Renato Cariani
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Who Is Renato Cariani?

Renato Cariani is a bodybuilder, coach, and business owner who was born and raised in Brazil.

In the realm of fitness, he has earned a reputation as a wise and kind guru who helps individuals develop amazing bodies.

Short Career of Renato

Renato Cariani

Renato participates in fitness competitions and offers coaching in addition to participating and mentoring others. Renato has been fully embracing the fitness lifestyle ever since he started his adventure and he shows no signs of quitting.

Body Measurements of Renato Cariani

Full Name: Renato Cariani
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur
ERA: 2010


  • Sponsored Athlete
  • Bodybuilder
  • Entrepreneur
  • 2-time Ponchet Classic Bodybuilding Champion
  • 2-time Mr. Santos Bodybuilding Champion (2016 Overall Winner)

Training (Workout)

Renato Cariani

Four to six times a week, Renato Cariani visits the gym. Every workout, he works a new muscle area. Renato uses a combination of free weights and machines for his exercises.

While he enjoys lifting high weights, he is aware that proper form is always more crucial for avoiding injuries.

Renato enjoys heavy training volume as well; occasionally, he performs more than 30 sets in a single exercise. His go-to method for quickly gaining muscle is this one.

Renato will, however, perform 3-5 reps per set with heavy weights during one workout per week if he wants to gain strength. He can strengthen himself in all of his key movements, such as the bench press, squats, and deadlifts, thanks to this.

Cardio Differentials

Renato Cariani

Renato Cariani uses a treadmill or stationary cycle for cardio to maintain a one-digit body fat percentage. When he needs to save time and burn more calories, he uses HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

Nutrition (Diet Plan)

Renato’s main objective when he eats is to fuel and nourish his body so that it can perform at its peak. He doesn’t just eat to enjoy his food. He doesn’t have any trouble sticking to a rigorous diet and avoiding fast food because of this.

Lean poultry, omega-3 fatty fish, green vegetables, yams, and wild berries make up the majority of Renato’s eating plan. In order to save time when getting ready for a competition or photo shoot, he often makes his meals in advance.

What Renato Cariani Teaches Us?

Renato Cariani gets his inspiration from winning bodybuilding competitions, overcoming obstacles, and mentoring others.

His experience has demonstrated to us that winning accolades and medals is not everything. Bodybuilding can also be a team sport where competitors push one another to overcome obstacles and develop into stronger versions of themselves.