Paola Antonini
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Who is Paola Antonini?

Brazilian fitness model Paola Antonini has a remarkable life story. When Paola was loading her luggage into the car and was struck by a drunk driver, she lost her leg in the collision.

Doctors had to amputate Paola Antonini leg and replace it with a prosthesis because Paola’s injuries were so serious.

Paola, however, never allowed the tragedy to deter her from following her dreams in life.

She has persisted in living each day to the fullest, encouraging people all around the world with her upbeat attitude and spirit. Here is her account:

Paola Antonini

Body Measurements of Paola Antonini

Full Name: Paola Antonini
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


  • Effective Fitness Model
  • Online Star


Days Of Early Modeling

In Brazil, Paola Antonini was born in May 1994. Paola got her start in modeling early on because of her amazing physique and disposition.

Paola developed her web presence in tandem with her modeling profession. She gained a ton of fans on social media by sharing images of her toned body.

Vehicle Accident

Paola Antonini


Paola and her partner were getting ready to leave for a trip to ring in the new year in 2014.

A drunk driver struck Paola as she was loading their baggage into the car. Her leg was immediately broken.

Paola was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where medical professionals tried to preserve her limb. Doctors had to amputate Paola’s leg below the knee despite their best efforts.

Paola had a protracted and difficult healing process following this, both mentally and physically. She learned to walk once more while attending weekly physiotherapy sessions.


Paola received more unfavorable news as she was relearning how to walk.

After a checkup, Paola’s doctor informed her that she would need to have her leg amputated once more, but this time above the knee.

Paola had to endure yet another demanding physiotherapy session as a result. She also had a leg prosthesis installed throughout this operation.


Paola was profoundly impacted both mentally and physically by the entire process, which began with the accident and continued through rehabilitation. She claimed, “I’d never experienced such tremendous anguish in my life.

Paola lost her leg as a result of the tragedy, but she didn’t let it ruin her life. Instead, she persisted in working toward her goals in the fitness and modeling industries.

Motivating Others Through Her Story

Paola didn’t try to conceal the horrific things that had happened to her from the public.

She even shared her bravery and upbeat attitude with her followers on social media.

Paola posted a picture of herself at a hospital a few of days after the vehicle accident. Always put your hope in God, she stated in the picture description.

I wanted to express my gratitude to you for your prayers and your love. I don’t consider any of this to be tragic; rather, I view it as a fresh start. That is ultimately what matters, so thank you for keeping me alive. Paula Antonini

Paola’s optimism continues to motivate everyone she comes in contact with, whether online or in person.


Paola can work out despite using a leg prosthesis. She likes to engage in a variety of hobbies, such as running, swimming, and weightlifting.


Paola Antonini consumes a diet high in healthy fats, lean proteins, and slow-releasing carbohydrates. Poultry, beans, almonds, avocados, berries, and veggies all fall under this category.

Paola typically makes all of her food. However, when she travels, she will choose a restaurant with a healthy menu selection.

Influences And Idols

All people who have had a trying moment in their lives owe a lot to Paola Antonini.

People who read Paola’s tale are better able to see things in perspective and value everything they have in life.

What Paola Antonini Can Teach Us?

Paola Antonini

Paola has taught us to never give up, despite how difficult life may seem at times. After a catastrophic vehicle accident, Paola had to have her leg amputated.

She recovered, nevertheless, and became an inspiration to countless numbers of people.

One important lesson to be learned from Paola’s tale is to accept what you cannot change and work as hard as you can to make the changes you can. With this mentality, you can overcome anything that prevents you from achieving happiness.