Marcello Rafaelli
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Who is Marcello Rafaelli ?

Brazilian bodybuilder and fitness expert Marcello Rafaelli. Since the beginning of his career, he has advanced as a knowledgeable coach and accomplished athlete in the fitness business.

Short Career of Marcello Rafaelli

The 2013 Arnold Classic Amateur tournament was one of Marcello’s biggest triumphs. His success has since increased both on and off the bodybuilding scene.

Marcelo offers guidance based on his many years of expertise in the sport to both professional athletes and those who are just starting out in the bodybuilding industry.

Full Name: Marcello Rafaelli
PROFESSION: IFBB Classic Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer
ERA: 2010


Marcello Rafaelli

  • 2015 Arnold Classic USA Amateur, 6th place
  • 2013 Arnold Classic Amateur Ohio Champion
  • 2012 Arnold Classic Amateur USA, 5th place
  • 2011 Arnold Classic Amateur USA, 2nd place

Marcello Rafaelli posing in the mirror at the gym’s changing area, looking lean and powerful.

Training (Workout)

Marcello Rafaelli

Flexibility And Hypertrophy

Marcello uses a combination of heavy weights with low reps and light weights with high reps, adhering to the traditional bodybuilding methodology.

While Marcello develops his strength by lifting greater weights. Muscle hypertrophy is induced by less weights and more repetitions.


When it comes to reducing body fat, Marcello is a huge proponent of cardio. He doesn’t always do it, though.

Marcello enjoys using the conventional bulking and trimming strategy. In order to prepare for a performance, he will exercise more vigorously than he would in the “off-season.”

Rear lat spread by Marcello Rafaelli on the bodybuilding stage.


Marcello enjoys eating a variety of foods, especially when bulking up. He is allowed to eat whatever he wants throughout this time of the year.

He does, however, limit his calorie consumption when cutting. He forbids himself from eating any processed foods or cheat meals while on the cut.

Depending on whether he competes or not, Marcello consumes 2,300–3,000 kcal on average each day.

The foundation of Marcello’s eating plan remains the same during this mass-gaining and reducing periods, consisting of meals like:

  • Brown rice
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Quinoa
  • Asparagus
  • Lean chicken meat
  • Pork tenderloins
  • Fish
  • Avocados

What Marcello Rafaelli Can Teach Us

Marcello Rafaelli

Consistency would be the one quality we could single out as being most responsible for Marcello’s success.

Marcello Rafaelli diligently pursued his objectives, giving everything he had to his exercises, diet, and performance preparations. It is obvious how he was able to excel in his field with this level of dedication.

You too may succeed if you put in the same amount of effort as Marcello.