Nina Dobrev
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Nina Dobrev is an actress and model best known for her part in Vampire Diaries. Since then, she has appeared in a wide range of films and television programs.

Nina is also praised for her excellent fitness regimen and for the way she takes care of her body through regular exercise. Therefore, if you’re also looking for Nina Dobrev’s Workout Routine exercise program and diet plan, stop your search right here.

Nina Dobrev Body Measurements

Height 5 ft 6 inch
Weight 55 kg
Age 31 years
Breast 33 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 34 inch

Routine of Nina Dobrev’s workouts

One of the most dependable individuals when it comes to exercising is Nina Dobrev’s Workout Routine. She seldom skips a workout, and when she does, Nina makes sure to focus on other workouts like running, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

No matter where she is or what she is doing, Nina maintains that she always sweats because she likes to stay in shape.

Nina discussed her routine and the specific things she does to maintain her health and fitness in the interview with Women’s Health.

You can read about her approach, which incorporates boxing, yoga, strength training, cardio, and other activities, in that article. All of these exercises encourage Nina to be active and switching up her routines every day will keep her motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nina Dobrev

Included in Nina Dobrev’s workout are:


On the treadmill, Nina enjoys running for a while; she typically aims for a longer run at a moderate speed. Nina still gets her workout and burns the calories she needs to burn, but when she’s not in the mood, she likes to change it up with interval runs, drinks and walks.


Yoga is something Nina enjoys doing and has found to be effective in the past when she wasn’t exercising as frequently. She had always helped Nina stay healthy and thin because she used to practice it exclusively to stay in shape.

Yoga is a great workout for people of all body types, and you can benefit much by practicing it daily for an hour. It also relaxes and stretches your body, burning a lot of calories in the process.


With the support of her trainer Lissa, Nina began boxing. Boxing keeps her in great shape and gives her a great aerobic workout while also developing a lot of upper body muscles.

Nina performs 15 to 25 one-minute rounds of this workout, with the sets typically including punching, lower body warm-up, upper body warm-up, jabs, hooks, combos, high cuts, and hitman jabs among other exercises.

Strength and weight training for Nina Dobrev

Nina’s weekly workout regimen will likely include the most strength and weight training. With various movements, the exercise focuses on developing general strength while also developing muscle.

She mainly follows her usual bodybuilding regimen when it comes to weight training, but when it comes to strength training, she needs to perform exercises like battle ropes, snatch, farmers, walk, deadlift, renegade rows, etc.

Group Lessons

Nina enjoys taking a variety of group classes, such as CrossFit, barre class, ballet, dance, yoga, mountain climbing, trekking, spin class, pilates, etc.

when she is not working out. She is kept engaged by this group activity while concentrating on maintaining her health.

Core Exercise with Nina Dobrev

Nina also enjoys performing a lot of core exercises; these exercises primarily consist of performing a circuit routine, which aids Nina in burning calories while she exerts herself.

Although I’m not familiar with Nina’s routine, I can only assume that it involves exercises like crunches, cross crunches, ball leg raises, hanging leg raises to side leg raises ab rollers, and Russian twists with medicine balls, plank twisters, star planks, etc.

The Nina Dobrev exercise program is now complete.

The Nina Dobrev Diet

According to Nina’s nutrition plan, she should eat every three hours, just like a professional athlete would.

Nina admitted to shaping magazine that she used to eat three full meals a day when she wasn’t as active and didn’t know any better, which made her so sluggish afterward that even walking was difficult.

But once she met Lissa, Nina began eating more healthfully; today, she eats virtually constantly, but in the proper amounts.

Nina typically eats a lot of vegetables, and according to her eating philosophy, she should only eat fats the size of her thumb, protein the size of her palm, and as many vegetables as she wants. To stay healthy and hydrated, Nina also consumes large amounts of juice and water throughout the day.

The Nina Dobrev diet is now complete.