Nicolas Vullioud
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Who is Nicolas Vullioud?

Coach and professional bodybuilder from Switzerland, Nicolas Vullioud. He developed a strong passion for sports as a child, especially soccer.

Short Career of Nicolas Vullioud

Nicolas Vullioud had made significant progress in his soccer abilities over the years and was on the verge of turning pro. But then, one day, he suffered a severe injury, ending his soccer career abruptly.

After being devastated by the incident, Nicolas began looking for a way to release his rage.

He stumbled upon bodybuilding throughout this procedure and was ‘enthralled’ by it very soon.

Nicolas then started a bodybuilding career. which he improved over the years to become a qualified personal trainer and professional athlete.

“Next time you feel slightly uncomfortable, with the pressure in your life, just remember, no pressure, no diamonds. Pressure is a part of success.”

Body Measurements of Nicolas Vullioud

Full Name: Nicolas Vullioud
DATE OF BIRTH: January 1, 1991
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Professional Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer
AGE: 31
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm)
WEIGHT: 5’10” (102.1 to 106.6kg)

Nicolas Vullioud



  • 2012 IFBB Junior Swiss Champion
  • 2013 IFBB Junior Swiss Champion
  • 2013 Arnold Classic Europe Junior Finalist
  • 2014 IFBB Swiss Overall Champion
  • 2014 Arnold Classic Europe Junior Finalist
  • 2015 Mr. Olympia Amateur Spain, Men under 85kg, 1st place
  • 2016 Arnold Classic, Men under 90 Kg, 1st place
  • 2017 IFBB Europa Charlotte, 212 category, 3rd place


Injury, Sports, and Childhood

On January 1st, 1991, Nicolas Vullioud was born in Morges, Switzerland. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Nyon, where he engaged in athletics and other activities including artistic gymnastics.

After twelve years of trying out various sports, Nicolas decided to stick with soccer and make it the emphasis of his career.

For the first five years, Nicolas was making good progress toward realizing his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. But one day, a serious sports injury struck him, ruining his soccer career.

Bodybuilding as Discovered by Nicolas

At first, Nicolas’ early departure from soccer upset him. He later understood, though, that holding onto his rage and frustration about the situation was counterproductive. As a result, he continued his studies in Yverdon and moved on with his life.

Nicolas had to relocate to Bern, the nation’s capital, to enroll in a language course as part of his Yverdon academic program. Nicolas decided to visit the gym throughout his two months in the city to stay active while studying.

I never intended to participate in bodybuilding, Nicolas claims. For amusement, I was going to the gym.

After his first few workouts, Nicolas had a change of heart and fell head over heels for bodybuilding.

Getting a New Job

After finishing his language class, Nicolas immediately enrolled in the neighborhood gym to resume his workouts. He would work out three, four, and perhaps even seven days a week.

Shortly after, Nicolas changed his job path to becoming a professional bodybuilder and fitness coach, totally dedicating himself to the sport.

He afterward developed relationships with several powerful figures in the bodybuilding sector. including Patrick Tour, his coach, who assisted him in taking his career to “new heights.”

As Nicolas puts it, “I began working with him after that. Things moved along quickly. And that’s how it all began.

Contests for Bodybuilders

Nicolas began making plans in 2011 for his bodybuilding stage debut. He participated in the 2012 IFBB Junior European Championships in Santa Susanna, Spain, a few months later.

Nicolas placed among the top 7 contestants in the fiercely competitive show.

A few weeks later, Nicolas took part in the IFBB Junior Swiss Championships where he won his first competition.

From there, further triumphs followed, and Nicolas quickly rose to prominence in the Swiss bodybuilding scene.

Future Contests

Nicolas participated in seven top bodybuilding events in 2017. His best outcomes were;

  • 2013 IFBB Junior Swiss Champion
  • 2013 Arnold Classic Europe Junior Finalist
  • 2014 IFBB Swiss Overall Champions
  • 2015 Mr. Olympia Amatuer Spain, 1st place in his weight class
  • 2016 Arnold Classic, 1st place in his weight class

Future Aspirations

To earn numerous more titles, Nicolas continues to compete in bodybuilding at the top level.

Here is what Nicolas had to say about his connection to the game:

“I love everything which is linked to that sport. It’s something global. I love to prepare and cook my meals. This sport learns you to appreciate simple things. But I try to stay in touch with my friends, to see my family because I need it for my mental stability.”


Training Without Conditions

Nicolas doesn’t like to overcomplicate his workouts. When it comes to his training, he only follows one rule: “My workouts are the way I am. I don’t give a damn if I’m exhausted; I have no boundaries.

In other words, regardless of how he feels, Nicolas trains with the same intensity every time he visits the gym. In doing so, he matures mentally and physically and gains an “unshakeable” sense of discipline in the gym.

Intense Exercise

No easy sets are included in Nicolas’ workout. He trains with the highest vigor, doing everything possible to push his muscles to the ultimate limit.

Nicolas does this by using drop sets, forced reps, or even tri-sets in his gym workouts.

Leg Exercise by Nicolas Vullioud

While the majority of bodybuilders typically concentrate on using big weights or performing a lot of repetitions. By combining the two, Nicolas elevates everything to a new level.

In other words, Nicolas will use heavy weights and a high rep range for his leg workouts. He accomplishes this by either using drop sets or having a spotter assist him with the final 3–5 reps.

The workout;

  • Leg extensions, 3 sets of 10-15 reps
  • Leg press, 2 sets of 20 reps (last 5-10 reps forced reps)
  • Smith machine squat, 2 sets of 10 reps (last few reps forced)
  • Leg Press tri-setted with hack squats and leg extensions, 20 reps on the leg press machine, 10 slow reps on the hack squat, 30-second static hold on the leg extension)
  • Sissy squat, 2 sets of 10 reps
  • Lunges
  • Abductors and Adductors on the machine

“The lying dumbbell leg curl. I love this movement. You can’t use a heavy weight with a proper form, but I really like to use it at the end. Hips against the floor, without raising the glutes.”


Healthy Protein

Nicolas appreciates following a rigorous diet, thus getting rid of excess body fat for a performance is not difficult for him.

Here is an example of a meal he would consume during the off-season when his diet is less stringent;

  • Salmon
  • Mushrooms
  • Red Pepper
  • Whole Eggs

Given that Nicolas’ off-season diet is already healthy. He must reduce his carbohydrate-based calorie intake as the major step in his performance preparation.

Supplement Stack by Nicolas Vullioud

Nicolas prefers to keep his supplement regimen straightforward because he thinks a healthy diet will suffice for the majority of his demands.

Nevertheless, he only consistently consumes whey protein, creatine, and his favorite supplement, BCAAs.

Nicolas referred to BCAAs as the ideal dietary supplement for him to consume throughout the day. A few grams of the supplement are added to a 2-liter bottle of water, which he consumes throughout the day to keep his muscles hydrated and active.

“BCAAs is probably the supplement I use the most. Perfect for the workout.”

“I don’t really care if people love me or not. I just try to do my passion, with my heart.”

Influences and Idols

Patrick Tour is one of the influences that Nicolas credits for helping him launch his bodybuilding career.

Nicolas was coached by bodybuilding coach Patrick Tour for many years, and while they were working together, Patrick helped Nicolas win multiple titles.

Nicolas says the following about his trainer Patrick: “I’ve been training with Patrick Tuor for years, and I’m continually picking up new skills. Working with him makes me proud.

“Some actions must be taken on your own. The only genuine way to determine your direction and identity is through this.

What Lessons Can We Take Away From Nicolas Vullioud?

When Nicolas Vullioud hurt himself and learned his soccer career was over, he went through a challenging period in his life.

But Nicolas discovered a new enthusiasm for bodybuilding, much like many athletes who suffered comparable hardship. He was able to create a way of life that satisfied him through weight training, dieting, and competing.

If anything, Nicolas Vullioud has demonstrated how even seemingly negative circumstances in life may ultimately lead to far better things.

So remember this the next time something stands in the way of achieving your goals.

Keep in mind Nicolas Vullioud’s tale, and how the termination of his soccer career resulted in the “birth” of an entirely new but just as fulfilling way of life.