tayler Holder’s sexual assault allegations are true on the BFFS podcast.

Lewis stated in the most recent episode that she agreed with Hall that the Jordan-Holder situation was fictitious.

Mads Lewis Describes the Situation of Charlie Jordan and Tayler Holder

The TikTok then narrated her encounter after finding out about Holder’s immoral acts in 2019 and 2020.

She emphasized that she did not like the DJ “in 2019, 2020” and that it was puzzling that, in light of everything Holder had done in recent years, she was still hanging around with him.

Then Lewis related how she and Jordan spoke on the phone after Jordan broke up with Holder.

“Once, when they initially split up, I called [her] crying and said, ‘Oh my God, I need you to know all this information because it’s not safe,’ and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, I feel for you.’ God loves you, ” Lewis proclaimed.

She thought it odd that she had reunited with him even though all of this information was now known to the world.

The TikTok also disclosed that she initially informed Hall about Holder’s wrongdoing, but he was skeptical and stood by his pal. But he was horrified when further details emerged and Holder began issuing cease and desist letters.

Mads Lewis
Mads Lewis(Pinterest)

Mads Has Support From Fans and Influencers

Following the release of the video, Lewis received encouragement from followers and influencers.

Some online users believe Lewis was one of the victims, based on the comments on the original tiktokroom’s podcast segments.

One commenter wrote, “God, my heart hurts for her. I can’t believe he [Holder] would do that to her.”

Hope she’s not implying that Tayler did something to her, another person commented. I feel terrible for her, but it appears that’s what she’s trying to express.

Although no one had believed her when she first told everyone, several online users felt bad for her. Crazy how no one at first took her seriously, one user commented. Markell Washington, a fellow influencer and TikToker, also gave Lewis his love while joking, “I’m sorry, Madison. My sympathy is with you.