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Olly Foster
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Who is Olly Foster?

Olly Foster is a TPI Certified Golf Trainer, former rugby player, author, personal trainer, and UK cover model. At the age of 14, Olly began his fitness adventure after finishing last in a cross-country race. Olly made his first gym visit as a result of wanting to get fitter than his friends.

Olly Foster got semi-pro by the age of 17 after opting to switch to rugby league after excelling in the gym. From there, he flew to Australia and New Zealand, where he played with and learned from some of the region’s hardest individuals.

Olly had a leg injury during one of his games after arriving in the UK, forcing him to leave the game early. Unfazed, he concentrated on modeling, and after spending months honing his craft, he entered a magazine competition and took first place.

He has established himself as one of the top fitness icons in the UK since his early success in the fitness business. With his remarkable story, he continues to assist and inspire others all around the world.

Olly Foster

Body Measurements of Olly Foster

Full Name: Olly Foster
HEIGHT: 6′ (183cm)
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)
PROFESSION: Personal Trainer, Cover Model, Business Owner
ERA: 2000, 2010


Achievements And Credentials

  • 8 times winning cover model
  • Individual Trainer
  • Exercise Author
  • former semi-pro rugby league athlete
  • Entrepreneur
  • Licensed Golf Instructor

“My passion for exercise started and I was hooked at the age of 14 after finishing last in a school cross-country event. Feeling embarrassed and humiliated, my dad signed me to our local gym the following day.”


Rugby Follows Cross-country

Olly began competing in cross-country events during his early years at the age of 14. Olly wasn’t always the most physically fit kid competing, though. He came in last in one of his first races, and that’s when he made the decision to take action.

I felt extremely low, Olly recalled, “and I was so hugged.” Olly, who was discouraged, approached his father for assistance. The young boy’s father took him to the gym the very following day and taught him the fundamentals of weight training.

Semi-Pro At Age 17

Olly had a passion for weight lifting from the very first gym session, and after months of practice, he got bigger, stronger, and faster. He decided to start playing rugby with his newly acquired confidence, which he did too quickly and outperformed many of his contemporaries at.

Olly’s rugby career quickly flourished. He had already made the transition to semi-pro by the time he was 17 years old.

He played rugby at the amateur international level before moving up to the semi-pro and professional levels, which allowed him to visit Australia and New Zealand. Here, Olly played against some of the hardest rugby players in the world and learned from the best.

Accidental Injuries

Olly’s rugby career was “blighted with injuries,” as he put it, and in 2005 he decided to stop playing after having several procedures and speaking with his surgeon. My direction and emphasis in terms of training for a goal altered around this time. Olly began training at this time for modeling.

“I succeeded in altering my body to a cover model level, winning the competition, after a steep learning curve of experimenting with cutting-edge nutritional methods and learning new exercise methodologies.”

Winner For Cover Model

Olly entered a well-known health magazine contest in 2005 after refocusing on fitness modeling, and to his surprise, he beat out thousands of other competitors. Olly’s career in modeling and the fitness business began with this.

Olly’s modeling career, however, wasn’t always in the best of health. He developed an unhealthy relationship with food as a result of the agencies’ demands that he become artificially slim, which also had an impact on his general health and social life. Oliver said:

“After winning, I was signed with a prestigious modeling agency in London, where I briefly worked as a full-time model, but things weren’t going smoothly. I lost almost 20 kg due to industry pressures to be a much smaller clothing size than what was good for my body type, which led to an unhealthy connection with food, the removal of social life to avoid temptation, the loss of many friends, and my isolation from the outside world. – Oliver Foster

Taking Up Personal Training Again

After leaving the modeling business, Olly reverted to a healthier lifestyle and began concentrating on encouraging others to reach their fitness objectives. Olly established a network of eateries focused on healthy food after coming to Edinburgh, UK.

However, Olly’s hopes were dashed after a financial collapse. At this point, Olly decided to move back to London and dedicate himself fully to pursuing a career as a personal trainer.

Winner For Cover Model

Since taking a vacation from modeling in the beginning, he has made sporadic appearances in the media. He has the good fortune to choose the photo shoots he wants to participate in.

Because of this, Olly has appeared on the cover of 8 well-known magazines. He has also started writing for several other publications, where he offers the training and nutrition information he has accumulated over the years. Olly also runs a prosperous personal training business in the UK addition to this.

“I detest taking days off; it makes me crazy. I honestly can’t get enough of it when I’m at home working out in the gym.


Olly Foster

Olly enjoys varying his rep ranges while using fundamental exercises like compound lifts. Additionally, he will make full-body motions to engage as many rapid twitch muscle fibers as feasible. The explanation, according to Olly, is straightforward: “You must vary your rep range to recruit the maximum number of muscle fibers, both slow and fast twitch, throughout training.”

By keeping millions of muscle fibers untrained throughout each session, he explains, “Any bodybuilder or fitness model who doesn’t vary rep ranges and speed of contraction is greatly restricting his or her achievement.”

If I follow a specific fitness routine for a set amount of time, I tend to grow bored pretty quickly. As a result, I frequently switch up my rep ranges, sets, contraction styles, and muscle groups.

Cycle Of 10 Weeks

In addition to the fundamental exercises he normally performs, he will plan his training around a 10-week cycle. He will aim to gain as much muscle as he can over the first four weeks of strength training.

The next four weeks will be devoted to hypertrophy, during which he will perform isolation exercises in addition to compound lifts to enlarge and build the muscles.

Olly will do lactic acid/metabolic style exercises for the last two weeks to assist his body get leaner.

Olly’s Model Exercise

  • Monday: Chest & Triceps
  • Tuesday: Back & Biceps
  • Wednesday: Shoulders
  • Thursday: Legs
  • Friday: No weights just cardio
  • Saturday: Lactic acid/glycogen depletion circuit such as TRX squat jumps, KB swings, Plyometric push-ups, Viper, and core.
  • Sunday: Rest


Olly will vary his cardio workouts depending on the training period he is currently in, but he generally performs cardio 6 days per week all year long to maintain his physique in peak shape. As Olly puts it

“In my opinion, there is no right or incorrect way to perform cardio. I constantly switch up my workouts; I don’t even plan out the routines I’ll perform. My body won’t know what to do if I don’t know what I’m doing, so the shock treatment is used there. I know the muscle groups I’m going to target, but I make it up as I go.


10-week Cycle Of Dieting

Olly Foster will adhere to a particular diet during his ten-week training cycle to match his nutritional requirements. He’ll consume more carbohydrates for the first four weeks to aid in recuperation and promote muscular building.

He will slightly cut the number of carbohydrates and up the number of healthy fats during the second phase of the hypertrophy stage, which lasts for an extra four weeks. He will reduce as many cabs as he can over the final two-week period while working his body hard with a metabolic-style workout.

Healthy Decisions

He understands the value of maintaining a clean and healthy diet throughout the year in addition to his training and dieting phases. As Olly puts it

I must admit that I have great discipline in this area. I have a degree in nutrition, so I know very well what I need and when I need it. No matter how exhausted I am, as soon as I get home from work, I spend approximately an hour in the kitchen preparing all of my meals and supplements for the next day. I cook some things in quantity, but I have to make my eggs, cereal, vegetables, etc. every day.

As Olly explains, “I’m a peanut butter-aholic. “, peanut butter is one of his favorite meals. I always include it as my one vice in my diet. Although it’s quite simple to open a jar and consume everything inside, I have to be careful with my dosage.

Additionally, he like oat, egg whites, chocolate, and banana combined. He will also prepare his protein bars and other nutritious snacks in addition to these core foods. With the cinnamon swirl and using the same ingredients, I produced a pumpkin bar, extremely clean and wonderfully good – clever!

What Olly Foster Can Teach Us?

Olly Foster got his start in the fitness industry by participating in cross-country as a young teen. Unhappy with his early efforts, he sought the assistance of his father, who took him to the gym and taught him the fundamentals of weight training to increase his fitness.

From then, he increased his stature and strength while becoming an expert rugby player. He soon advanced to the semi-pro level, playing against some of the hardest rugby players in the world while traveling to New Zealand and Australia. After leaving the field and returning to the UK, he was compelled to concentrate on modeling due to an unforeseen accident.

Olly rose to prominence as a top cover model and personal trainer despite some setbacks. What we can take away from Olly is that no matter what challenges we encounter, we must keep going forward, just like Olly did, to achieve our goals.

Anyone wishing to go into exercise and build their ideal physique should know these three things, according to Olly. He counsels:

  1. Get your Diet / Nutrition in Check.
  2. Train your mind and not just your body, Mental Discipline.
  3. When in the gym, train hard or go home, no excuses. – Olly Foster