Michael Giovanni
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Who Is Michael Giovanni Rivera?

Michael Giovanni Rivera is an American celebrity instructor, fitness model, and businessman.

Short Career of Michael Giovanni Rivera

Michael Giovanni Rivera has worked with elite athletes, physicians, actresses, and other busy professions. He is regarded as one of the most devoted and diligent personal trainers in the business.

But that wasn’t always how Michael’s life was. He struggled with depression and was overweight during his adolescence.

“When we think of health and fitness, we frequently consider the physical appearance of the body. The attractive booty, arms, and abs!

But there is much more to health and fitness than that. Both indoors and outside are involved. from your physical wellness to your mental wellbeing. All of these factors affect how you feel and act every day!

Body Measurements of Michael Giovanni Rivera

Full Name:  Michael Giovanni Rivera
PROFESSION: Celebrity Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, Entrepreneur
ERA: 2010
DATE OF BIRTH: January 6, 1981


  • Celebrity trainer
  • Exercise Model
  • degree in science (Kinesiology Fitness)
  • California State University Masters of Science in Kinesiology, Sports, and Fitness, Certified in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS)
  • Before a table of nutritious food, Michael Giovanni Rivera flexes.

No matter what obstacles you face, never give up on your vision. Because the challenges are merely symbolic attempts to make you lose sight of the goal. Overcome the challenges to earn the glory!

Michael Giovanni


Michael’s Previous Fitness Career

San Dimas, California, is where Michael Giovanni Rivera was born. He did grow up in Glendora, though, and eventually relocated to Huntington Beach, which is east of Los Angeles.

Michael’s childhood was very different from what it is now. He had reached his lowest point in life at the age of 16 and was overweight, sad, and had low self-esteem. But the shift would happen quickly.

Being Made To Visit The Gym

Soon after turning 16, Michael’s parents had him go to the gym. They could see that Michael was spiraling downward, so they had to act quickly to turn him around.

Michael’s parents hired a trainer to assist him with his exercise regimen. Despite his initial reluctance to visit the gym, Michael soon became addicted to lifting after he noticed his improvement in the mirror.

“Simply put, I developed an addiction. I lost 145 pounds in 4 months, down from 220 pounds, says Michael, who never looked back after that.

He returned to his junior year of high school as a completely different guy, both mentally and physically. Michael not only had increased self-confidence, but his body also showed the results of his labor.

His Mentality Spreading To Others

Michael has maintained his fitness regimen while going through his metamorphosis. He’s even gone one step further by establishing himself as a well-known personal trainer.

He advanced through the ranks of fitness trainers thanks to his dedication and distinctive approach to success, and he now works with athletes from all over the USA, including doctors, professionals, and MMA fighters.


Michael has a reputation for having a great work ethic and being eager to try new things. He is constantly seeking out new training techniques to enhance his remarkable physique.

As a celebrity coach, Michael has a very hectic schedule, but he still finds time to exercise 3-6 times per week to keep in shape all year long. In the gym, Michael enjoys mixing things up; no two sessions are ever the same for him.

“I put equal emphasis on training the body and the mind. I use a few different strategies to incorporate all of that. I am convinced that I gave my clients a brutal exercise towards the end of the session.

When it comes to training, Michael chooses hard compound lifts that add lean muscle. During his “cut,” he places a higher priority on isolation exercises.

He also uses a variety of body-weight exercises and drills to maintain a physique that is both attractive and effective.

“Do you want to be conditioned and sculpted, or do you want size and strength? Regardless of the goal, everyone’s program should include weight lifting.

It is a cornerstone of fitness. You can lean out and build strength and size with its assistance. It all depends on your method.

Michael Giovanni


Michael Giovanni Rivera enjoys eating healthy foods to maintain his slim physique all year long. However, Michael enjoys embarking on his version of a “dirty bulk” when he wants to put on more muscle.

He will consume calorie-dense foods throughout this process to gain as much muscle as he can.

He will undoubtedly gain some water and fat along the road, but as Michael says, “it is what it is.” To build a lean physique, he will just cut back on calories.

Expect to put on a lot of weight while bulking up; not all of it will be muscle. Water retention and body fat will also be involved. What is, is what is. Before you can diet to slim out, you sometimes have to make sacrifices to gain size.

Even when bulking up, he suggests choosing healthy foods as frequently as you can. Michael believes that balance is equally significant, though. He will thus occasionally treat himself to his favorite foods as a reward.

When nutritious food isn’t as calorie-dense as other foods, it can be challenging to consume a lot of calories from it. But if you want to stop the increase in fatty weight growth, this is your greatest option.

Unfortunately, you won’t gain as much muscle. Simply choose the option that is best for you. – Michael Rivera Giovanni

Influences and Idols

Michael didn’t have a lot of training or nutritional knowledge when he first started getting into fitness. He initially had no desire to train at all.

Michael’s passion for working out, however, exploded thanks to his parents who encouraged him to give it a shot and hired him a personal trainer, leading him to become who he is today.

While they slept, they hustled. while they celebrated, they learned. stayed firm when they flaked and were stacked up as they splurged.

What Michael Giovanni Rivera Can Teach Us?

If there is anything we can learn from Michael Giovanni Rivera, it is that we could all need a little “push” to improve, grow, and succeed.

Michael struggled with depression, obesity, and insecurity during his adolescence.

He never considered going to the gym, but with his parent’s support, he began his adventure, and now we can all see where it has taken him.

Remember Michael’s tale whenever you need the inspiration to begin your path, whether it be in fitness or anything else. It can be exactly the “push” you require to succeed.