Nutritional pills

First came covid-19 and lockdown and now war and rising inflation. In the USA and the world, a lot changed due to it. Food scarcity and now food out of reach of common people. Studies show that due to these the sales of vitamin and nutritional pills soared in last two years.

Ipsos European Public Affairs’ study

Ipsos European Public Affairs did a survey in Europe and showed that Europeans are taking more of nutritional pills, food supplements and vitamins in last two years. It has become very much a part of their lifestyle now.

Nutritional pills
Ipsos European Public Affairs (Source: Trapeze Project)

First came the covid-19 pandemic in start of 2020. In this people were locked at their homes due to movement restrictions of the government. Food shortages emerged and there was also panic buying. Food shelves in supermarkets were empty. Additionally, people were worried about getting infected. They wanted to enhance their immunity to get protection from the deadly virus. This led the Europeans to buy and consume more of nutritional pills, food supplements, and vitamins.

People are increasingly resorting to self-care and using digital and personalized methods to monitor their own health data and have treatment. Probably they have decided to take things in their own hands.

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And now there is the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war that has led the energy and food bills to soar high. Food costs are going out of the reach of the common people. Due to this, they are continuing to consume the vitamins and nutrition in pill forms. Pharma companies are benefitted due to it and their sales have reached proportions that were never there in their history before.

Nutritional pills
Nutritional pills (Source: National institute of aging)

Millennials and generation Z were already focused on health and wellness. The pandemic added as an accelerator for it. Hence now food supplements intake has risen considerably. The trend has continued even beyond two years of the pandemic. It is here to stay. 85% Americans felt that the pandemic acted as a reminder for them to take care of their health.

The survey 2022

Ipsos European Public Affairs did a survey in 2022 for the Food Supplements Europe in 14 EU Member States. They found that 90% of the European consumers had taken food supplements in their lives. Also, 93% had done so in the last one year. Most of them had taken supplements of vitamin D, Vitamin C, and magnesium in the last one year. Some of them also had iron, calcium, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids supplements.

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Nutritional pills
Food supplements (Source: Beauty guided)

50% took it for overall health and 50% for boosting their immunity. In two-thirds of these, they had taken advice from a certified person for it. Though a few used blogs, or TV and radio programs to gather the info. Half of those who took no supplements felt that would reconsider having it if the doctor advises.