Maria Garcia
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Who is Maria Garcia?

Professional Spanish figure competitor Maria Garcia also works as a fitness model, personal trainer, and online fitness influencer.

She has participated in amateur and professional fitness competitions all over the world, in nations including Finland, the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, and England.

Short Career of Maria Garcia

Despite having a successful career in fitness and a strong stage resume, Maria Garcia didn’t always have it easy. Maria had to juggle her love of fitness with her personal life, two part-time jobs, and her early fitness endeavors in the late 1990s.

Maria, who now leads the life of a fitness celebrity and is proud of her successes both on and off the stage, claims that the sacrifice was well worth it.

Body Measurements of Maria Garcia

Full Name: Maria Garcia
DATE OF BIRTH: April 20, 1980
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Figure Professional Athlete, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer
AGE: 42 
HEIGHT: 5’3″ (160cm)
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)

Maria Garcia



History of Maria Garcia

Maria, who was born and reared in Málaga (Spain), began playing sports at the young age of 7. She was first drawn to rhythmic gymnastics, but she eventually switched to classical and flamenco dancing.

She gained an appreciation for the significance of perseverance at this time, and for the following eight years she practiced dance while giving it her all attention.

However, after spending hours in rehearsals and dancing routines, Maria gradually got weary of traditional dancing.

So she decided to pick up a new activity.

Maria discovered acrobatic dance while looking for more things to do.

“One day, I saw some dancers doing an amazing acrobatic dance show on the TV, which totally impressed me! Never before had I seen some kind of dance so spectacular, and from the moment I saw it, I decided that I wanted to learn that sport,” – Maria Garcia.

Opening her Striptease Club

Maria was equally as entranced by pole dancing and striptease as she was by acrobatic dance.

She began learning each of these dance forms on her own, following video lessons and using trial and error as her compass for advancement.

After some time, Maria decided to pursue her dream of becoming a professional pole dancer. Even after that, she started her striptease club, which saw some popularity over the years.

Unintentionally Learning About Fitness

Maria Garcia needed a lot of physical stamina and strength to be an acrobat and pole dancer. She decided to join a gym as a result to enhance her athletic capabilities.

However, what began as a pastime developed into a passion; with time, Maria became increasingly “captivated” by the fitness lifestyle, falling in love with experiencing the “highs” from lifting weights and seeing results.

Because of this, Maria became extremely passionate about fitness and gave up her brief dance career to pursue it full-time.

Competitive Way of Life

Maria’s transition into fitness wasn’t easy at first because she had to combine her obligations, such as caring for two kids, while also working two part-time jobs.

Maria managed to sculpt an amazing physique despite finding the time to work out consistently in the gym. Maria’s perseverance and dedication were the reasons for this.

She was in such good form that one of her gym trainers suggested she try entering a body fitness competition. Always willing to try anything new, Maria agreed to the notion and began getting ready for her first competition.

A few months later, after taking first place in the regional Bodyfitness tournament held in Granada, Maria made her stage debut.

Getting a Pro

Motivated by her initial success, Maria started preparing for a subsequent performance with the intention of building on it and maintaining her momentum.

She was impressed a few months later, winning her second straight show as a result of her perseverance.

Maria then went on to win several competitions, with the Spanish National Bodyfitness event being her most notable achievement.

She was able to participate in the Netherlands’ Juliette Bergman Classics as a result. However, this forced Maria to set her sights on her most ambitious objective to date: winning this contest would earn her a Pro Card.

Maria committed all of her time and energy to training, dieting, and supplements because she understood the significance of the competition that lay ahead of her.

She wasn’t prepared to take the stage until a few months later.

She was ultimately rewarded for her diligent preparation; she left the event as the Juliette Bergman Classics champion and obtained her Pro Card in the process.

The Life of Maria Garcia After Becoming Professional

After joining the Pro Circuit, Maria was unable to compete in events in her own country (as there were no professional Bodyfitness contests held in Spain).

Due to this, Maria decided to “go all in” and temporarily relocate to the United States, where the best fitness competitions were conducted.

Maria did exceptionally well in several IFBB Pro competitions conducted in the USA as a result of her bold choice.

Some of them included the 2014 Natural Ohio, where she was crowned the winner, and the 2014 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro, where she placed among the top 5.

“I’m proud of a lot of the experiences, positions, and contracts I’ve had. I’m also happy to have assisted someone in improving their physical condition.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to know that my efforts inspire, educate, or motivate others.


Five times a week, Maria works out in the gym, working with weights and doing aerobic exercises for roughly an hour and a half each time.

In addition to her regular workouts, Maria engages in a lot of cardio activities, which, according to her, aid in her fat loss and maintenance of her general health.

Favorite Workouts

Maria enjoys concentrating on her upper body, particularly her biceps and shoulders, as opposed to working on her bottom body, which is where many female athletes enjoy exercising the most.

Her go-to moves include seated shoulder presses for the middle deltoids and biceps-focused Z-bar curls. The finest overall benefits and “pump” for Maria’s muscle development come from these exercises.

Cardio Maria prefers to do

Maria enjoys all forms of cardio exercise, but her favorite is the elliptical machine.

“Don’t be embarrassed or frightened to inquire. After spending so much time advising individuals, I’ve observed that many errors are brought on by a fear of asking.

Ask for what you need, no matter how simple it may seem; the coach is there to help. Additionally, I would suggest hiring a professional to design a structured food plan for you that is tailored to your requirements.

Maria Garcia


When Maria is training for a competition or when she is off-season, her nutrition hardly changes.

She typically consumes five to six meals every day, always choosing simple, wholesome, and effective foods. Egg whites, raw peanut butter, lean poultry, dark leafy greens, brown rice, and coconut oil are a few of these items.

Maria solely consumes whey protein, BCAAs, and glutamine as supplements.

Influences and Idols

Larissa Reis, a “someone who motivates me and gives positive vibrations,” is one of Maria’s main fitness influencers.

Maria said that she admires Larissa’s “aggressive” figure, her sense of style, and her accomplished fitness profession.

What can Maria Garcia teach us?

Maria Garcia nonetheless managed to succeed despite the challenges she encountered when she started her fitness journey (particularly the lack of free time), sculpting a physique and a career of brilliance.

She has demonstrated to us that anything is possible in life if you have the necessary motivation, willpower, and attention.

Fulfilling your life’s goals will always be feasible if you can cultivate some of these values, as Maria has demonstrated via her successful fitness career.