Meal replacement shakes

Whole foods are best for meals and healthy living.

But often for various reasons, it is not possible to take whole foods. In such circumstances, what are the best meal replacement shakes available to us?

Reasons for inability to have meals

Urban life is full of struggles. Work schedules are hectic. Traveling time too takes up most of my time. And then there is family life and kids that need attention. In all this, it is but natural that meals become secondary.

Often, people skip them. Additionally, sometimes due to cold or such health problems one does not want to have a full meal.

And during weather changes and especially during the hot summer an individual does not feel to eat. He or she does not mind some liquid or soft form of food but for solids, it is a No…No…

Meal replacement shakes
Tired and cannot cook (Source: Bamboozle)

In these cases, nutrition suffers. One misses out on the vital nutrients that come with meals and healthy and balanced eating. Then how to remain healthy in such cases?

There are meal replacement shakes available that are nutritious, tasty, easy to prepare, and save time and effort. Additionally, they are affordable too.

The difference between these meal replacement shakes and protein powder drinks is that the former is a substitute for meals whereas the latter can only supplement meals. The certified personal trainer, Daniel Herman says:

In an ideal world, it is best to get your nutrition from whole foods. The issue is that many of us, due to our lifestyles, often skip meals or make unhealthy choices, so a good quality meal replacement can be a great way to meet your dietary requirements.”

Advantages of these meal replacement shake

In the busy world where time is precious, meal replacement foods provide convenience to the consumer. Time is saved and one does not require a lot of motivation. prepare it. It is easy and simple to make.

Also, the pack is easily available at most shops. One can get adequate nutrition even when fatigued. Diet and health are not compromised here.

Meal replacement shakes
Meal replacement shake (Source: Healthtrends)

There are several brands of these meal replacement packages sold in the market. Per serving of 100 grams, they provide around 360 to 500 calories.

Some of them are Huel Powder v3.0, PhenQ, Exante, Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal, Ka’chava, GNC Lean Shake 25, and Orgain organic meal.

They all have protein and fiber but the proportion of these varies. Some also have added probiotics and prebiotics. But there are some with added natural sugar or artificial sweeteners or flavorings.

Some of these products are also high in carbs and fat content. PhenQ is the least expensive and has added enzymes to it. It is keto-friendly. Exante is best for slimmers due to its low calories.

However, people allergic to milk or soy should avoid it. The mineral and vitamin contents also vary in these different brands. They come in different flavors and container sizes and some have organic ingredients in them.

Disadvantages of these replacement meals

All these brands are not equal and one needs to choose them properly after going through the ingredients and labels. Dr. Brian Carson, lecturer in physiology at the University of Limerick guides:

It’s really important to review the nutritional value of any meal replacement shake, ensure you keep an eye out for high sugar content, low protein or poor protein quality and any additives. After reviewing the market I would always keep an eye on what natural superfoods are in the formulation,”

Meal replacement shakes
Meal replacement shakes (Source: The athletic build)

An ideal shake should provide at least 15 g of protein per serving. Whey protein or for vegans, plant proteins are good. Sugars should not be more than 10% of your daily requirements.

Fiber, minerals, and vitamins should be in adequate amounts. Do not buy products with artificial substances in them. Also, avoid those containing corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.

The presence of other functional ingredients such as probiotics is welcome.

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Sometimes, one can get unpleasant side effects, stomach cramps, or bloat with it. Sample packs are available to try. Avoid elderly people. Alex Glover, senior nutritionist at Holland & Barrett warns:

“It is not recommended to live purely on meal replacement shakes as liquid diets can negatively affect our digestive systems and we miss out on some things like antioxidants and phytochemicals,”