Rachel Elizabeth Murray
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Who is Rachel Elizabeth Murray?

From Tulsa, Oklahoma, Rachel Elizabeth Murray is a nutritionist, personal trainer, and fitness expert.

She is well-known for being an online trainer who wants to support women and donates a portion of her earnings to charitable organizations.

Short Career of Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Growing up, Rachel Elizabeth Murray was quite active and participated in equestrian sports, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Unfortunately, she experienced a sexual assault as she started college to study advertising, which led to a melancholy episode.

Weightlifting, according to Rachel, helped her overcome this mental suffering and increase both her mental and physical toughness. She dedicated her life to bodybuilding and decided to seek a profession in this field.

Today, Rachel has established a sizable online following. To promote her training services, she created a website. Her goal is to assist as many ladies as she can in achieving their fitness objectives.

Body Measurements of Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Full Name: Rachel Elizabeth Murray
ERA: 2010
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
HEIGHT: 5’7″ (170cm)

Rachel Elizabeth Murray


  • Qualified personal trainer
  • Nutritionist

“Don’t be normal. Do everything you can to BE GREATER. Don’t settle for pats on the back or a nod-and-a-smile.”

Biography of Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Sports Starting Points

Growing up, Rachel Elizabeth Murray was constantly very active and participated in a variety of sports. She was fascinated by horseriding and equestrian sports, and she learned to swim at a young age.

Before returning to the US, Rachel learned to ski in the Alps and got active in snow sports while living in Germany on her father’s military installation.

Basketball, soccer, track, and varsity cheerleading were her extracurricular activities during her high school years in the United States. She adored the chance to be outside and spent the winters snowboarding in Washington.

Biologically Endowed

As a result of her extensive physical activity and natural talent, Rachel was in good physical shape. She had a pear-shaped form due to her ectomorph upper body and endomorph lower body.

Even though these qualities contributed to her overall appearance, she claims that it has been quite difficult for her to keep a toned figure. She had no trouble gaining weight on her lower body, but she struggled to reduce it.

Being Victimized by Violence

Rachel Elizabeth Murray was committed to pursuing a career in advertising after she graduated from high school and began her studies in communication in college.

She was raped before her junior year, which was a terrible turn of events that sent her into a profound melancholy.

She put a lot of effort into getting fit after the attack to erase the memories. She claims that she turned to jogging as her go-to method of relieving the discomfort, but she ran excessively.

Learning about weightlifting

She claims that she ran too hard and for too long, which broke her. She was fortunate to discover weightlifting and saw it as a means to both strengthen her body and her mind.

When reflecting on this finding, she claims that she instantly observed “amazing changes.” She was radiant both inside and out and was determined to devote her life to weight lifting.

“Body sculpting is a true art form that requires time. It’s taken me a while to get here, but I’m really happy with where I am today. but even more thrilled to know that I can improve in the upcoming years!”

Moving To Seattle

Rachel relocated to Seattle, Washington, following her college graduation. At this point, she was certain that she wanted to work in the fitness sector since she saw it as being far more advantageous to her life than a career in advertising.

At this point, she decided to pursue personal training, enrolling in a formal course and starting to take on customers immediately after. She signed with her first agency about six months after finishing school, and she started sports modeling.

Making The Move To LA

After finding success and satisfaction in modeling, Rachel decided to pursue a career as a fitness expert to assist as many women as she could. In 2012, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her passion.

Rachel also started reading fitness publications at this time. She became inspired by the work of fitness models all around America after subscribing to Oxygen. Rachel aspired to imitate the optimism they fostered and inspired in her art.

Without “selling out” to what many fear the modeling industry has become, which is unhealthy and dishonest, I wanted to contribute to how she had inspired me and inspired others.

Training of Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Training Method

Rachel participates in strength and power training and enjoys the chance to challenge herself at each session.

She concentrates on a regimen of heavy lifting for 4 sets, followed by a volume set of 1 exercise for 10 sets, while working out five days a week.

She then typically performs 2-4 additional exercises for 2-4 sets of 10 repetitions each, concluding with a 20-minute plyometrics (jump training) circuit.

Rachel burns fat and gains great lean mass by working out so hard followed by this speed and agility training.

Preventing Cardio

The closest Rachel gets to a dedicated cardio session is plyometrics. Rachel doesn’t appreciate the typical cardio workouts at the gym at all in her typical regimen. Instead, she chooses to eat as healthily as possible and starts including the occasional HIIT workout.

Sprints and circuits are the main formats for these workouts. She appreciates that she may increase both her strength and stamina without having to exercise vigorously or burn a lot of calories.

Favorite Workouts

Rachel claims she couldn’t live without her top three exercises. The rack deadlift is her go-to exercise for her legs and back. She appreciates how the movement challenges her physical and psychological toughness.

Plyometric exercises are also essential to her workouts, as was already established. Rachel has developed a love for box jumps as a result, thoroughly relishing the opportunity to take a break from lifting weights and leap onto the box.

The single-arm dumbbell snatch is another exercise Rachel has added to her routine by borrowing a cue from the Olympic weightlifting technique.

This exercise is a great addition to any regimen because it strengthens the triceps, shoulders, back, and core muscles.

Advice for Novices

Rachel has been working hard to get these three movements down. As a result, she advises that while learning how to lift weights, her trainees start with the fundamentals.

She also demands that students focus on developing one new habit at a time, doing it consistently until it becomes automatic. This, in Rachel’s opinion, is the only way to create a lifestyle as opposed to a temporary fix.

Rachel Elizabeth Murray


After Waking

Rachel has her morning green juice, which includes kale and fruit juices, as soon as she awakens. She thinks that because the drink gives her so much energy right away, it’s a great way to start the day.

Natural Foods

Rachel adheres to an “all-natural, non-allergenic, GI friendly” food regimen every day. She claims that her diet is essentially paleo with a dash of sports nutrition for recovery and maintaining lean mass.

In addition to this wholesome cuisine, Rachel concentrates on consuming as many veggies as she can, incorporating them into practically every meal. She chooses sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oats as her carbs.

Diet for contest preparation

Rachel restricts her caloric intake and only consumes a few special condiments while preparing for a competition. She knows she needs to keep her carb intake in check and how simple it is for her to gain weight in her lower body.

How to Handle Chocolate Cravings?

When it comes to squelching her chocolate cravings, Rachel uses the “out of sight, out of mind” strategy. She claims that she won’t be able to consume it if she doesn’t keep any in her home.

When Rachel attends events with food spreads, this becomes a problem. Rachel admits that she occasionally tries a small bit of the chocolate delicacies on the spread to sate her cravings.


An important part of Rachel’s diet includes supplementation. She uses supplements, such as whey protein, to aid in the development of lean mass. She supplements her immune system with such items as well as multivitamins and fish oil pills.

Influences and Idols

Throughout her fitness journey, Rachel Elizabeth Murray has primarily been motivated by Amber Elizabeth Dodzweit. Amber’s initial inspiration to start working out came from seeing her picture in a fitness magazine.

She admires how Amber has preserved her integrity and remained true to herself in all she does. She shares a similar past with Rachel, and the two have since gotten along well.

What can Rachel Elizabeth Murray teach us?

After surviving a terrible incident, Rachel emerged triumphant, healthy, and powerful. After being raped, she started working out and found that lifting weights was a great way to get over her melancholy.

Weightlifting is a sport that develops both inner and exterior strength. Perhaps taking up bodybuilding could help you overcome your depression and gloom.