Rachel Ann Weiss
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Rachel Ann Weiss is a New York-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She is most known as the only child of Kathleen Turner and her ex-husband, Jay Weiss, from the film Body Heat.

Rachel Ann Weiss had a good musical career starting as the daughter of strong arts advocates, publishing a fairly successful album, cruising on tours with the likes of other famous kids, and having her songs featured in programs, films, and even video games.

Weiss has been writing music for a long time. Some songs from her Dear Love collection were also featured as feature music on the Netflix dating reality television series Love Is Blind. It’s worth noting that her song If I Wish was featured on an episode of Love Island (US).

Rachel Ann Weiss is more than just Kathleen Turner’s daughter or an artist. Learn how she came to choose a significantly different career path than her mother. Learn about her connection with her Hollywood mother, as well as an in-depth look at her personal and professional life.

Rachel Ann Weiss’s Ancestry And Parental Details

Rachel Ann Weiss, the only child of Jay Weiss and Kathleen Turner, was born on October 14, 1987. She was born and reared in New York City.

Rachel is of English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and Scottish ancestry on her mother’s side. Patsy (Magee) and Aaron/Allen Richard Turner were her maternal grandparents. The latter, who was born in Louisiana, grew up in China with his missionary family and served in the United States Foreign Service.

Weiss, aged 34, is Jewish on both sides of his family. Her father, Jay Weiss, was a lead guitarist in a country band named The Blues. He is, nonetheless, a real estate investor professionally.

Rachel Ann Weiss
Rachel Ann Weiss (Pinterest)

Weiss attended Hampshire College and majored in music before dropping out after three years. She was also a member of a band in college. She went to an all-girls school, where she discovered a new love for music.

Rachel acknowledges that she was a very quiet student in high school. Rachel attended Ethical Culture Fieldstone School, an Ivy League prep school.

The singer currently resides in New York’s East Village.

Rachel Ann Weiss Became Interested in Singing and Music After Seeing a Movie

In an interview with Mr. Media in October 2013, when asked how she became interested in music, the singer, who is frequently confused with the British actress Rachel Weisz, stated that performing and writing music was a compulsion for her. Weiss continued,

It is the happiest I have ever been in my life.

Rachel went on to say that doing that as a job had always been her goal.

She did, however, credit the 1989 Disney animated film The Little Mermaid with inspiring her to pursue a musical career.

Weiss also mentioned that she was such a fan of The Little Mermaid that she mistook herself for Ariel for years. Rachel would spend the entire day at the beach, the pool, or lounging on the rocks in Central Park.

Rachel also revealed that the late Californian singer, Jeff Buckley, and his album, Grace, influenced her decision to become a singer. She also credits Amy Winehouse, Flearoy, Hollie Smith, Melody Gardot, Shirley Bassey, Fiona Apple, Lee Ann Westover, and Adele as influences.

Her mother, according to the New Yorker artist, has been incredibly supportive of her career decision. Turner, who has previously appeared as a guest on Netflix’s The Komisky Method, once stated that her most prized item is her daughter in an interview.

In the same interview, the Crimes Of Passion star admits to being an absentee mother and wishing she had given her kid more time.

Kathleen also wants one of her daughter’s songs, Strong Like You, to be played during her funeral. Weiss wrote the song just for her actress mother.

The Story of Her First Album and Her Singer Career

In 2014, Rachel Weiss released her debut album, Dear Love. Rachel Weiss, the daughter of actress Kathleen Turner, revealed shortly after releasing her debut collection that she waited a long time to record an album because she ‘just wasn’t confident.’

Weiss went on to say that she moved forward with the backing of a bandmate, whom she impressed after sending him some solo demos.

“These are too excellent,” she said, quoting a member of her band. Weiss claims her life changed after that. Rachel released her EP Always on September 8th, 2014 at the Rockwood Music Hall.

She has also toured with Paul McCartney’s son, James McCartney, and performed around the United Kingdom, from London to Scotland. She has also performed at major festivals such as SXSW and toured the East Coast.

However, as of late, the Dear Love singer hasn’t released any new music or songs and hasn’t mentioned any upcoming tours or performances. As evidenced by her Instagram handle, she is currently spending much of her time with her friends and family.

Rachel Ann Weiss
Rachel Ann Weiss (Pinterest)

Rachel Ann Wise has No Siblings

Rachel would not be the two-time Golden Globe winner and her husband’s first and only child if Kathleen hadn’t struggled to conceive.

Turner reported to the Daily Mail in January 2008 that she had multiple issues conceiving a child with her former spouse.

“I’ve had the joy of parenthood, the pain of infertility, and a happy marriage that eventually ended in divorce,” she says.

admitted the Body Heat star.

Turner not only had a miscarriage before Weiss, but she also had difficulty getting pregnant following the birth of her daughter.

Kathleen recalled how Jay and she had tried and failed to give Rachel a brother or sister. She eventually realized, in her mid-40s, that she couldn’t become pregnant again.

Even when they went to see infertility specialists and inquired about IVF, Kathleen revealed that her doctors informed her that her eggs were no longer viable.

Weiss does not have biological siblings, however, she does have a half-sister named Marlow who was born in her father’s current relationship.

Is Rachel Dating Anyone?

Rachel Ann Weiss looks to be a single woman, based on her Instagram posts. She has yet to share or even mention her love life in any of her social media posts.

While she has an Instagram photo of herself kissing a guy, Weiss has not said if he was her boyfriend or whether it was just a spur-of-the-moment event.

However, in one of her previous interviews, she admitted to being in a relationship. She admitted that she wrote Dark Is Coming “primarily about a critical night in my life.” Weiss explained that the design was inspired by a trip she and her then-partner went to the beach.

She also revealed that the song essentially recounts her conversation with a man she “loved till the sun came up again.”

Rachel Ann Weiss’s Net Worth

While most stories and sources agree Rachel’s parents are millionaires, the truth regarding their daughter’s net worth is an absurd question.

The mystery derives from the fact that she hasn’t revealed much about her business pursuits, much alone how much money she made from all those past tour appearances and songs.

Although her status as a rising artist has dwindled in recent years, given that she is the daughter of a millionaire actress, one may suppose she is reasonably well-off.