Rachel Killam
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Who Is Rachel Killam?

A Canadian figure competitor and fitness model, Rachel Killam. At the age of 17, she started lifting weights, and a year later, she entered her first fitness competition.

Since then, Rachel Killam has won events including the 2014 Arnold Classic Amateur and the 2013 Canadian National Figure Championships, as well as finished in the top 3 in several other competitions.

Additionally, she has gained fame online, progressively expanding her fan base.

Body Measurements of Rachel Killam

Full Name: Rachel Killam
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Figure Competitor and Fitness Model
WEIGHT: 125-135 pounds (56.7-61.2kg)
HEIGHT: 5’6″ (167.5cm) 

Rachel Killam





Growing up, Rachel Killam participated in athletics at school as well as sports like jumpers, rugby, and horseback riding. She loved playing rugby the most out of all of these sports.

After her first years of school, she started working out and lifting weights. She started idolizing women in high school after spotting them posing at a nearby gym. She was motivated by these women to begin weightlifting herself.

When Rachel received her high school diploma, she had already “sold” herself on the fitness way of life. Six times a week, she would lift weights, gradually changing the way she looked.


Since Rachel’s physique improved with time, she wanted to attempt competing in fitness competitions. “One day I decided I wanted to do it, and the rest is history,” she said.

Because he is a professional triathlete, my brother has always been an inspiration. It must run in the Killam family, I suppose.”

She chose to compete in the figure section rather than the bikini because of her attractive and powerful physique.

She was “hooked” after entering her first competition in 2010 when she was 18 years old. From that point on, she started competing frequently and gradually climbed the competitive ladder.

Her excellent physique earned her first place at the Canadian Nationals in 2013. Later, she competed in the North American Championships and finished in the top 5 before winning the famous Arnold Classic Amateur Figure in 2014.

She finished third in 2015, two places better than her previous showing in the 2013 North American Championships.

Achieving the Big Picture

Rachel is committed to working hard and pursuing Ms. Olympia as her ultimate goal in bodybuilding.

“I know I will get there. When you have drive, dedication, and passion that’s as strong as mine… I know I will make it there, I can’t tell you when, but I know I will make it happen.” – Rachel Killam

“I enjoy doing super sets, long sets, and continuing until I fail. In the majority of my exercises, I perform a few sets to failure.

Rachel Killam


How to Build a Balanced Body?

Rachel works out five to six times a week, concentrating on a different body component each time. She often works out two body parts per training session; she works out her legs and back separately.

Except for her delts and back, she works out every region of her body once every week. She exercises these two muscle groups twice a week because she believes they are one of her physique’s weaker areas.

Rachel used to work her legs hard with compound exercises like squats and deadlifts. She currently only trains her legs with bodyweight exercises as a result of her workout regimen for her legs have evolved significantly over the years.

This is how Rachel justifies her choice to just work out her legs using body weight: “I’ll do this because, in the figure, you want a lovely V shape.

To get that X shape, you don’t need overly muscular quads like in bodybuilding, yet I have constructed well-formed, hard legs using only my body weight.

Cardio for Weight Loss and Better Health

Rachel works out with cardio two to six days a week, depending on whether it is in-season or off-season.

She frequently changes the type of cardio she performs; occasionally she does HIIT, sometimes she does medium intensity, and occasionally she could just takes a steady walk around her neighborhood.

Sprints, though, are one part of her exercise routine that never changes. She makes an effort to include them at least once a week for better cardiovascular and fat loss.

Changing Her Training Program

According to Rachel, who mixes up her exercise routine every two to four weeks, this strategy has several advantages in terms of keeping things interesting and keeping the body, mind, and muscles on their toes.

I let my trainer decide once he assesses how I’m doing and what my body is capable of. From there, we go by ear.

Development Over Degeneration

If you’re not growing, Rachel firmly believes that you’re not progressing. In terms of fitness, this implies that each time she works out in the gym, she aspires to lift heavier weights or perform more repetitions.

She accomplishes long-term growth and physical development in this manner.


Rachel enjoys going out to eat during the off-season. She still keeps an eye on how much she consumes, but she gives herself a lot of latitude in terms of food selection.

This drastically alters when she is preparing for competition since during this time she cooks all of her food and prepares it ahead of time for the following 6-7 days. There is no space for a weekly cheat dinner with these unprocessed, lean meats.

Tips for Losing Weight

Rachel Killam often just reduces her carb and overall calorie intake while boosting her protein and fat intake when she wants to shed fat. She only eats carbohydrates in the morning and right after a workout, when her glycogen stores are depleted.

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Influences and Idols

As figure competitors, Nicole Wilkins, Larissa Reis, Erin Stern, and Emily Stern are Rachel’s role models in the business because of their all-around physiques.