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Who Is Paul Iskandar?

Mr. Lebanon 2017 winner Paul Iskandar is a fitness model, personal trainer, and former basketball player.

Paul is an inspiration to everyone who follows him online with his amazing resume and lean body.

Paul, however, had no intention of turning into a fitness model. In truth, he grew up playing professional basketball and thought he would one day turn it into a career. This is his account:

“Everything has benefits and drawbacks. Being wise and selective in your decisions will lessen the likelihood of drawbacks, or as we like to say, “downsides.”

We have a natural tendency to live up to our standards of perfection. Continue to raise the bar!

Body Measurements Of Paul Iskandar 

Full Name: Paul Iskandar
HEIGHT: 6’6″ (198cm)
WEIGHT: Lebanese
PROFESSION: fitness model, personal trainer, former basketball player


  • an elite basketball player
  • personal trainer certified
  • 2016 and 2017’s Mr. International
  • 2016’s Mr. Lebanon

“Don’t hold back from taking action because you’re worried about what others will think of you. There will always be people who will judge you!


Short Career Of Paul Iskandar Paul Iskandar

Paul Iskandar, who is of Lebanese heritage, was born and reared in Paris. Paul’s family relocated to Lebanon, where his parents are from when he was seven years old.

Paul started playing basketball shortly after relocating to a new country, and it immediately became his favorite activity. But Paul wasn’t just enthusiastic about basketball; he was also a master player.

Paul was given full scholarships as a result for both high school and college. This allowed him to continue dominating the sport and perhaps make it his full-time profession.

Modeling Is Preferred Over BasketballPaul Iskandar

Paul Iskandar began drawing notice from those who watched him as his basketball performances got better. High-profile modeling and fitness companies were among them, and they thought Paul would make a great model.

After being spotted playing basketball on television at the age of 17, Paul accepted his first modeling position. At this moment, his interests started to shift.

Paul gave up basketball and began a new chapter in his life after he realized that he could make living modeling. He started working out hard in the gym to keep up his incredible figure for his modeling photo sessions.

Developing Into A Global Fitness ModelPaul Iskandar

Paul’s confidence in himself grew as he successfully landed his first few modeling jobs. This inspired him to pursue bigger prospects, like visiting other nations to negotiate contracts with recognized sponsors.

Paul Iskandar advanced his career even further a few years later. He later started competing in fitness modeling, taking first place at the 2016 Mr. Lebanon.

Paul received a tremendous amount of exposure in the fitness sector after winning the competition. As a result, he was able to take his profession to new heights and establish himself as a social media and fitness icon.

“After winning the contest, I gained more recognition on a global scale and traveled the globe for work and to attend events hosted by the Mister International organization.”

A Powerful Desire To Continue Winning

Since winning the 2016 Mr. Lebanon contest, Paul has gotten stronger and stronger. A year later, he won the same contest and racked up a ton of new followers on his online personas.

Paul has set his sights on developing his career even further to be a fitness icon in both America and Europe. He has a sculpted physique and a desire to be the best.

“I presently have several offers in the US, so after concluding my current deal in the Far East, I will be signing very soon. Later, my bases will be in Miami and New York.

Training, (Fitness)

Paul works out many times a week as a professional model, mixing cardio and weightlifting into his regimen.

Heavy barbell lifts, which sculpt and shape his physique, are some of his favorite activities. In addition to intense cardio that helps him burn a lot of calories.

Nutrition, (Diet Plan)

Paul must practice extreme food discipline to maintain his physique. This entails consuming a lot of vegetables, lean chicken meat, and fewer sweets.

Paul prefers to acquire the majority of his nutrition from food alone rather than supplements. He occasionally, though, is unable to prepare a nutritious supper.

In these situations, he will choose a protein shake to give him the nutrition he needs to grow muscle.

“I always follow the process and endeavor to attain my aims, regardless of the style or the look.”

What Paul Iskandar Can Teach Us?

The experience of Paul Iskandar serves as a warning to seize the chances that life offers you. Paul at first imagined himself as a basketball player.

He then received a chance, though, to pursue fitness modeling, which opened up a whole new world for him.

If Paul can teach us anything, it’s that you never know what’s going to be waiting for you around the next bend. Work hard, have confidence in yourself, and never forget to take advantage of every chance that comes your way, just like Paul Iskandar did.