Nam Vo
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Who is Nam Vo?

Nam Vo, who was overweight as a child, overcame his weight issues to develop an amazing physique and a promising profession.

Nam is now regarded as a promising actor as well as an international fitness and fashion model.

Short Career of Nam Vo

Nam Vo, a German fitness sensation went from being a “skinny” child who struggled to put on muscle. Everyone can find inspiration in

Nam Vo and this is his story:

“There is no quick fix! Becoming a stronger and better version of yourself takes time. It simply depends on your priorities.

Body Measurements of Nam Vo

Full Name: Nam Thanh Vo 
DATE OF BIRTH: 30 December 1990
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Actor, Fashion and Fitness Model
AGE: 30
HEIGHT:  6’2″ (188cm)
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)

“Do what you love and you‘ll never have a problem with Monday.”

Nam Vo


  • Actor
  • Fitness and Fashion Model
  • Training Coach


Nam’s Tale

Actor and fitness model Nam Vo, real name Nam Thanh Vo, resides in Frankfurt. His pursuit of fitness began with the straightforward goal of packing on muscle to his lean physique.

Nam got sick of being underweight in 2010, so he joined a nearby gym and began working out to add some bulk to his lean body. Like Nam stated;

“My training and career began in 2010 when I first entered a gym, which fortunately was just 100 meters from my home. 

My motivation at the time was my underweight body (180cm, 62kg), which made my life difficult.”

Nam managed to gain a significant amount of weight during the next two years thanks to his ambition. He grew from 62 to 94 kilograms.

Getting Thin

Nam put on a lot of weight, though not all of it was muscle. Because there was less muscle mass than body fat mass, in his own words, “this was not the shape I wanted it to be.”

Nam started researching the subjects of fitness and nutrition to reduce extra fat and learn more about how to sculpt a chiseled body.

In addition, he started working a part-time job at a supplement shop, where he picked up fresh knowledge about training, diet, and supplements.

I gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition, nutritional supplements, and biochemical processes in the body that wasn’t taught in the conventional bodybuilding curriculum.

Becoming an Actor and Fitness Model

Nam discovered he fell in love with his new way of life as he was learning new exercise techniques. It was at this point, he claimed, that he recognized how much more the sport had grown to be than merely a means to an end.

Over the subsequent years, Nam developed a successful career as an actor and fitness model thanks to his devotion.

He now has a sizable online network of supporters who are motivated by his leadership and dedication to his objectives.

Every muscle should be exercised in a targeted, practical, and controlled manner. There are neither significant nor minor muscle groups.

Nam Vo


Nam exercises in some capacity at least six times a week. This comprises exercises for flexibility, cardio, and weightlifting. He only takes a whole day off each week.

The flat barbell bench press, which molds and strengthens Nam’s chest, is one of his favorite exercises. In addition to pull-ups and dragon flies, which strengthen his back and abdomen.

Bulking vs. Cutting: Nam’s Philosophy

Nam will perform the same workouts for the majority of the year, but occasionally he will switch up the reps and take a break in between sets to maintain his body growth.

Nam will begin his training cycle with a lot of hard lifting. To add more depth to his physique, though, Nam will transition to primarily isolated exercises as his training cycle draws to a close.

Nam likes to finish his aerobic exercises with 15 minutes of HIIT, commonly known as high-intensity interval training.

Performing hill runs, box jumps, combat ropes, or bike cycling are examples of this. Anything to maintain his peak athletic performance.

Here is Nam’s weekly exercise schedule;

Nam Vo’s Week of Training

  • Monday: Back, Biceps, Lower Abs
  • Tuesday: Chest, Triceps
  • Wednesday: Legs, Calves
  • Thursday: Shoulder, Traps, Obliques
  • Friday: Back, Chest, Abs & Functional Work
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Cardio

“No matter which diet you choose, it is crucial that you follow it consistently. When the diet is constantly changing, the chance for success is minimized.”


Fattening, low-carb

Diet, in Nam’s perspective, is the most crucial element of a fitness regimen. He makes careful to provide his body with the best nutrients possible so that it can grow for this purpose.

Nam Vo favors a diet strong in fat, and protein, and low in carbohydrates. He can work long and hard in the gym thanks to the abundant sustained energy he receives from this.

Nam is conscious of the fact that each person is unique. What functions for him may not function for someone else. He advises experimenting with various diets to determine which produces the best outcomes because of this.

“In my opinion, there isn’t a single nutritional plan that will guarantee that every person will achieve their goals. You should always make your own decisions, and the only way for everyone to know if something works or not is via experience.

A Paleo Diet

High-fat, low-carb dieters like Nam concentrate on meals like turkey, salmon, and grass-fed beef. Additionally, he will indulge himself with nut butter, which is another good source of fat.

He places a lot of emphasis on consuming his carbs shortly before working out, which improves performance and makes sure that the glycogen is distributed throughout the body properly. known as his muscles.

Nam prefers to eat five to six little meals every day. However, three larger meals will be enough if he has a hectic schedule. To make sure he can fit everything into those three meals, he’ll just increase the caloric intake.

Early Years and Errors

Nam made certain nutritional errors at the beginning of his fitness career that hindered his development. He stated that performing a “dirty bulk” was the worst error.

In other words, he consumed any food, regardless of whether it was healthy or not. Although he did gain a lot of weight, a lot of it was fat.

Nam eats quite a little differently now. He only consumes pure, unadulterated foods, which helps him maintain a lean physique even while bulking.

Most importantly, it makes it easier for him to lose weight by allowing him to increase muscle mass without adding a lot of fat.

Supplements Used by Nam Vo

Whey isolate protein, creatine, and zinc are some of the essential nutrients Nam consumes. To refuel his muscles after an exercise, he will consume whey.

In terms of creatine, he consumes it before exercising to aid in energy production and recovery. His testosterone levels are supported by zinc, which is present to cover all the bases.

He will increase his glutamine intake if he is extremely sore to speed up his recovery.

Other supplements that Nam Vo takes include;

  • Liquid Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin D
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • GABA

“Use social media to impact people, not only to impress them.”

What Nam Vo can teach us?

Nam has undergone a remarkable transformation, yet he has never stopped being “hungry” for more.

He is now a well-known international model and budding actor because of this mentality.

Nothing is impossible, according to Nam, who lives by the maxim “If you can dream it, you can do it.” You too can achieve your greatness if you adopt the same approach.