Men above the age of 40

With age, you need to have a closer look at your diet. Moderation in all aspects is best. And in case of foods too, this holds true. And above the age of 40, one should reduce certain foods. Which are these foods that men above the age of 40 should better avoid?

Age and foods

Our biological clock continues to tick with time. We continue to age from birth to death. This is inevitable. But in order to prolong life and improve it’s quality, one can at least adopt healthy lifestyle. This will greatly aid to slow down aging to a considerable extent.

Diet has a great role to play in slowing the aging process. Certain foods can assist to slow it but some foods can accelerate the aging process. The latter are worst foods and should be avoided. Which are these worst foods for men above the age of 40?

Worst foods for men above the age of 40

Caroline Thomason, RD, LDN, CDCES warns:

High-calorie foods impact men over the age of 40 through weight gain over time and may impact hormone levels, like testosterone,”

But she assures:

The most recent research shows that metabolism doesn’t start slowing down until after the age of 60.”

“Even so, it slows at a very slight rate per year,”

Buffalo chicken wings

Men above the age of 40
Buffalo chicken wings (Source: Recipe Tin Eats)

It has high protein but a lot of calories. Melanie Marcus, MA, RD dietitian from Charlotte, NC says:

Buffalo chicken wings top the list of foods for men to limit or avoid,”

The calories increase with buttery sauce and creamy dressing.

High fat proteins

These have a lot of calories and saturated fats and cause weight gain, body inflammation, and metabolic disorders. Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD says:

Swap lean beef like sirloin or filets for ribeye, try lean pork (after removing the visible fat) instead of pork belly, and on guy’s night, go with naked wings,”

Have adequate lean protein to prevent muscle mass loss with age.

Low-fiber processed grain foods

Avoid white breads and foods made from refined flour. They have high carbs and calories. Avoid deep dish pizza for similar reason. These foods also lack dietary fiber and cause gut health deterioration.

Cheesy sauces and processed cheese dips

These have higher fats especially of the saturated type. It leads to a host of diseases including lowering of sperm quantity and quality. Moreover, processed foods have poor nutritive value and have damaging additives in them. Amy advises:

“Swap balsamic vinaigrette for creamy salad dressings, consider Greek-yogurt-based dips, use marinara sauce or olive oil-based sauces on pasta, and try spreads like mustard or even mashed avocados on sandwiches and wraps,”

Pastries, cakes, ice cream

Men above the age of 40
Fast foods (Source: iStock)

All these have high calories, high sugars and refined flour. They can be had as an occasional treat but not daily. Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, adds:

Data suggests that eating pastries is linked to reduced testosterone levels,”

Processed snack foods, French fries and fast foods

These have refined flour with lot of salt in them. Some also contain a lot of additives like MSG. Amy suggests:

“Swap chips for better-for-you snacks like flavored Wonderful Pistachios that contain 6 grams of complete plant-based protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving, Hippeas Puffs or Tortilla Chips made with chickpea flour, or many of the baked cauliflower chip and cracker alternatives,” 

“Choosing 100% whole grain crackers and pita chips is another nutrient-rich solution as they should contain more fiber.”

French fries have fats and sodium and fast foods are also loaded with these.

Salty takeouts

Limit foods with high salt in them lest it leads to hypertension and heart problems.

Processed meats and sausages

Haley Bishoff, RDN, explains:

“Men over 40 should avoid eating processed meats, including hot dogs, canned meat, and beef jerky,”

“Processed meats are highly linked with colorectal cancer and have also been tied to stomach cancer.”

“Not to mention, processed meats are loaded with sodium and saturated fats which can be very harmful to heart health.”

Sugar-Sweetened beverages, caffeine and canned fruits

Men above the age of 40
Sugar sweetened beverages (Source: Food navigator USA)

These can cause weight gain and the whole range of chronic and inflammatory body diseases. Amy advises:

“Swaps include drinking flavored sparkling waters or better-for-you sodas like OLIPOP,”

“With only 2–5 grams of sugar per can, plus 9 grams of prebiotic fiber, it’s a “better-for-you” soda that boasts of added benefits for microbiome and digestive health.”

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Avoid excess caffeine too. Lauren states:

Data shows that caffeine can cause the bones to lose calcium—which, over time, can result in weak bones,”

“Since men are at risk of developing osteoporosis as they age, too, avoiding foods that do not support bone health is key.”

Canned fruits have added sugars in the syrup around them. These can add calories and weight.