Melissa Bumstead
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Who is Melissa Bumstead?

A Canadian IFBB Figure Pro competitor and online influencer, Melissa Bumstead.

Even though Melissa has participated in over 11 professional events during her career, she always treats each one as if it were her first.

She is motivated by her followers to keep updating her social media pages with new images and videos of her adventure.

Short Career of Melissa Bumstead

Melissa, however, didn’t always have the body that she does now. She had no interest in fitness whatsoever before meeting her bodybuilding partner in 2012.

“My preferred aspect of competing? celebrating and enjoying time with loved ones. Being surrounded by individuals who support your aspirations is incredibly gratifying. especially when you are inspired by them.

Melissa Bumstead

Body Measurements of Melissa Bumstead

Full Name: Melissa Bumstead
DATE OF BIRTH: December 6, 1990
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: IFBB Figure Pro, Sponsored Athlete

It’s been a long since I’ve awoken with that sense of anticipation and thanksgiving that comes from knowing you have another chance to bring yourself closer to your ultimate objective. I’m appreciative of that sensation. Let’s start working on it now.


  • Figure Pro IFBB
  • The promoter of the brand

Melissa’s Contest History


  • CBBF Figure Overall Winner – Won the Pro Card


  • IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, IFBB Figure Class, 5th place
  • Vancouver Pro, IFBB Figure Class, 4th place
  • Dayana Cadeau Classic, IFBB Figure Class, 4th place


  • Mr. Olympia, IFBB Figure Class, 16th place


  • Europa Orlando, IFBB Figure Class, 4th place
  • Toronto Pro Supershow, IFBB Figure Class, 2nd place
  • Vancouver Pro, IFBB Figure Class, 4th place
  • Los Angeles Pro, IFBB Figure Class, 2nd place
  • Tampa Pro, IFBB Figure Class, 1st place
  • Mr. Olympia, IFBB Figure Class, 12th place


  • Arnold Sports Festival, Figure Class, 15th place

Melissa Bumstead


The Basics of Bodybuilding

Like some athletes, Melissa wasn’t always interested in bodybuilding. She first tried weightlifting in 2012, following her 2012 date with Ian.

When Melissa and her partner first met, her partner was getting ready for his bodybuilding competition.

It “wasn’t a pleasant experience at first,” as Melissa puts it. But in 2013, after seeing the Olympia, she decided to enter the competition. I decided to try out this whole competing thing, Melissa stated.

Developing a Love for the Game and Earning the Pro Card

Melissa Bumstead fell in love with the physique of the Figure class in her early bodybuilding years. She admired the grace that theatrical performers who competed in figures exhibited.

When it came time to choose which class she would participate in, this was ultimately what motivated her to choose Figure.

Melissa increased the rigor of her diet and exercise after a few years of competition, which helped her develop an incredible physique. Her perseverance paid off in 2015 when she won the Canadian Nationals and earned her pro card.

Passion That Never Wanes

Melissa Bumstead has taken part in over 11 professional contests since receiving her Pro Card in 2015. Melissa doesn’t intend to slow down anytime soon, even though the ongoing show preparations can occasionally be exhausting. She keeps going after winning the Figure division, saying that each time she takes the stage, her love for the sport grows.

“I may not give my all every day, but I’m going to make sure I try my hardest every single day. Who is on board with me? Let’s act as our inspiration. Inhale deeply and keep in mind who you are.


To be at the top of her game, Melissa works out in the gym multiple times every week.

She enjoys working out every area of her body equally, but if she had to pick a favorite, it would be her shoulders.

Melissa enjoys working them out at higher repetitions to produce the dreaded burning sensation. Working out increases her endorphin production and improves her mood.

She cautions everyone to follow their own best interests, though. According to Melissa, not everyone will react to a routine in the same way.

But she feels that perseverance and hard work are two qualities that are universally important for developing the body of your dreams.


Melissa’s nutritional philosophies are straightforward: feed her body the healthiest meals possible because one’s inner well-being will always be reflected in their outside appearance.

This does not imply, however, that Melissa will never consume something she genuinely appreciates. In the off-season, when she is less strict with her diet, she will occasionally treat herself to a hearty dinner.

Influences And Idols

In the world of bodybuilding, Melissa Bumstead has her role models that helped shape who she is today. Nicole Wilkins, the illustrious IFBB Olympia Champion, is one of them.

What Melissa Bumstead Teaches Us?

Since 2012, Melissa Bumstead has been working hard to become the best in her field. She wasn’t initially interested in bodybuilding, but now she has a competitive spirit.

She has competed in over 11 Pro Shows and continues to put a lot of effort into achieving her goals.

Melissa has demonstrated three crucial qualities: devotion, passion, and vision. Be persistent and passionate about your work when times are tough. That is the path to greatness for you as well.