Chicken Taco Soup Easy (1)
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The ingredients of your favorite chicken tacos are all present in Easy Chicken Taco Soup, but in soup form.

This stovetop version is really quick and easy to prepare ( Chicken Taco Soup)and is hearty and healthful.

For the ideal one-pot supper, top it with your preferred toppings, such as cheese, tortilla chips, sour cream, and jalapenos.

This recipe for Chicken Taco Soup will change your life if you appreciate Mexican food as much as I do. It’s perfect for chilly, gloomy days outside, though I’ve been known to make it all year round because it’s so tasty.

When I say that this is the best taco soup there is, I’m not even joking. Everyone loves it, and since it comes together so quickly, the chicken taco soup frequently disappears before your eyes.

Chicken Taco Soup (1)
Food: Chicken Taco Soup (Source: Lil Luna)

For everyone to top as they choose, we set out a platter of our favorite toppings, including cheese, sour cream, fresh tomatoes, and cilantro.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably end up adding everything, especially some lime juice and a ton of crispy tortilla chips for texture and just because they’re amazing.

How is Chicken Taco Soup made?

Making this soup is really simple. Let me quickly sum it up for you.

I begin by sautéing green bell peppers, onions, and garlic in the pot. I add the chicken once everything has softened and give it a quick swirl.

Jalapenos, corn, homemade taco seasoning, and of course beans (you can’t make taco soup without beans! ), are all added to the pot at the very end. The chicken is cooked through and the flavors can meld in only a few minutes of simmering.

It’s just that simple!

Making this soup literally just takes 30 minutes.

To achieve the correct consistency, I used roughly 1 1/2 to 2 cups of broth, but you can add more or less. This soup is quite mild; if you want to amp it up, add some sliced jalapenos, cayenne pepper, or even chili flakes.

How should chicken taco soup be accompanied by sides?

Obviously influenced by Mexico! You may serve this chicken taco soup with Mexican Stuffed Peppers, Black Bean Quinoa Salad, or Mexican Cauliflower Rice if you want something, particularly healthy and low carb.

Because of how hearty this soup is, it also tastes well on its own.

If you’d like, you could turn this into chicken taco pasta soup by adding some rice or even pasta. Or you could simply scoop it off and eat more tacos. The entire family will want seconds in either case.

The best toppings, however, should not be overlooked. It’s completely worth the time to prepare them.

My favorites include sour cream, crushed Doritos or tortilla chips, chopped red onions, and a little cilantro. Each bowl’s flavors are perfectly rounded off by a squeeze of lime juice.

Taco Soup with Chicken

Easy Taco Soup has a ton of flavor and is made to resemble your favorite chicken tacos. This stovetop version is really quick and simple to prepare and is hearty and healthful.

ten minutes to prepare

20 minutes for cooking

overall 35 minutes

serves: four


  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 3 garlic cloves minced
  • 1 cup onions diced
  • 1 green bell pepper diced
  • 3 chicken breasts cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 1 can of crushed tomatoes
  • 1 ½ cups chicken stock
  • 3 tablespoons taco seasoning
  • 1 cup frozen corn
  • 1 cup canned black beans drained and rinsed
  • 2 tablespoons corn flour
  • Salt to taste


Chicken Taco Soup Yum (1)
Food: Chicken Taco Soup (Source: Lil Luna)
  1. Garlic, onions, and bell peppers are added to hot oil in a dutch oven or another heavy-bottomed saucepan. Until the onions are transparent and tender, cook for 3–4 minutes.
  2. Crushed tomatoes, chicken stock, frozen corn, black beans, taco spice, and chicken should all be added. Everything should be brought to a boil before the soup is simmered for 15 minutes.
  3. Add the smooth mixture of cornflour and 1/4 cup of water to the soup. Mix thoroughly, then simmer the soup for an additional two to three minutes until it thickens. Extinguish the flame. Top with your preferred toppings and serve hot.


The nutritional data given is an approximation and will change depending on the cooking techniques and ingredient brands utilized.

Nutrition information

Calories: 444 | Carbohydrates: 38g | Protein: 44g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 111mg | Sodium: 782mg | Potassium: 1395mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 8g | Vitamin A: 560IU | Vitamin C: 44.1mg | Calcium: 77mg | Iron: 3.6mg