Wonton cups filled with a sweet-chili (shrimp) salad and the greatest recipes only! ( Garlic prawn salad wonton cups)

The perfect starter: A coleslaw salad with lots of lemon juice, a little mayo, and sesame oil is combined with fresh garlic prawns that have been thinly sliced and pan-fried to the most garlicky perfection. and served in crisp wonton cups baked in the oven. (Garlic prawn salad wonton cups)

Sweet chili sauce is drizzled on top for a flavor explosion.

These simple to create cups will impress your visitors! And just in time to help you plan your Christmas dinner.

Garlic prawn salad wonton cups

Put away your deep fryers and calorie counters. Making them only takes a few minutes and minimum preparation! Simply bake the cups in some cooking spray-coated muffin pans…

And while they’re baking, fry your shrimp (or prawns) with the ideal amount of garlic. Your salad should be combined.

Garlic prawn salad wonton cups
Garlic prawn salad wonton cups(Pinterest)

To display your skill, add an extra prawn to the dish.

Then garnish with lemon wedges and shallot slices. These can be made in less than 20 minutes overall.

The wonton cups can be prepared the night before and stored in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. OR. Prepare them weeks in advance and store them in the freezer until you’re ready to cook them.

Simply bring them out of the freezer the morning of your feast and allow them to thaw thoroughly. They retain all of their crispiness when heated briefly in the oven on medium heat.