Obi Vincent
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Who is Obi Vincent?

From being bullied as a youth for being overweight to receiving his pro card. Obi Vincent, often known as The Jaguar, went from being an obese youngster to a professional bodybuilder.

Short Career of Obi Vincent

Obi Vincent has established himself as a legend in the fitness sector by inspiring others to realize their goals.

“I am always trying to constantly improve my physique because I’m never fully satisfied.”

Body Measurements of Obi Vincent

Full Name: Obi Vincent
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Professional Bodybuilder. Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach
ALIAS: Jaguar
HEIGHT: 6’2″ (188cm)
WEIGHT: 235 – 245lbs (106.6 – 111.1kg)

“It’s taken me years and a lot of ups and downs to get the physique that I have.”

Obi Vincent


  • Placed top 5 at the WBFF Muscle Model Europe Championships 2013
  • Placed top 4 at the Miami Pro 2013

“I decided to make a change and started weight training seriously in my early twenties. It all happened on a night out in the city I saw a guy who had an incredible physique and went up to him and asked for advice.”


Young Years

Obi Vincent was overweight when he was a child. He was born and reared in London, the English metropolis. He was never athletic or fit as a child, preferring instead to indulge in his favorite snack: deep-fried candy bars.

Obi gained weight by the time he was 16 after years of eating junk food and binge-watching TV.

Obi was on the verge of obesity, but it wasn’t until a female made fun of his weight that he started to feel self-conscious about his appearance. He became aware of the need for change and set out to build a lean body.

He made a choice that would make him a fitness legend.

Entering the gym

At the age of 20, in 2008, Obi encountered a man who had attained his dream body. Obi questioned him about the best way to get such a body. He joined a gym as a result of this chat and began lifting weights.

He soon started adhering to a nutrition regimen. Obi lost body fat through perseverance; this motivated him to push himself farther and see how far he could get.

His journey into the fitness sector had just begun.

“My motivation comes from seeing the results of the hard work I put in day in and day out. Once you see results it does become an addiction.”

Early Errors

Obi’s journey wasn’t always without bumps. He had no prior training experience and found it difficult to successfully arrange his diet because he had no interest in fitness. Obi ate a lot of protein but very little carbohydrates, so he was often feeling tired.

He had also been taking a lot of supplements without investigating their advantages and disadvantages since he thought that if he took more, he wouldn’t need to eat a balanced diet.

He stopped making progress as a result, and his frustration about the lack of muscular build increased.

If he wanted to develop the body of his dreams, he realized he had to improve his game.

Competitions and Achievement

Obi made significant progress during his few years of demanding training and decided to start bodybuilding competitions. His new objective was to acquire several trophies and advance to the professional level.

He persisted in his rigorous training, and before long he had signed up for several events. He finished in the top 5 at the 2013 WBFF Muscle Model Europe Championships. But he aimed to improve.

Obi ultimately fulfilled his aim of becoming a professional bodybuilder a few months later. He finished a good fourth at his first professional competition, the 2013 Miami Pro.

“I always tell myself that the last rep is what will separate the winners from the losers. In my mind you will only grow if you can push through that burn and finish that last rep.”


Obi prefers to train intensely in large volumes. Before leaving the gym, he likes to exhaust the muscle area he is training.

He does, however, work on specific body areas with low repetitions and heavy weights, such as his hamstrings. He believes that this divide gives him the finest physical improvement.

Exercise Program:

Monday – Back/Abs

  • Deadlifts 5 Sets X 12, 10, 8, 5, 5 Reps
  • Wide Grip Weighted Pull Ups 4 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 4 Sets X 15 Reps
  • Seated Close Grip Rows 4 Sets X 15 Reps
  • Lat Pull Downs 4 Sets X 12 Reps (Last Set Drop Set)
  • Close Grip Under Hand Pull Downs 4 Sets X 12 (Last Set Drop Set)
  • Hanging Leg Raises 3 Sets X Failure
  • Ab Wheel Rollouts 3 Sets X Failure
  • Swiss Ball Pikes 3 Sets X Failure
  • Cable Rope Crunches 3 Sets X Failure

Tuesday – Delts/Traps

  • Barbell Military Press 10 Sets X 10 Reps
  • Shrugs 10 Sets X 10 Reps
  • Close Grip Dumbbell Press 3 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Cable Cross Overs 3 Sets X 20 Reps

Wednesday – Quads/Hamstrings

  • Leg Extensions 5 Sets X 25 Reps
  • Squats 5 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Dumbbell Split Squats 5 X 10 Reps Each Leg
  • Leg Press 5 Sets X 20 Reps
  • Walking Lunges 3 Sets X 50 Steps
  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts 5 Sets X 8 Reps
  • Standing Single Leg Curl 5 Sets X 8 Reps
  • Reverse Barbell Lunges 5 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Lying Leg Curls 5 Sets X 10 Reps

Thursday – Biceps/Triceps

  • EZ Bar Curls Under Hand Grip 4 Sets X 12 Reps
  • EZ Bar Curls (Over Hand) Grip 4 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Tricep Dips 4 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Incline Bicep Curls 4 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Lying Triceps Skull Crushers 4 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Close Grip Bench Press 3 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Cable Rope Curls 3 Sets X Failure
  • Cable Rope Tricep Push Down 3 Sets X Failure

Friday – Chest

  • Cable Fly’s 4 Sets X 20 Reps
  • Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 5 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Weighted Chest Dips 5 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Incline Dumbbell Fly’s 5 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Decline Chest Press 3 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Press Ups 3 X Failure
  • Cable Fly’s 2 X Drop Sets

Saturday – Active Recovery

  • Foam Rolling and Mobility or Yoga

Sunday – Quads/Hamstrings

  • Leg Extensions 5 Sets X 25 Reps
  • Squats 5 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Dumbbell Split Squats 5 X 10 Reps Each Leg
  • Leg Press 5 Sets X 20 Reps
  • Walking Lunges 3 Sets X 50 Steps
  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts 5 Sets X 8 Reps
  • Standing Single Leg Curl 5 Sets X 8 Reps
  • Reverse Barbell Lunges 5 Sets X 12 Reps
  • Lying Leg Curls 5 Sets X 10 Reps

“My diet is all about keeping it simple whilst also enjoying the odd “dirty food” now and then.”


When Obi Vincent is in top shape, Obi enjoys carb cycling. When striving to gain muscle, he goes through a lean bulk off-season, which also offers his body a break from dieting.

In the off-season, Obi dislikes staying below 10% because he believes it will negatively affect him. He only makes cuts when he needs to get ready for a picture session or competition.

“I’ve learned to understand my body as the years of training have gone on. I usually work out twice a day, so I need to eat enough food to keep me going all day.

Plan your meals:

Obi’s diet program will resemble this:

  • Meal 1: Powdered Greens, Apple Cider Vinegar & a Protein Shake
  • Meal 2: 8 Egg Whites & 2 Whole Eggs with Vegetables & 200g Ground Beef
  • Also, Meal 3: 300g Skinless Chicken Legs with Rice & mixed Vegetables
  • Meal 4: 200g Chicken Breast with Rice
  • Also, Meal 5: 250g Fish with mixed Vegetables
  • Meal 6: 30g Oat Biscuits with 2 tbsp. Nut Butter & 150g Berries

Supplements Stack:

  • Whey Protein
  • Pre-Workout
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • L-Arginine
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Omega 3
  • Probiotics
  • ZUMA
  • BCAA

“One thing I have come to realize is that not everyone is going to like you, and guess what? That is absolutely okay! In the past I have let negativity get to me and I get so annoyed with myself for letting it affect me, but now i have learnt to block it out completely and focus on people that bring positivity and food into my life.”

“Consistency, consistency and a lot of patience! I can’t say this enough, there are too many people that expect results fast and then give up because it doesn’t work out the way they want.”

How can Obi Vincent teach us something?

Obi Vincent has shown us that the secret to success is to learn from your failures.

He overcame being mistreated at school and found motivation from it; taking a step back and admitting your shortcomings can help you become a lot stronger person.

The adventure of The Jaguar teaches us that anything is possible with effort and willpower, which is one lesson we can learn from it. From being a slothful, obese teenager to a ripped athlete, he completely changed his life.