Sharing menus

Due to rising food and energy costs, people are spending less on foods. This would hit the restaurant industry. Hence some of these food outlets have started the sharing menus to enhance people’s spending without hurting them too much. Which are the restaurants with such type of eating method?

Restaurants and sharing menus

First came covid pandemic that hit the food industry badly. Restaurants and bars were closed during the pandemic and lockdown. Later, as they started opening and pinned their hopes of recovering, the inflation rise came. Due to it, people in trying to save money for high energy bills started cutting back on their expenditure on foods.

Research has shown that people are now spending 14% less on foods this year compared to 2022. Also they prefer home cooking and cooking from scratch. In order to help people and also themselves, restaurants came out with the concept of sharing menus. In this, one food is shared between people. It cuts the cost for the diner as well as improves sales of the restaurants. Which are these restaurants in the UK that have this new implementation?

Linden Stores

Sharing menus
Linden stores Audlem (Source: Linden Stores)

Linden Stores that shifted from London to Cheshire village in Audlem started the sharing menu. Now two people can share seven dishes including hake wrapped in wild boar pancetta, Cornish Quartz cheddar croquettes, charred pepper, and chocolate and peanut butter tart. Surprised by the success, co-owner Laura Christie says:

“We weren’t expecting it to be such a big deal,”

She adds:

“It was quite a new idea for people. We’re in a small village but it turned out we were breaking more boundaries than we’d thought with this sharing concept.”

Oklava in Shoreditch, east London

This restaurant is at 74 Luke St, London EC2A 4PY, United Kingdom. Laura owns this restaurant too but with a different partner, Selin Kiazim. Her co-owner at Linden Stores is Chris Boustead. This East London restaurant serves Turkish foods. But emphasis here is also on sharing foods.

Sharing menus
Oklava London (Source: The Nudge)

Apothecary East

This restaurant is situated at 36 Charlotte Rd, London EC2A 3PG, United Kingdom. It is inspired by Tokyo nightlife. And it serves Japanese-inspired meals. But the recent inflation problems has prompted it to also start sharing menus and it has shown success.

The Coach in Marlow

This restaurant located in Marlow has Michelin stars. The owner is Tom Kerridge. And he has commenced on a £15 two-course lunch menu. In this, the diners can have dishes such as rotisserie bacon with fried Cacklebean egg and chips. This will reduce their food costs. And help in sales of the restaurant. Tom plans to introduce this sharing concept to his Kerridge’s Bar & Grill in London in 2023.

Sharing menus
The Coach in Marlow (Source: The Coach Marlow)

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Talking of the advantages, Laura says:

It makes people feel like they’re getting more of an experience. It helps our spend per head. It helps with efficiency, because you know what you’re having to prep and you need less people to deliver it because you know, ahead of time, what you’re doing.”

Many restaurants in Australia are also introducing sharing menus to their food list. Mercado in Sydney, Chiosco in Mosman, Nomad in Sorry Hills, Long Chim in Sydney, and Kitchen by Mike in Sydney serve these shared menus for their guests.