Rebecca Soteros
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An alleged primary school teacher, Rebecca Soteros is primarily based in Hawaii. She is better known as Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend from the Fast and the Furious movies.

Rebecca Soteros and Paul, who tragically passed away in a vehicle accident in November 2013, were partners for a short period in the late ’90s during which they also had a daughter.

Unlike Paul’s other business partners or even his daughter, Meadow, Rebecca, on the other hand, never garnered as much publisher attention. Only one or two sets of circumstances have thus far allowed Soteros to get her name published in the daily newspapers. Avoid the wikis and other pointers describing her identity, the reasons it seems like she has chosen to keep a low profile, and her current activities.

Birth, Parents, Siblings, and Education of Rebecca Sotero

Rebecca Soteros, sometimes known as Becky Jo or Rebecca McBrain, was Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend. She was born in March 1974. She is Mark and Julie Ann Soteros’s child.

Joshua, Rebecca’s younger brother, and Rebecca, now 48 years old, were childhood friends. She attended the Village Christian School in California, where she received her diploma in 1992. The brunette graduated with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, and she later chose to become a teacher.

What Does Rebecca Soteros Do; Where Does She Live Now?

Journals only just have the answer to what Walker’s ex-partner has been doing all these years due to Rebecca’s incredibly private existence.

However, old records and fragments indicate she has worked as a primary school teacher in the past and, presumably, continues to do so today. She is also said to spend most of her time on Kalakaua Avenue in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Rebecca Soteros
Rebecca Soteros (Pinterest)

Relationship Between Rebecca And Her Late Boyfriend Paul Walker

Rebecca and Paul, the Brick Mansions actor, had a brief romance. Before the former became famous in 2001’s The Fast And The Furious, they got to know one another.

Soteros and Paul first met in California in early 1998 and began dating while the Glendale native was still somewhat obscure. The reason for the couple’s breakup and when their romance ended are unknown, however, they never got hitched.

Some claim that they split up in late 1999 as a result of Paul and Rebecca’s years-long fights over the latter’s drinking issues. On the other hand, some assert that Walker allegedly declined to wed Rebecca at the time because he believed he lacked the necessary maturity.

It was afterward said that he felt bad about it. In December 2013, the Joy Ride himself acknowledged that he was not a suitable husband to wed Rebecca and even confessed to having been unfaithful to her.

Having fun and hanging out with girls was where I was at. For crying out loud, I was sleeping with Rebecca’s buddies. Do you get what I’m saying? Because I used to be an animal, I want to be there, but my intellect refuses to cooperate.

During an interview with WENN, the late Californian said.

Meadow Walker, The Daughter of Soteros and Walker

But on November 4, 1998, Paul and Rebecca Soteros welcomed a daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, into the world. Less than a year after they first started dating, they were pregnant.

Meadow lived in Hawaii with her mother until she was a preteen. Meadow, the sole child of Rebecca and Paul, moved back to California in 2011 to live with her father.

Rebecca planned to visit California as well, but by then her ex-boyfriend had perished in a vehicle accident.

The daughter of her and the actor from The Takers, Meadow, is currently a rising model and is wed to the Excoriated actor Louis Thornton-Allan. Even though she keeps a low profile and avoids the spotlight, Paul’s ex-girlfriend is said to still be close to Meadow.

Paul Meadow’s father died in a deadly car accident when Meadow was 15 years old. She, however, left her home in Hawaii, where her mother Rebecca raised her, and has been residing with Paul for the past three years.

Rebecca Soteros
Rebecca Soteros (Pinterest)

Rebecca Received Nothing From the Late Actor Paul Walker; He Bequeathed All of His Wealth To His Daughter

Rebecca probably did not receive any money from her ex-partner because the late actor Paul Walker listed his only child, Meadow, as the sole beneficiary of his entire inheritance in his will.

In addition, Soteros had long since cut ties with the Eight Below actor before his passing in November 2013.

According to accounts, Meadow received the entirety of Paul’s wealth. It was once estimated to be worth $25 million, but TMZ reports that it was only really worth $16 million.

Paul Walker’s Mother Fought Rebecca Soteros for Custody of Meadow

Rebecca and Paul’s mother Cheryl once got into a little argument over who should be in charge of looking after Rebecca and the late actor’s finances. This occurred somewhere in the summer of 2014, after Paul’s passing.

Paul’s parents reportedly argued at the time that they should be in charge of both since they know how their son would want them to continue, according to the January 6, 2014 print edition of Star magazine.

According to a source who spoke to E! in 2014, Meadow and Soteros hadn’t planned on Cheryl filing a lawsuit.

Despite conversations, the source claimed that Meadow and Soteros were not informed of the decision to proceed. When they watched it on TMZ, Rebecca and her daughter learned about it for the first time. At first, they both thought Cheryl’s request for guardianship was abhorrent.

Paul’s mother requested Meadow’s guardianship and cited Soteros’ two DUIs as justification. Rebecca, on the other hand, asserted that she ought to have a say in the division of the father of her daughter’s assets. Then, a source claimed that Rebecca was prepared to never let anybody else take care of her daughter.

At the time, Soteros and her daughter Meadow were residing in a house Walker had bought for them in Cali. Given that Rebecca never wed Walker, Paul’s parents have always held an advantage over the estate of their actor son.

Additionally, Paul had stipulated in his will that his mother should act as Meadow’s guardian. Cheryl’s court filing so followed his instructions. They went on to explain why Rebecca wasn’t fit to serve as Meadow’s legal guardian as a teenager.

Cheryl requested Meadow Rain Walker’s guardianship in court paperwork when she was just 15 years old. According to Paul Walker’s mother, Meadow, the mother of his adolescent daughter, had a drinking problem at the time. To be closer to her father, Paul, Meadow at the time had relocated to California.

Later, TMZ verified that Cheryl eventually consented to dismiss her lawsuit in exchange for Soteros finishing a treatment center. Rebecca, Paul’s ex-girlfriend, concurred, and Meadow eventually moved in with her mother.

Rebecca’s Two DUI Cases

Rebecca, Paul’s ex-girlfriend, was taken into custody twice in the past for DUI in 2003 and 2013. Following his arrest on October 18, 2003, in Newport Beach, California, Soteros entered a plea of guilty to driving while intoxicated.

She was then required to participate in three years of probation. Public records indicate that Soteros’ DUI incident from 2013 occurred in Hawaii. Fortunately, there were no minors involved in either accident.

Using Social Media, Is Rebecca Soteros?

Meadow Soteros, Soteros’ daughter, occasionally publishes on Instagram. Rebecca, though, has generally shied away from the spotlight and social media. In actuality, Soteros has turned into a nobody ever since the custody dispute in 2014.

Although she has uploaded some photos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others, it is unknown whether she actively uses these sites.

It’s interesting to note that even Meadow doesn’t appear to care about mentioning Rebecca, her mother. This is very dissimilar from the times when she never forgets to think of her late actor father.

Although she has uploaded some photos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others, it is unknown whether she actively uses these sites.

It’s interesting to note that even Meadow doesn’t appear to care about mentioning Rebecca, her mother. This is very dissimilar from the times when she never forgets to think of her late actor father.