Queen Letizia

The Spanish queen, Queen Letizia is slim and fit.

She makes heads turn towards her during public appearances. She is attractive and elegant. What is the secret of her healthy body?

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Queen Letizia and her health secret

Spanish monarch, Queen Letizia has a great physique. People envy her body. And her fans want to know the secret of such unique beauty in a great body.

Does she diet? What is her daily eating routine? What types of foods she likes and what she avoids in her diet?

Reports state that the queen is extremely in love with the Perricone diet. What is a Perricone diet? What foods comprise this diet? How effective is it and is it safe? How long has the queen been on this diet?

Queen Letizia
Queen Letizia (Source: Express UK)

The queen is now 49 years old and in the peri-menopausal age group (45 to 55 years).

Hence her age and the onset of menopause both require some diet modification. The Queen’s Perricone diet helps her in tackling both these changes in her body.

The Perricone diet

The Perricone diet stresses on consuming foods that have anti-inflammatory potentials. Queen Letizia is aging and with age come certain inflammatory processes in the body.

The body’s immune mechanisms fall short in dealing with them. Here comes the role of foods with anti-inflammatory properties to keep the body’s inflammation under check.

Perimenopause is also an inflammatory and hormonal process in the body. Therefore, the Perricone diet steps in here too to lower the dynamic changes in the body.

Queen Letizia
The Perricone diet (Source: Pinterest)

Consuming a Perricone diet has helped the queen to slow down her process of aging and give her that eternal beauty look. That is the secret of her youthful look even at 49 years. The diet also has the potential to help a person maintain weight and shed off some extra fats.

Additionally, the diet is also good for the skin as it prevents wrinkles. It gives the skin an added glow. People call it the facelift diet as well. Many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Eva Mendes, and Kim Cattrall are huge fans of this diet.

The food components of Perricone’s diet

The Perricone diet lasts for 28 days. The slimmers eliminate all foods associated with weight gain and inflammation in the body from their diet.

Therefore, there is no pasta, pizza, processed foods, jelly, sugars, potatoes, fried foods, crackers, cereals, bread, rice, and snack foods for the time of the diet.

As regards drinks, there are restrictions as well. The person on this diet should avoid fruit juices and soda drinks.

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Queen Letizia
Queen Letizia’s diet plan (Source: Express UK)

Protein sources of foods such as lean meat and some carbohydrates are allowed. One can have fruits and vegetables in ample. One can also take olive oil and unsalted nuts to collect essential fatty acids for the body.

The slimmers can take ample amounts of water daily. The advocates of this diet state that this brings down body inflammation.