Natasha Aughey
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Who is Natasha Aughey?

Canadian fitness guru Natasha Aughey is a social media celebrity.

Short Career of Natasha Aughey

Natasha Aughey started working out in high school, doing aerobic exercises, and falling in love with the gym. She didn’t let anything stand in her way, and by 2016, she had carved herself a distinctive, strong figure.

She kept up her passion for the gym throughout her adolescence, and today she is a fitness expert on social media, having participated in competitions and appearing in magazines.

By sharing photos and videos on social media and encouraging others to work toward their objectives, she had already established herself as a fitness icon by the age of 23.

Body Measurements of Natasha Aughey

Full Name: Natasha Aughey
ERA: 2010
WEIGHT: 125-135 pounds (56.7-61.2kg)
HEIGHT: 5’6″ (167.5cm)

Natasha Aughey


Young Years

Natasha Aughey was born in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), and had a passion for fitness from an early age. She participated in many sports, including soccer, and led a healthy lifestyle.

She walked into the gym in her senior year of high school. Natasha started her cardio, but she wasn’t yet lifting any weights.

Strength Training

After working out in the gym for a while, Natasha developed a love for physical fitness.

She was losing weight and developing a slender shape, but she didn’t notice that she was making much progress on her body; she had no curves.

She started asking more seasoned athletes at the gym for assistance at this point, and she was advised to start lifting weights to develop the body of her dreams.

Exercise Icon

It didn’t take Natasha long to develop a toned physique with the help of an efficient workout regimen and diet strategy. Her excellent genetics allowed her to increase lean muscle mass while yet maintaining a muscular figure.

Her friends pushed her to set up a social media profile and document her progress because her broad shoulders, toned arms, and trim waist made her stand out in the fitness world.

When Natasha Aughey started using Instagram in 2013, her incredible form made her a virtual overnight sensation.

The Canadian gained a ton of internet followers over the following three years, becoming well-known for her dedication to working out.

By 2016, Natasha, then 23 years old, had established herself as a social media celebrity and fitness icon.


Six days a week, Natasha works out in the gym, with one day off for rest. She enjoys doing 4-5 sets of up to 25 reps to maintain her slender physique.

Workout Routine

Natasha’s weekly training plan looks like this:

1st Day – Back
2nd Day – Glutes and hamstrings
3rd Day – Chest and bi’s
4th Day – shoulders and triceps
5th Day – Quadriceps/Leg plyometrics
6th Day – Shoulders (rear delt focus)
7th Day – Rest

Natasha Aughey


Natasha doesn’t adhere to a weekly eating schedule, but she makes an effort to eat wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. Chicken, rice, and green vegetables are her go-to meal.

The Canadian frequently prepares healthier versions of cheat meals to stay thin all year long since she is a firm believer that you can eat the foods you enjoy and yet achieve your fitness objectives.

I prefer to prepare healthy recipes that I find on my phone, but my chicken and rice dish is probably what I eat the most! I still have a ton of recipes I haven’t tried, and I have a few tasty ones for my cheat days, of course!

What can Natasha Aughey teach us?

Natasha Aughey rose to fame as a fitness model at an early age, but that hasn’t kept her from being authentic. She has always been a family girl.

She is still a real girl despite her popularity as a popular Instagram fitness star; she just has high objectives! If Natasha has shown us anything, it’s that everything is possible if you set your mind to it.