Noah Neiman
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Who Is Noah Neiman?

Boxer, fitness entrepreneur, and training coach Noah Neiman is headquartered in New York.

His fitness and boxing boot camp workshops are well-known for helping others achieve their ideal bodies.

Although Noah now considers himself a fitness expert, he originally planned to pursue a profession as an accountant.

“Like any other ability, motivation can be studied, developed, and honed. You may study the fundamentals of motivation using the same methods that are used to learn how to ride a bike or punch a box.

Body Measurements Of Noah Neiman

Full Name: Noah Neiman
PROFESSION: Online Entrepreneur, Fitness Influencer
ERA: 2010


  • Online Business Owner
  • Popular Trainer
  • Influencer in fitness


Short Career Of Noah NeimanNoah Neiman

Noah Neiman was originally pursuing a career as an accountant before he discovered his love for fitness and boxing.

Despite dominating sports like American football, Noah never thought about turning them into a career.

“My mom works as a real estate agent, and my father is a lawyer. Although I’ve always enjoyed working out and training, I thought I should have a career.

Accounting bores Me To TearsNoah Neiman

In the first two years of his profession as an accountant, Noah started to question his career decision.

Noah found it too stressful to spend eight hours a day at a desk without having time to exercise.

“Accounting showed me the difficulties of a modern job where you’re stuck behind a desk and ignoring your health because you don’t have time to exercise,” the man claimed.

An Unexpected Development

One day, while he was working, Noah’s life took a drastic turn. The word that his mother had a heart attack was delivered to him. Three months later, Noah received more distressing information: his father had been identified as having stage-three cancer.

Noah was devastated by what had happened. His “wake-up call” came from this. He then moved back home to care for his parents after quitting his work, calling it “the worst year of my life.”

Making A Career Change

After realizing the significance of health, Noah decided against continuing a desk job and started a completely new profession in exercise.

He returned to New York and, with the aid of a buddy, began working as a personal trainer and boxing teacher.

“The owner of the place happened to be teaching a class there that my friend brought me to, and we struck up a conversation.”

Noah Neiman responded, “Yo if you want a job, I’ll give you a job,” after learning that I played football and trained with some of the most qualified, top-notch strength trainers in the world.

Without a second’s hesitation, Noah jumped at the chance to start a career as a class fitness and boxing trainer. Soon, every fitness boot camp he ran was full.

How To Succeed In Fitness

As Noah realized that he could create a career out of fitness, success kept coming. He then committed himself to becoming a successful fitness businessman and elite trainer.

After five years, Noah’s hopes were coming true. Noah established a prosperous fitness firm with the help of his friends and business associates Eugene Remm, Andy Stenzler, and Anthony DiMarco.

The following year, in 2017, Noah went one step further by starting his boxing and fitness studio. The studio has 600 students enrolled in classes per day on average in just four months after opening.

Present-Day Noah Neiman

Noah’s success has increased even more recently. He is now a well-known social media influencer in addition to being a successful fitness coach and business owner.

There is no stopping Noah Neiman now that he has a sizable online following and is a successful fitness businessman.


Boxing For Exercise

Noah enjoys practicing his boxing as his cardio because he is a huge boxing fan. This not only aids in his agility and punching technique improvement but also raises the work rate of his metabolism. it accelerates his fat loss.

Noah gave the following justification for why boxing is among the top cardio exercises: “The rigors of fighting and preparing to be in fighting fit is unlike anything else. To be a fighter, you need to have great levels of strength, muscular coordination, mental acuity, and other types of training.

Workout Your Abs With Noah Neiman

How to: Complete each exercise in a single round without taking a break. Repeat for three to five rounds, then take a little break.

  • Ten to twelve sit-up flips
  • 10–12 reps of the kick through with open-closed planks.
  • 10–12 repetitions of Spider-Man pushups
  • 10–12 reps of Glute Raise Plank To Oblique Drive

Nutrition, (Fitness)

In addition to his rigorous workout, Noah Neiman makes sure to maintain a balanced diet. Lean meats, avocados, berries, nuts, and complex carbohydrates are among his favorite foods since they give him the energy he needs for exercise.

Noah claims that he doesn’t frequently consume “cheat meals.” When he does have one, it will almost always be ice cream because that is his preferred taste.

Noah solely consumes whey protein powder and BCAAs as supplements. He consumes whey protein as his post-workout shake to aid with muscle repair and BCAAs during his workouts.

Influences And Idols

Eugene Remm, Noah’s buddy and business partner, was a significant influence in his life, according to Noah. Here’s Noah explaining how he and Eugene launched their company:

“One of my partners, Eugene Remm, was a dear buddy of mine from college. He contacted me and said, “Listen, you’ve got to start something with me.

“Dude, it’s simply not the appropriate time for me,” I exclaimed. Since things were going so well and I was still developing my brand, I just didn’t want to upset the status quo because I was frightened of losing everything if I made a change.

But I was also kind of taking it easy at the same time. So I began to consider it, and then, about a year later, he gets in touch with me and says, “Man, we’ve got to do this now. -Naomi Neiman

What Noah Neiman Can Teach Us?

Noah Neiman teaches us that we should always follow our hearts, even if doing so involves taking some risks along the road.

Even though Noah was succeeding at his accounting work, he wasn’t content. He was aware that his interests were elsewhere.

In the end, Noah decided to pursue a career in boxing and fitness following a series of unfortunate incidents. His gamble ultimately paid off.

We can learn a lesson from Noah, which is to never be scared to follow your calling. Noah’s philosophy is to take chances, work hard, and never give up on your dreams.