Restaurants of Los Angeles and New York

People love and adore Hollywood celebrities. They have seen them on the big screen. But they are also keen to see them in real life. But these stars usually move in shielded cars avoiding the crowds. They have their bodyguards to protect them and keep away some crazy fans. Then how can one have a real glimpse of their favorite celebrities. Here are some places and restaurants of Los Angeles and New York (that houses Hollywood) where you can spot them. And maybe have a little chat as well or take a selfie with them.

Restaurants of Los Angeles and New York for celebrity-spotting

Just like us, Hollywood celebrities too have their favorite dining spots. These restaurants are usually expensive and have fine dining. They are the hot spots of the celebrity world. So which are these restaurants of Los Angeles and New York that Hollywood stars frequent?

1. Catch LA: one of the top restaurants of Los Angeles and New York

This famous restaurant of LA is popular amongst the celebrities. They flock there for seafood. It is a great fine dining experience. The first of this chain started in New York before setting up branches in other areas of the country.

The restaurant has a bouncer over the weekend nights. And to gather some news about the celebrities, journalists and paparazzi also crawl in.

2. APL Restaurant

Restaurants of Los Angeles and New York
Adam Perry Lang and his APL restaurant (Source: LA Eater)

This is the place for a tasty and well-cooked steak. The chef is Adam Perry Lang and he also owns this place in LA. The perfectly aged cuts of meat are a delicacy here. Jimmy Kimmel is extremely fond of this place and its cooking. His lot of celeb friends also often dine here. Unfortunately, this spot closed down in January 2022. 

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3. Beauty & Essex

Beauty & Essex is a restaurant in Hollywood that has a luxury lounge. Its location is inside a TAO Group compound. The lounge is elegant and many celebrities including rapper Cardi B hold their birthday parties here. But the cost is exorbitant. Their shareable Caesar toast specials and salmon and watermelon ceviche with raw bar are popular.

4. Magic Castle

It started in 1963. It is an eccentric place for dining. Because it is not just a restaurant. But it is a private club exclusive for magicians. You need to possess a membership to enter the place. It has old Hollywood vibes but surely you will find a celebrity there.

5. Gracias Madre

Restaurants of Los Angeles and New York
Garcia’s Madre restaurant in Hollywood (Source: Gracias Madre)

A fantastic restaurant for Mexican foods and especially for vegans and vegetarians. The executive chef here is Chandra Gilbert. Sophia Bush, Ellen Degeneres, Olivia Munn, Natalie Portman are some big names that visit here. It has authentic organic meals. They add no preservatives and food is cooked well from fresh ingredients.

6. The Nice Guy

This is a place that the Kardashians frequent. Even on the last show of the family, you will find them in this restaurant often. It is refined with a relaxed atmosphere. And the food is of sublime nature. Besides Kardashian family, Chrissy Teigen, Hadid family members, Zac Efron, Rihanna, Drake, and Miley Cyrus have also dined at this upscale lounge restaurant.

Restaurants of Los Angeles and New York
The Nice Guy restaurant in Hollywood (Source: Open Table)