Mirjam Cherie
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Who Is Mirjam Cherie?

German fitness model and brand ambassador Mirjam Cherie. Mirjam sets an example for everyone who follows her on social media thanks to her voluptuous body and large online following.

Mirjam initially began working out to relieve her back discomfort, not to pursue a career in fitness.

“It’s a fantastic sensation. I never would have imagined that when I initially started using social media I would ever gain so many followers.

Every like and message I receive makes me incredibly pleased. So many people are requesting assistance or expert counsel. It’s amazing!”

Body Measurements Of Mirjam Cherie

Full Name: Mirjam Cherie
PROFESSION: Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


  • Exercise Model
  • The promoter of the brand


Short Career Of Mirjam CherieMirjam Cherie

When Mirjam Cherie’s doctor advised her to start working out in the gym to relieve her low back pain, her fitness quest officially began.

Mirjam started following a planned weight training program after seeing her doctor. Mirjam rapidly mastered the proper form for training with the assistance of a few persons as well as her diligence and research.

“I began working out in 2008! I decided going to the gym would be a good approach to strengthen my back at the time because I was experiencing a lot of back discomfort after talking with my doctor.

After a few months, Mirjam not only got rid of her back ache, but she also got fit and got stronger. She developed a liking for fitness at this moment.

A Hobby Becomes A CareerMirjam Cherie

Since she began her training, Mirjam has consistently followed a workout and food plan. She also started a fitness degree, acquired a sponsor, and has a sizable social media following.

What started as a pastime for Mirjam evolved into a lifelong dedication to fitness.

Mirjam serves as an example for others, encouraging them to follow their passions and develop into their best selves.


Mirjam Cherie’s Exercise Program

Four to five times a week, Mirjam works out with weights, working out a different body part each time.

her exercise regimen;

Legs on Day 1

  • 5 x 10–12 repetitions of squats (1 warm-up set, 1 drop set)
  • 4 sets of 12-leg curls.
  • 4 x 12-rep abductor
  • Reps: 4 x 12 for leg extension
  • 4 rounds of 12 leg presses
  • certain ab exercises

Day 2: Triceps and Chest

  • Bench press: 5 sets of 10. (1 warm-up set, 1 drop set)
  • 4 rounds of 12 butterfly
  • Fly reps: 4 x 12
  • 3 maximum push-ups.
  • 3 maximum dips
  • 4 sets of 10 kickbacks.

Day 3: Biceps and back

  • 5 x 10 repetitions on the rowing machine (1 warm-up, 1 drop set)
  • 4 sets of 10 reps of the butterfly move
  • 4 sets of 10 reps of the lat pulldown.
  • Row TRX: 3 times maximum
  • 4 sets of 12 repetitions of barbell bicep curls
  • Curls in concentration: 4 sets of 12.

Leg Day on Day 4

  • Continue Day 1

Increasing Glutes

Squats and one-leg cable extensions are Mirjam’s go-to exercises for building her glutes.

Squats target Mirjam’s entire lower body, whereas cable extensions only target her glutes.

Favorite Ab Exercises Of Mirjam

There is no exercise like Russian Twists for Mirjam when it comes to building a lean, sculpted core.

She adores the sensation that this activity gives her.

Russian twists help her avoid back pain by strengthening her lower back in addition to her obliques and lower abs.

Mirjam, however, cautions against rushing when performing Russian twists. She feels that if done improperly, they could cause more harm than benefit.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Trainer

When joining a gym for the first time, Mirjam thinks it’s critical to have an experienced trainer.

“You can do so much damage to your body without any assistance and a plan. You must pay attention to what your trainer has to say if you want to succeed. (Mirjam Cherie)


Daily Dietary Plan

Mirjam claims that she does not adhere to an extremely strict diet. Mirjam consumes three substantial meals per day. She will snack on foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates in between meals.

She will consume more carbohydrates in the evening and an additional protein shake on training days.

Here is a picture of Mirjam’s daily menu;

  • First Meal: Two whole-wheat toasts with chicken breast or cheese with protein cereals
  • the second meal of rice and beef or fish.
  • Third Meal: Bacon and Veggies
  • Protein shakes as a snack

Influences And Idols

Motivations of Mirjam Cherie

Working out in the gym with other people gives Mirjam motivation; she is motivated to keep encouraging others as they progress in their fitness goals by observing their accomplishments.

In a curvy pose while wearing black leggings, Mirjam Cherie

What Mirjam Cherie Can Teach Us?

Mirjam Cherie serves as an inspiration to people all over the world. She works out regularly, maintains a healthy diet, and inspires others through her social media posts.

Look no further than Mirjam Cherie if you need the motivation to maintain consistency in your fitness journey.

Keep in mind that improving your physique starts with a single step. Build a habit of going to the gym several times per week, eating healthy foods, and getting plenty of rest.

This will eventually allow you to sculpt your amazing physique – just like Mirjam.